Leaving the docks

Hi all and welcome to Friday night here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop!

Tonight is fight-night which means that we explore anything and everything to do with encounters, puzzles or settings to test our parties problem solving, dungeoneering and combat capabilities.

Tonight, being the first step onboard the ship to adventure, I wanted to put a few ideas out there for a random encounter that could happen on the waves, either as the party leave the coast or any time after on their journey. So on with the stat-blocks!

Scouting party


As the party look over the endless waves ahead the wind picks up the huge red sails and pushes the boat along at a surprising speed. Staring at the waves that are made of a medley of blue’s and greens the party notice three large figures swimming under the water a few hundred feet way and parallel to the boat.

After some time the three figures move closer, growing in size as well as the boldness of their approach before large fishlike bodies emerge from the water to next to the ship, the riders of the large coiled creatures each equipped with a spear and a shell crafted into a shield.

The classic Merfolk and Giant sea horse combo. Nothing strong but the conversation, messages, and potential for role play is something that cant be overlooked.

If the party say something that the peaceful sea dwellers don’t like then 3 steeds and 3 riders would be enough for a medium encounter – I would grant the rider advantage on their spear rolls if they attack as the result of the sea horse charging but they wouldn’t engage outside of the water.

The information that can come from the scouting party may be about what lies in the water, dark tiding from the western waters about whole underwater communities vanishing to the murky depths or sudden storms that come from no where. The limit here is really up to the imagination of you and how the party engage in the encounter.

Thanks for joining me tonight, don’t forget to come back on the weekend for more content and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

On borrowed time

Hi all and welcome to Friday where we look at everything to do with the creatures, environment, obstacles and play through of the encounter for this week.

Tonight we use last nights creature template to create a few different stat blocks that we can use in this weekends adventure as well as the creature that starts it all, The Shadow Mist Creeper.

Mist that creeps through the shadows


First on our list is the originating factor – the shadow Mist Creeper this creature is something that originates across the waves but has found its way over as only the incorporeal can.

The Shadow inside the puppet

The Shadow-mist creeper is a creature born from souls taken too early in life when was to young to make peace with what had happened to them. Commonly these are children who have not lived long enough and who truly believe that they have not had their due just yet. These spirits are generally playful and use their new undead misty form to create mischief and chaos rather than outright malevolence and death. However those who are created as a Shadow-mist creeper but who are old enough to understand the gravity of their situation but held on with their malice and hatred are truly terrifying when it comes to their anger and white hot hatred for life.

Regardless of the original creature that spawned a Shadow-mist creeper all of them share a few common features.

All shadow-mist creepers don’t have physical form or the power to interact with the physical world for long. Those who do so will need a dead body, or one close to death to inhabit until they can find a source of life energy to be able to leave the body they reside in.

Like Ghast’s they have a hierarchy, the most powerful malevolent spirits take take control of the actions of the others in the group and through force of will they can command the other generally mischievous spirits into a terrifying horde of malicious malevolent spiteful creatures.

This creature can inhabit the dead body and the creature functions as a zombie – however creatures killed by a Shadow-mist creeper become a Shadow Stitched skin – a body corrupted by the undead nature of the shadow-mist creeper and more suitable than just any other dead body. These creatures are faster, stronger but share the same aversion to the sun (despite not being as terrifying as they have a fresh new body suit to protect them!)

The Fell

Dead creatures killed then inhabited by a Shadow-mist creeper become known as the fell, but their true names are Shadow Stitched Skins.

These creatures are weak, relatively fast (when compared to a zombie) but highly intelligent as they seek out sources of life to restore their energy so they can continue to exist.

Occasionally many Shadow Stitched creatures act as one living organism to try and overpower any resistances they encounter. This phenomena is almost always as the behest of a particularly strong Shadow stitched and are seldom recorded by those who the heaving, twitching mass of shadow and recently killed flesh have targeted as their prey.

