Stampeding hooves across frozen plains

Welcome to the Friday Fight night write-up. Tonight we look at the stat block for the humble Onikage which is nothing our party can’t deal with on its own but when it has some friends with it the battle can come to a head quick quickly.

The Onikage


The encounter really is settled around the Onikage killing a pack of wolves and then they turning into zombies that attack the party with an undead Choi on top. The stats for Choi will follow the Zombie template.

As for tactics the wolves would charge in first followed closely by the Onikage and Zombie mounted on its back. As the wolves focus on attacking the horses the Onikage and zombie-Choi will attack the party and will ferociously try and take them down.

Ideally it would happen as a surprise round with the ambush happening those with a keen perception may hear the shuffling of feet and such but until the undead and Onikage attack they will be nearly invisible amongst the trees and snow.

A quick little encounter to wrap up the week as I recover from a cold but introducing the statistics of the Onikage and some of the information on the encounter wraps up this section of the adventure nicely. As always don’t forget to come back this weekend for the end of month writeup and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Frozen Dinner

Welcome one and all to a Brazen Wolfe fight night! Friday nights we generally explore the encounters for the week and tonight we have an interesting one – one where the main big bad doesn’t really attack but uses puppets to do her bidding.

For the Queen!


Yukri Toshimo – the Yuki-onna

Yukri is the focus for this weeks encounter, however she will order her charmed subjects to do her bidding now that she has the opportunity to impress The Shadow. However, she would rather use her abilities and spells to control the battlefield and protect her Lord, Teng, who reminds her soo much of the Young man who she was denied when she was human.


Lucian is fully devoted to Yukri and Teng but will deny Teng if it means pleasing Yukri. He fights savagely and takes particular delight in wearing down his opponents with relentless attacks and expert martial prowess.

Toshio Family Guards

Toshio family guards will rush forward to do their leaders bidding. While loyal to Teng Yukri still holds sway with her magical charm and her commands are just followed as if Lord Toshio had given them himself. Although not all that impressive there is a lot of them and they will throw themselves at the party.

The encounter


To find out what causes the fight we will have to wait for the weekend, but conflict is inevitable. As we had a few weeks ago the aim of this conflict isn’t to best the big bad but its to survive and escape the dinner hall.

The guards form a wall between the party and their Lord and queen (and blocking off the escape behind them – see below) while Lucian charges into the party outraged at the accusations, true or otherwise. The moment Lucian gets below half HP, Yukri (who is fond of her most loyal warrior), will order them to seize Kyoko and the party for treason and assault on a vassal of the Toshio family. And with a room filled with dinner guests who are more terrified of Yukri than the party witnesses to the Toshio’s side of the story will be in high supply.

The guards will try and keep the party at a distance, using longer ranged spears and forming two walls. There should be dozens of them to stress the dire-ness of the situation.

Once either Lucian falls, or a handful (6~10) of Guards start to crumble then Teng and Yukri will retreat up stairs to avoid the fallout and the guards will press forward to complete their orders.

End of the encounter

Kyoko shouts in surprise as she is grabbed and thrown backwards out an open door, several slain guards lay at the door as the Shadow Cursed and Siu took them out. Kuang beckons the party to retreat and as he does so Lucian stumbles to his feat, a thick coating of frost and ice starting to form on his body as his dead eyes flutter open and he begins to push his way through the guards.

The aim is to force the party out the doors, but as the guards and Lucian get close to the door they start to drop, blades and flashes of golden scales can be seen as Siu and his invisible defenders start to lash out to protect Kyoko and their friends. As the party leaves the doorway Siu and Choi flash into focus as they close the doors, the sound of a beam being pulled down to lock the door is heard before shouts of war and combat reverberate through the thick wood. Tugging on their sleeves indicates Sasha (Hana) is with them with any items that were left in the racks (they were gone if the party looked for them), and a few bags as she urges them to follow her as she runs towards the servants quarters. Once there she takes them through the servants entrance which leads them to a few quaint houses near the barracks.