The encounter can take place any where and should be a mixture of Guards, Mastiffs and cats (more animals than not) who rush at the party from random directions, not enough to pose a real threat (1d4+1). Every two rounds (12 seconds) another wave should come and on the fourth wave replace one mastiff or cat with the ogre – the ogre being the particularly strong Shadow-mist creeper. Once the ogre is killed then any remaining creatures will have the mist escape and float into the sky slowly evaporating their energy and focus (being directed by the ogre) gone.

If the creatures are killed and the Ogre remains as the last creature then it will leave its big fleshy body (Roll 1d4 and pick a direction, if there is a character there they need to make a Dex saving throw DC14 or they end up under the ogre) and will try to escape in its Shadow-mist creeper form.

Thanks for joining me tonight to explore and test out the template. I think for me the biggest issue wasn’t using Tetra cube (which made it easy!) it was me remembering to update all the little details (I think I missed out on some of the penalties to damage.. apologies!)

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow and this post is the last one to nominate a word if you want to see a Random word 30 minute challenge this weekend!

Oh, and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Beacon of life

Hi all and welcome to Friday or as I like to think of it, FightNight!

As promised I couldn’t stay away from a healthy “ambush on the way back to Daye” and I think the theme and logic behind the ambush is quite fitting so let’s roll into it.

Ambush at the Old Oak


The party have settled down for the night about twenty miles out of Daye, the woods up ahead being too dangerous to travel at night. Katya has been reading from her book all day and the party cant help but notice the constant energy that is being emitted from her like warmth from a fire, and that’s what it is – its warmth, light and the essence of life. But this constant output of energy has taken a toll and Katya looks weakened, not quite feeble but tired and exhausted.

As the party clean up from their meals and organise watch a eerie rattle comes from the roads and plains around them. Those with darkvision or the ability to summon light would instantly see shambling, incoherent parade of the long dead being risen once more. Steeling themselves for battle they notice the first skeletons walk into the light of the fire where Katya’s passive aura of magic appears to be strongest and the dark magic binding their bones together seems to weaken as fingers, hands and even whole limbs fall off the moment they step upon the flower rich grass around the wagon.

Now the approach for this encounter is different and more to tell a story. Under normal circumstances a party of 4 level 3s (which is what I would assume them all to be after their ordeals in Bracken Hollow) the amount of skeletons in the horde is just immeasurable, I’m thinking between 80 and 100. But as this is explaining or showing off how powerful Katya could be (with training) and that her aura of life energy and magic flowing out of her like a radiant sun has the potential to bring new life and bounty to the land – it also can attract the darkness that walks at the edge of the light.

The mechanics!

A 30ft circle centred on Katya (the centre of the wagon) is treated as hallowed ground, The skeletons will have disadvantage on all attack and saving throws IF they are within the circle. The party, at initiative 20, get 1d4+2 Temporary hitpoints for being within the range of the circle.

The Skeletons are broken up into four ‘distinct’ hordes, the front of the wagon, the left flank of it, the back of the wagon and, you guessed it, the right flank of the wagon. Each horde has 20 skeletons on it (adjust to 25 if you’re party are blasting through them too easily) and consider the below.

  1. Each horde has a total of 100hp, yikes, which is 5hp per skeleton – they are weakened due to the magic after all.
    1. Every 5 points of damage dealt by the players (as Paul, Katya and Carline won’t be fighting in this) will destroy another skeleton. So a dagger that manages to deal 7 points of damage which to a horde that has 67/100 hp remaining would kill two Skeletons – make sure to talk up how the party does it with one dagger.
    2. Each saving throw made by the Skeleton is made at disadvantage and assume that the AOE is all skeletons in a horde (or 50% in two hordes, 25% if it targets three hordes). Success is saving 50% of Skeletons, failure saves 10% of skeletons from the effect.
    3. IF the damage form the attack (burning hands) is enough to kill 1 skeleton assume all that failed die and then calculate damage to the horde as normal (burning hands dealt 6 damage, a big fail on on the dice roll, but it manages to kill 10 skeletons outright and then a further 5 due to the them succeeding but the damage being enough to kill another 5.
  2. When the Horde attacks Assume 2 hits the nearest party member to that horde for every 10 Skeletons. If the character has a particularly high AC then only 1 hits.
    1. Don’t roll attack rolls, just assume averages. It’s meant to feel overwhelming but the encounter is designed for the party to survive it.
    2. If two or more Party members are equally close to a horde who is attacking then roll a dice and randomly allocate where it makes logical sense. The 24 AC paladin with shield of faith and who took the dodge action probably wont get hit by skeletons…
    3. Since the Skeletons have a mixture of ranged weapons and melee weapons make sure to describe both – arrows bouncing off plate, rusty swords bending as they strike a exposed gauntlet, arrows finding the gap between pieces of armour or a rusted long sword (that’s now the size of a short sword due to the level of rust…) landing a grazing blow on an exposed forearm.
  3. When the horde thins enough (20%?) I would roll it into another horde.
  4. Have the horde(s) act on Initiative 13 (for flanks) and 10 for front and back.

If you are awarding experience points for your encounters at the end I would award 10% of the skeletons XP – they are nerfed pretty hard in this fight and are there to have a thematic “save the princess” moment for the party.

Thanks for joining me tonight, fighting with hordes can be quite a fun moment for the party – the never ending waves of goblins pouring through the opened great stone doors in Moria being met by desperate axe, sword, arrow and fists is something that I have always wanted to encounter as a player, or run as a DM. The sheer manic fight for ones life and the frenzy that goes into these massive horde battles is something that people will talk about for years to come.

Don’t forget to come back this weekend for more content, tomorrow nights “Adventure in 30 minute” challenge is on and Sunday we look to post the conclusion to this months writeup.

If you do have another word that you want to suggest for these 1 word adventure challenges feel free to comment on this post and I will add it to the potential words for next week!

Oh, and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

A frightful encounter

Hi all and welcome to another night here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop where tonight is FIGHT NIGHT!

A little bit excited tonight to try and bring it home with this weeks final piece for the adventure, the encounter.

So, without giving away too much let’s step into the chaotic halls of Katyas family home.

Cult of the blessed one


The setting

The Family can be in any room but I would consider the Library or the large bedroom at the opposite end of the hall. These rooms are large enough for a confrontation and gives the family an advantage in a fight. Needless to say that warping the house to its current state the family is immune to the various environmental effects that occur within the walls and when utilising their legendary abilities and lair actions I would consider the walls and floors as non-existent as they are nearly one with the house by this stage. More on that in a moment.

The tactics

The family fight as one, each knows what they need to do and how to work as a team as they have been living and working together for many years now.

Aunt used her strength to bully those who stand in her way – using her abilities to throw people around or try and push them out windows as a way to control the engagement. Her ability to target one person and gain advantage would be her releasing her pent up rage, energy and fanatical faith in the blessed one to try and tap more into the demonic energy that courses through the family. Despite being kitted out for combat she is extremely defensive and wont stray too far from Father, Mother and especially Uncle as he is the frailest of them all.

Uncle will wait until the time is right to use his legendary action, looking to alter reality to make himself appear faster where the target of the initiative switch becomes that much slower. He will use this ability to try and better position himself away from combat by swapping with someone who is coming up next rather than just the highest person in the initiative order. His ability Spark is to be used as a way of launching an offensive spell after casting a defensive one or to try and provide suppressive fire against multiple targets that are getting too close to his family – particularly Aunt.

Father is the master mind of all – standing back and using his spells (which should have a demonic feel/ description such as green-black flames and the like) to harass the enemy backline. He will heal his family first and foremost but will also stand with Aunt if the front line begins to crumble using the ability to misty step into combat just as readily to step out. His legendary ability giving him the ability to re-heal (small caveat being put here) is intended to be used on damage suffered in that turn or at least most recently – this means that if he wont keep coming back to life but it should be used to make him appear as if he is truly blessed by his dark lord and perhaps bring him back to consciousness once in the fight IF IT MAKES SENSE TO DO SO. I would also rule that if his family is down, Mother, Uncle and Aunt then his legendary ability will also no longer trigger as the lore/theory behind it is his devotion to the Blessed one and his family keeps pushing him through the pain and suffering he encounters.