From where the party leave the building they can see that the wagon is on fire, however there are a few guards horses not far from where they are standing next to the Barracks and the party are able to approach them with ease – The gates are also open but guarded so the party will need to deal with that (creativity is encouraged!).

As they leave they hear a terrible shriek and they turn around to see Yukri standing on a raised platform as the deformed, scaled horse (that died then came back to life the threw itself in the fire – yeah that one) walks up to her and nuzzles her hand before staring at the party.

Leaving the compound is easy as pursuit is slow (as there is still fighting in the building) and Kuang seems to the know the way as he leads the party east and away from the Toshio family.

Well there is the second last piece in the twist for the adventure – Kyoko and the party were set to start a family war in which they are a few steps behind which will create both opportunity to grow, explore and understand the continent they are now on. Thanks for sticking with me for this longer-than-normal month and I appreciate you all reading what I put up here. Don’t forget to come back this weekend for, maybe some Warhammer as well as our end of week writeup up, and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Toshio’s Halls

Hello and welcome to Friday where we look at the encounter for this week, tonight I want to have a bit of a gap between where we last saw our party and what happens this weekend for the write-up so I will put some mechanics here and see what we can work out.

Rimed Halls


Tonight is entirely based on what the party decide to do. Thinking of a few common items I’ll put down some considerations for this weeks adventure and how to handle it where feasible.


The halls will be busy so performance, and other social skills (persuasion, deception, intimidation, etc.) are just as valuable to the stealth aspect or this. Moving around the halls will have a good chance at being noticed and quick thinking on the players end and a subsequent contesting roll (with advantage or disadvantages based on what the party are doing, how they do it and/or what they say to try and convince those who discover them that they are not up to no good.


Listening to or sewing rumours is both charisma heavy, stealth and perception based. Listening to those in the court, the soldiers, staff and servants or attendants at court could provide valuable information.


Whether breaking and entering, casting spells, sneaking, bribing, or persuading this one is really the crux of the adventure. Gathering evidence through what ever means possible to help prove Kyoko and the Harimasu family’s claims that the Toshio family has been attacking through mercenary companies or conspiring elsewhere against the other prominent family in Ryokughan.


Decoys, forgeries or the real deal – planting evidence to strengthen the point or persuade individuals to side with the Harimasu’s is also an option. A word of warning on making the deceptive evidence too fat fetched as something will be obvious falsified documents or things and it would damage the Harimasu’s reputation.

Other options?

If the party have a good idea this week roll with it, adopting a “thats cool, what does that look like?” Approach will enrich the game for everyone involved.

As you can tell this week we find the parties given the opportunity to sneak around the halls to find evidence or corruption or foul play. While not a major household this manor would be a stopping point before going further North-west and things could be left behind. More to be revealed in this weekend write-up though as there is potentially some shocking evidence.

Thanks for stopping by tonight for, maybe not the most exciting Friday post but still something that sets the scene for next week where we have a bigger reveal. Don’t forget to come back this weekend and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Feral Tricksters

Welcome to Friday where we look at the content for Fightnight! This week we have several creatures, sticking to my post from last week all (except the first one) are nearly entirely based on their template creatures with some tweaks here and there to make it fit with the theme.

The Nats


The Nat

Nat is the collective term given to lesser few spirits that inhabit the wilds of Ryokughan and their appearance and temperament is as varied as the landscape in which they call home. Some are peaceful and kind spirits that want to help travellers whilst others are malevolent and spiteful wishing harm to all that enter their domain. Regardless of appearance or sociability they are all very protective of their homes whether its a woven nest of leaves, reeds and branches or a grimy hole in the ground – the Nat will defend their homes and will almost do anything to protect their space.

Stoneskin Nat (Gargoyle Template)

A large creature that appears to be made from boulders. Despite its lumbering appearance it is quite quick on foot and can move above and below the ground using its large claws to dig through the ground. Although not naturally hostile the Stoneskin variety of the Nat fey-folk are perhaps more territorial than the rest and strike suddenly like a charging bull when they see a threat encroaching on their turf.