Mother slipping through shadows with the families lair ability to misty step through walls/floors and her own legendary action to disengage and hide. She would focus on those who can be caught unawares and may even ambush the party when they are exploring the home – utilising the misty step like ability or trying to fear the party from shifting out of her motherly appearance into the gaunt, nightmarish near-demonic appearance that they have warped into.

The stat-blocks (mind the little typos.. only realised AFTER I had finished them all)

Thanks for joining me for another night here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop and I wish that this encounter gives you something to think about for your own games. Now this is designed to be an very challenging encounter where the party risk at dropping down – but the low AC and low health (relatively speaking) of the family means that victory is achievable if the party have a solid plan, or, work together as a team during the fight – much like the family does.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow and to set aside some time for your own tabletop this weekend and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Silent as the grave

Welcome to Friday (also known as fight night) what we look the encounter for the week whether it is combat, puzzle or a social encounter.

This week we fins ourselves in a snow covered graveyard, or on the road to such a place, where the party are ambushed by a group of creatures led by something hopefully the players will remember, perhaps not fondly though.

Howls amongst the gravestones


Walking towards where Paul was thought to be working the party could find signs that he was there and in the fresh snow they may also find footprints indicating that he was dragged from where he fell.

There would also be paw prints following from where he was injured and dragged. A total of 6 sets of smaller prints and then a larger set of prints. A dc13 survival check would identify the smaller prints as wolves and a dc15 check (same check different info based on what the character rolled) would identify the prints as a dire wolf, but something was wrong with it as if it wasn’t well.

The dire wolf is actually a Grave Wolf, a creature that spent too long feasting on creatures and bodies imbued with necrotic energy that it warped its physiology and started to affect its body.

For this encounter I would assume a Party of 4 level 2 or higher players and we are looking for that tipping point of “hard but not deadly” for this kobold fight club was used, I can’t not use this tool, and we have the below result.

The stat blocks are as follows. On the way there the party would encounter three wolves that try and ambush the party on the road.

Then at the graveyard we would have three more wolves and a grave wolf, if the grave wolf doesn’t feel right kr natch your theme a dire wold would be a fine replacement.

The wolves would wait until the party reach Paul before springing their attack, waiting amongst the graves and tombstones (stealth check) before dashing out to ambush when they are distracted by Paul.

Thats what we have for tonight to wrap up this weeks content. Come back this weekend to see the finishing touches on the adventure and how it ties in with what we know already.

Don’t forget to let me know what you think about the creatures and if you use the grave wolf in your own adventure. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe

Snow Stalkers

Hello all and welcome to Friday night (fightnight as I like to think of it!). Tonight we have a few small encounters that I want to run as part of the sudden change in weather that we had in last nights part of the adventure.

As last months adventure components didn’t have much in the terms of combat out side of the gaki this week I want to delve into a bit more combat to highlight the oddity at the sudden change in the weather. So this week lets explore creatures that may call the sudden frigid temperatures home and look at how we can include them in our adventure.

Death delivered on white wings


As the wind and snow picked up and the party realised that they were becoming increasingly lost each moment they spent in the snowstorm. The snow and wind distorted noise and the area was blanketed in a dull roar of sound as the weather raged on. Such was the noise from the wind and snow and the bright white of the falling ice that no one noticed the flurry of white wings in the sky nor the whistle of wind through feathers or the cries of alarms as the beasts sank talons into shoulders, armour and bone.

Now not usually a pack hunter but a group of three or four of these for a part of 3-4 level 1 or level 2 players should be sufficient enough to pose a threat without being too overwhelming. Considering the white snow (heavy precipitation) strong wind and environment the owls will approach silently (+4 stealth, party has disadvantage on perception checks for sight and hearing) and with their surprising strength (13) they can carry an impressive 195lbs of weight. Many large birds of prey when they encounter something that is a bit too hard for their talons or beak to crack will carry it high into the air and drop it. This would be the same case for these owls. Grabbing a player and attempting to lift it off the ground (I’d roll it as a grapple attempt in addition to the talon attack) before flying as high as they can with the weight before dropping the creature.

They are wise, and intelligent enough to know to retreat if they take too much damage (dropping below 7hp considering their health pools) and with the ability to do hit and run tactics with flyby if they are unable to grapple and lift off with their prey they would fly off and attempt another swoop shortly.

Ok for the second creature lets write that up.

As the snow and wind died down the party stumbled out of the trees after the owls had ambushed them amongst the branches and canopy of snow and ice covered leaves. The smell of the owls tangy blood mixed with their own and travels along the remaining wind and stained the snow as they walked.

As they walked for some time and stopped for a break finding it difficult to continue walking through the deep snow on the ground the party became acutely aware that they were being followed. As they readied the stomp of heavy footfalls and loud breathing could be heard just as a ogre being led by a brown bear appeared following their tracks.

This one is another simple one, the half-ogre and bear are following their prey and have found them. This would be balanced for a level 2 party but if it was just level 1 party members I would just have the half-ogre appear. The Ogre would release his bear before charging in after it and then it would end up being a pretty straight forward fight.

Well thats all we have, this requires the party to be out in the wilderness or at least away from the town to be effective. The plan here would be the party leaving to go to somewhere nearby (perhaps ruins, a house, The Manor on the hill where Katya lives) and getting mildly lost in a blizzard. The rest is easy. Give the party enough time to have a short rest between the combats and everything should be balanced enough.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for some more content and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

A small change in plans

Welcome to fight night where, not really having much more this week than a mild side quest for the party to go and retrieve something for the priestess (a possible replacement in the form of a budding priestess of Chauntea who is believed to be more powerful) this week is a bit light on in content.

But what this week does bring is the ability to look at something that I believe everyone should experience in their d&d adventures, travel and ‘roadside encounters’. These can take place in a few ways, not all of them are bad, some can be quite good… Some that is. So lets have a look at a handful of potential roadside encounters that could be used on the road to the encampment in the merchant state of Amn.

Roadside Riddles, Ruckus and Roast


The party travel of half a day before the smell of roasting meat greets them from amongst a small copse of trees which has a faint tune rustling from within the trunks and branches. Approaching they find a small halfling with six bags placed in neat circle around a large spit which boasts the largest assortment of roasting meat that the party has seen in quite some time. Upon seeing the party the halfling smiles and begins to change his song to talk about how a lone halfling traveller ran into a party of travellers and invited them to come eat with him around his fire.

DC15 nature or survival check would reveal that something was odd about the cuts of meat – these appear to be too small for large game native to this area and too large for the game that would be there. Characters with high perception (passive or DC14) would notice that the bags strewn around the firepit all look to be well travelled and sized for creatures other than the halfling.
If questioned he replies that he is waiting for his travelling companions to return from a nearby town with supplies before they head off again and that the roast was a feast of good luck and bounty before they head off. An insight check (DC12) would reveal he is lying. Beating by 5 points or more the character would notice a hungry look in the halflings eyes as he looks at the party and become concerned for their wellbeing.

The halfling is actually cannibalistic and lures travellers to his grove where he poisons them with the roast meat (DC12 constitution saving throw or fall unconscious) where upon he leaps upon the unconscious people and starts to stab at them. The halfling has the stats of the spy from the monster manual.

The party have travelled for a number of days down the road after a dense and heavy fog suddenly appeared and it wasn’t the first time that the party had realised they were lost. After backtracking, trying a new direction and other methods when they become frustrated a merry chuckle can be heard from near by. A few moments pass before a small floating humanoid appears who reveals with a joyous squeak of a voice that its name is Barnelby and he has trapped the party in a fog for its own amusement. Threats and attempts at violence only cause the fey-creature to laugh more at the parties growing frustration before he offers them a deal. He will set them free if they can answer a riddle or three! answer two out of three riddles correctly means that they are free!