Furred Nat (gnoll template)

Ferocious and malicious the Furred Nat readily leaves its caves and dens to hunt those who are near its hunting ground. Resembling different bestial races they all have predatorial features such as a canine or feline like snout, sharp teeth and long claws – this coupled with the thick, shaggy, unkept fur that coverers their body they readily pick up weapons and have crude armour from things they have killed when they go on their hunts.

Hulking Nat (Orc template)

Thick hide like armour covers these human sized extremely muscular Nats’ bodies. Ferocious and aggressive but less feral than the Furred Nat these creatures bound into battle and readily serve greater powers for the promise of more shiny things for their dens and lairs but also more glory for those who come back victorious from war. Commonly seen with Oni and other creatures that have aligned themselves with the Shadow these Fey are both common and feared across the lands of Ryokughan.

Elder Nat (Hill giant)

While not a normal Nat that has grown to an old age these solitary, peaceful creatures would rather sleep than fight or bicker as long as their few trinkets, normally passed down from family members, aren’t disturbed by creatures entering their den. Not picky where they sleep they can be found in ruins, caves, holes in the ground or other similar lairs and normally not to far from from home. Though not predisposed to violence they can be persuaded with the threat of being interrupted and having their long sleeps disturbed which is what upsets them the most. Their huge size, phenomenal strength and the large club-like forearms they have are enough to turn horses into a shattered pile of meat and gore let alone smaller creatures like humans. Out of all the Nats these ones are the source of childhood stories and tales that warn children to not go into the woods to explore lest you stumble into and Elders Lair.

Thanks for coming back tonight and looking at the re-skin of four creatures from the core rules. This week should be an example of when altering some small details to fit an existing ruleset with a theme can produce a meaningful and memorable encounter for our players. Don’t forget to come back this weekend for a day of musings and our end of week writeup and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Swarm Keeper

Welcome to Friday or as I like to call it, Fightnight! Tonight we have ourselves something a bit fun planned for the weekend and tonight sets the stage for some of it.

As highlighted on Wednesday night Sai won’t deliberately kill a target, unless told do so so, but will ensure that his identify and freedom to complete the mission remain a secret, unless he decides to let part of that knowledge slip.

Sai Tsugen of the Locust


Sai’s unnatural speed causes him to always strike at initiative 20. This means he can get a defensive spell up or try and take down an opponent quickly.

Sai’s dagger is normal, but for the sake of the encounter lets place a DC12 constitution saving throw when ever damage is done by it or the target becomes poisoned.

When we are looking at the poisoned condition I would also put on a mechanic that it can have levels for this encounter – if someone was to gain 3 levels in poison they fall unconscious.

Lastly any poison damage that they take (spell like abilities) would also be the same constitution save DC and effect on failure.

Sai will cease to attack someone who is unconscious believing that their memory should be foggy at best if and when they wake from the poison induced unconsciousness.

Thank you coming back for tonight’s stat-block. As the party get stronger I find myself having to create stronger and more balanced encounters and this, really, should be a walk in the park for most of our parties but it has a few key considerations in there that should still create something challenging. Don’t forget to come back for this weekends write-up and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Rotten Crops

Welcome to Friday also known as fight night where this week I wanted to put in a little encounter to occur during the days downtime before the next part of the adventure carries on. It should be no surprise that I love night time encounters but tonight’s one can be run during any time of the day – but night seems more thematic.

Freshly Risen


As the last of the suns rays disappeared from high above the mountains the farmers returned from their rice paddies and soon the few small huts had glowing golden warmth scattered from the windows.

“It sure is getting cold, unusual for this time of year” the middle aged woman said to her husband and daughter as they set the table – the other farmers were coming around for dinner tonight to celebrate the coming harvest. “I’d say its going to be an early season the way the wind blows from the hills up north”

“We should leave a bigger offering at the family shrine tomorrow, to ward of the spirits,” her husband said as he set down the last plate as a few of the farmers from the other houses walked through the front door. “They say when the wind blows cold from the hills that the spirits are restless.” he continued before he had a scornful glance get shot his way from his wife – but it was too late.