The riddles here should not be too difficult. The idea here is for a fun encounter rather than something that actually harms the players. I believe the middle riddle should be hardest to set the mood for the party. Best out of three it is so one wrong one and the party is fine. IF the party do lose then the fey creature returns again the following day with the same deal. If the party asks the creature a riddle it is over joyed with delight and will attempt its hardest to answer and if it gets one wrong it will laugh until it falls to the ground. If the answer 2 our of three riddles correctly or they ask a riddle it doesn’t understand then before the party realise that the mist has disappeared and they find themselves in front of their destination with nearly no time lost in the mists. The party will occasionally hear the laugher of the fey creature when the surrounding area is super quiet but it does not appear again.
Example Riddles:

“What lives in the forest but has no skin, no feathers nor brain but many limbs” – A tree/branch.

“I build castles, yet tear down mountains, make some men blind, and other see. What am I?” – Sand.

And in a sing-song voice “I am green as emeralds when placed below the sky. I do not breath any air but I never ask why. If you try and shelter me, I simply shrink and die. The answer to this riddle is simply who am I?” – A plant.

The party have set up camp in a camping grounds not too far from their destination amongst a slew of other caravans, wagons and tents that have a ready supply of guards and mercenaries mingling with music, food and dancing aplenty. During the night and merriment a dwarf storms over from a nearby wagon and sits down angrily next to the party. A moment later two other dwarves come up and an argument breaks out. The first dwarf swears he will never join their band again and that he now swears allegiance to the party!

The party soon realise that the dwarf, Rubael, is extremely clingy, needy and has not felt valued with his previous group of dwarves, his actual brothers. If the party talk to the dwarves brothers Bubael and John… they find out that he is always getting into trouble, he hates authority and frequently has their goods, possessions and sometimes hard earned coin taken by city guards due to the way he acts. They just want their brother to act like a mighty Bronzebeard (their clan name) and stop giving into his angry nature when working amongst humans and the like. They are worried that without their protection that no amount of bribery of gold, goods or possessions will prevent the guards from going easy on the firecracker next time.

The party have to work out what to do – could be an opportunity to have an ally, who may cause more trouble than he is worth, but he is a strong and dependable fighter if the party can see past his jagged razor like edges.

So many things can happen on the road, these are just examples. Looking at the Faerun map every major city is hundreds of miles apart, so days of travel and to break up that slow dredge or low narrative of moving between starting and end point of the adventure with one of these light hearted (or fatal if you don’t see past the cannibalistic halflings ruse) could help make the travelling aspect of D&D more enjoyable for all.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more content, I am preparing for a Warhammer game on Sunday (in person.. I know!) to help a friend and local community member prepare for a tournament so I will try and post that battle report style writeup on Sunday. Tomorrow I hope to have some more content for you but until then, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

The Family home

Welcome to Friday and that normally means Fight Night! here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop. Tonight I have something that I hope will spice up the encounter with the Gaki just that little bit more to make it feel like a true end of adventure encounter, it is also something I haven’t used before in a campaign of adventure but I believe it will become part of my homebrew toolbox moving forwards.

Last we saw Kyoko, Takeo and Hurane being knocked unconscious and thrown down below deck on the Ren families ship – not an ideal situation to be in with a angry and desperate Gaki spirit. Tonight we will investigate that final confrontation between the party, with their blessed silvered weapons as they go to investigate a mysterious note left on Captain Kyoko’s desk stating that the Gaki spirit must be at the Ren families boat. So without any more of a re-cap lets get on with the content for tonight’s encounter setup, also known as fightnight!

The possessed ship


In addition to the normal stat-block that the Gaki has he will be accompanied by the unconcious, yet possessed bodies of his daughter and grand daughter, Hana and Saki. As they approach the party in a shuffling, disjointed manner the party can see a dark mist flickering about them as tears streak down their face and a look of anguish and confusion as one of them, Hana – the grand daughter, breaks the possession for a moment to scream for the party to run, to escape as her grandfather had full control of the ship now and it wasn’t safe. After the warning she would go limp, falling to the floor before slowly standing back up with a the same anguish filled face as her mother as they both stumble towards them.

Both Hana and Saki follow the commoner template below.

Lair Actions

On initiative count 20 (losing initiative ties), the Gaki spirit (Grandfather Ren) takes a lair action to cause one of the following effects; the Gaki can’t use the same effect two rounds in a row:

  • Waves of water that are within 5ft of the edge of the ship crash onto the deck before draining outwards under the railing. Any creature on the deck within 5 feet of the railing (edge of the boat) must succeed on a DC 12 Strength saving throw or be pulled up to 20 feet into the water overboard and knocked prone.
  • A knife, hook, oar, shard of glass, bottle or other object on the ship flies towards each member of the party. Any creature on the deck of the ship must make on a DC 12 Dexterity saving throw, taking 5 (2d4) piercing damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.
  • A wave of dark mist suddenly blows across the deck of the ship centred on the cabin and extending for 30ft on deck before dissipating. Any creature caught in the wave of mist must make a DC12 Constitution saving throw or become poisoned until the start of the creatures next turn as they retch and become overwhelmed with nausea and hunger. A creature that succeeds on their saving throw has advantage on the next constitution saving throw for the same dark mist next time and a subsequent success will grant them immunity to the third time they are affected.

The Gaki will be in the Cabin at the stern of the ship, for reference perhaps check out the ship map in my Ship Life post from November. Hana and Saki are meant really as a morale dilemma for the party. Knocking them out is what is preferred – hence why I have Hana waking up to warn the party to show that 1, they are possessed and 2, they can wake up from it. Their purpose isn’t to damage or attack the party but to try and grapple (likely unsuccessfully) and disarm the silver weapons where possible. Once unconscious, or you know, dead, the party will find Grandfather Ren – Gaki spirit in the cabin wearing his Hiro body and likely holding something valuable that maybe the perceptive party member may recognise from Takeo or Kyoko. Maybe a Short blade with an elegant long handle (wakatashi) that they have seen Kyoko wearing before in almost a ceremonial manner.

This is to trigger the party into knowing that Kyoko may have been here or is somewhere near by. The Gaki would likely be enraged and continue to use lair actions whilst dashing in to attack the party members who fall, slip or otherwise are hindered by the Gaki’s possessed ship lair actions. He would be aware of any remaining silvered weapons and avoid these characters at all cost unless there was no option. Once reduced to 0 HP by a silvered weapon the dark mist would shriek outwards from Hiro and fly into a urn that was the only non desecrated item in this room upon a mantle with a kind, smiling gentleman sitting above it in a painting. When Hiro wakes up (as he will be wounded by not dead – his grandfather wouldn’t let him die now would he) he would rush past the party wanting to check on his family and Kyoko, Takeo and Hurane.

That would conclude tonight’s adventure and the encounter with the Gaki spirit. What do you all think about lair actions? They are meant to be something that really threatens the party, that puts the party in a dangerous situation and can really put the adventure in the favour of the creature that is heavily out numbered. I hope to use these a lot this year as I have some bigger plans in the work for 2022 and am excited to bring them to you all for your enjoyment and hopefully your use in your own campaigns.

Don’t forget to come back this weekend for some, dare I hope for it, Warhammer content as well as the summary and conclusion of this part of the Red Fleet campaign! And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage!
The Brazen Wolfe

Gaki – Hunger Spirit

Hi all and welcome to Fight-night (also known as Friday). Tonight I wanted to reveal the stat-block for the dark mist creature, touch on the tactics to employ with it (as there is no map as it could be encountered in any inn room, bed room, street or tavern floor etc.) as well as introduce Lizbet, the priestess of Chauntea.

So to roll like a weighted dice, let’s get on with the write-up.

Gaki – Hunger Spirit


The Gaki is the spirit of someone who left this world without achieving a great desire and being so driven to achieve this goal they hungered for it even in death. Normally these creatures die without having much to their name, no means to survive or achieve their goal so when they find themselves returned as one of the undead they immediately try and rectify this by, generally, approaching one of their family members and asking them to help the spirit complete it’s dying wish. In doing so they take possession of the body at night as they are fearful of what they will see in themselves come the morning light of the sun.