“What do you mean father?” the girl asked as she grabbed a pitcher of water and set it on the table with some clay cups.

The wife sighed as she retrieved a pot and set it down on a woven mat in the middle of the table. “Yes, we’d also like to know as we haven’t heard of a lot of the folklores from Shuimu” said one of the new farmers at the table.

The father sat back in his chair with a grin as he stood and grabbed a shield from the wall. “This was my ancestors shield, Many centuries ago he fought in a great battle in those hills where a dragon and the people of Shuimu fought some of the creatures of The Shadow – an army with Demons and all manner of creatures from the shadow lands – beyond the great mountains far to the north.” he began, taking a swig of rice win as he continued his tail. “My ancestor fought valiantly but unfortunately died in battle, so did many of our men and women from this land as they protected it from the cursed ones. There wasn’t time to bury them properly so they burried them amongst the hills each with a dragon scale placed upon them as they were covered by the soil.” He paused again looking amongst the faces of those around the table, “the following year a spring formed and the plants that grew from that spring were soo bountiful that the farms we work today were formed back then. When the cold wind blows from the hills they say that The Shadow is planning its revenge, that the demons and spirits that fought in that war walk the ground again when the wind is cold.” He said taking another drink from his cup.

“all superstition” said his wife shaking her head at the enthusiastic man across from her. “No spirit or demon will walk amongst those hills, but in the morning we can visit the ancestor’s shrine. Husband, wasn’t Cristine and her husband meant to come as well?” She asked looking out the window towards the third hut.

“yeah, I am sure they will be here soon. Old Hugh can’t ignore a feast.” Her husband said as he helped himself to the stew.


Just up the road the tangy and sickly sweet smells of meat was wafting from the farmers hut, the door lay open with two sets of legs laying out of it. Both sets of legs twitched and moved as the horrid creature on top chewed and clawed at the one underneath who was weakly trying to fight and push back at the rotating body on top. A few feet away a much stiller body of a man lay, the creature on top slowly getting up being drawn to the sound of merriment and warmth from the house further down the farms. Pushing past the now both dead creatures in the doorway it joined a mass of other shambling, shuffling dead creatures who mocked and imitated the living.

As the cold wind blew down from the hills the slow stench of death and rot from unnaturally preserved bodies began to mix with the hearty warm smells of stew, wine and cracking wood in a hearth.

Tonight the shadow touched dead followed the wind to add more creatures to their growing ranks.

Nice simple encounter, dead marching from the farms. Party has to stop the dead, foggy morning or clear night a preference. If you want to create it into a mini adventure/session then there would be a creature raising them from the grave, I’d beef up a ghast to CR5 (+1 additional proficiency bonus) and add appropriate amount or hp. Have a shadow taint affect on its bite too for good measure.

Thanks for joining me tonight and looking at tonights encounter inspired by an image in my old copy of Oriental Adventures (3e) DnD suppliment. Don’t forget to come back this weekend for more content, I may mix around the days and have the final write-up come out tomorrow instead of Sunday as I have a full on social calendar this weekend so don’t get too alarmed if the normal schedule os mixed around some! And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

The Golden Beast

Welcome to Friday Fight night! Tonight we look at the statistics for our Giant Golden friend as well as some of the mechanics for this weeks encounter (more to come on the complications this weekend).

We have a hard job this weekend DMs, something I will talk about tomorrow, which is convincing the party to not fight something and to flee – how we can use our words to evoke that fear and that primal need for survival not in the characters but in the players – because only then can we truly get them to experience what we hope for out of this weeks encounter.

Flight or Fight


A huge ape, golden fur and shaking in visible rage stands before the party, its forearms alone are broader than the most muscular warrior in the party and its hide is littered with scars that tell of the hundreds of battles it has won. As it moves the rocks and dirt under foot crumble into nothingness as its strength, rage and dedication to pursue its prey is so intense that the ground breaks beneath it. Standing well over 15ft all its both quick, intelligent and experienced in fighting.

The chase

Ah yes, now I’ve said it before I do like the chase mechanics. There is something special about running from or chasing down something as opposed to just chopping it