During the day the possessed creature has no signs that they carry something within them unless the creatures hunger or lust for their desired object is so great that the creature risks exposing themselves to sunlight to get at what they seek. At night however the almost malevolent hunger that fuels these creatures takes form of a great inky black mist that surrounds their host and turns their body of flesh and bones into something incorporeal, mostly. Its arms, hands and mouth are always physical (yet able to turn to mist to achieve its goals) and this gives the creature a nightmarish appearance at night.

The Gaki are so terrified of their own appearance that they avoid Silver, being mirrors, at all costs and unless driven nearly insane by their hunger they will flee at the mere sigh of silver whether it’s coins, weapons, jewellery, dining and cooking utensils or armour.

Although their hungers all differ they all have an affinity for destroying magical items as a way of fuelling themselves and their incorporeal form.

The Gaki, in this adventures instance, is also bound by wards made from liquified silver as the ‘magical wards’ appear as molten silver metal that reflects the very nature of their soul. Not even their hunger will let them pass wards made with this special liquid created by the Red Fleets alchemists and priests. The Gaki this adventure hungers for wealth and promised its family (who it resides within) that it would grant them wealth and success in business if they allow it to help them. However once surrounded by minor magical trinkets, and some not-so-minor, it became overwhelmed by its hunger for wealth and desire to obtain more and was driven into a feeding frenzy to sustain the amount of energy it was using in its pursuit of wealth.

Priestess Elizabeth ‘Lizbet’

The youngest priestess to be granted favour from Chauntea in the town of Daye for quite a number of decades she is seen to be a child of prophecy and as such is granted praise and status not readily given. This year her order and the town came together to celebrate her coming with age and organised a special gift from the visiting merchants known as the Red Fleet to celebrate her blessings and her age.

Despite the praise and gifts granted to her she is level headed, humble and only seeks to aid and teach Chaunteas blessings to those who are seeking it. She is warm, friendly and an excellent judge of character and as such is known to see the true intentions of those who would seek to mislead and trick her. This is aided by some of the magical trinkets that she keeps on her person that seek to keep her from harm and rumours of her power as a priestess has spread to neighbouring villages and towns.

Well that’s it for today. Some of the images for NPCs have started to look more and more similar as I tend to have a “Type” when creating a NPC. But non-the-less I hope you enjoyed to days content and hope I will see you in the following days reading the weekend writeups.

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The Brazen Wolfe

Across starlit rooftops

Welcome to a late Friday update where we look at encounters!

Tonight I want to explore something, a mechanic that will make sense after this weekends update.

Thatch, brick and open sky.


I want to entertain the feature of the dungeon master guide again, the chase.

When the chase begins you establish a few things. The distance between the pursued (quarry) and the pursuers, the position of them and the lead pursuer and any immediate hazards or obstacles

The lead pursuer is who ever is closest and may change per round depending on who is closest.

The position will be important for this adventure as we will have vertical distance as well as horizontal distance which affects sight amongst other things.

The actual encounter is simply the discovery of a suspicious person on a roof, a chase and then either questioning them or trying to work out who they were based on some queues given during the chase.

If the chase continues on the rooftops then a dexterity check(dc10) would need to be made per movement action taken, dash or otherwise, if failed then the roof collapses and the creature has their leg stuck (prone) until they can pull themselves free (dc10 strengths check).

Guards will be alerted if the party or their quarry is loud. They may try and intercept the party on the roof of they are discovered. On the roads the party will be encountered with intersections where every round roll a dice.

On a 1 there is an intersection where the path to the left is a dead end after 15 ft and the right continues 15ft to the right then turns forward again (left turn to head in the same direction of their quarry) 2-3 the path continues forward with no blockage and on a 4 the path to the right is blocked after 15ft but the left path is unblocks and after 15 ft the path turns right to follow the quarry.

On the road they may find drunken citizens, thugs/thieves, startled citizens who shriek for the guard when they see the party or a group of guards who try and stop the party.

The idea here is the classic Street chase to find information on a lead to the creature and the missing items.

Well that’s it. A bit of a shorter encounter today but over the weekend I hope to give more information to help play out this section of the adventure.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more content and as always don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe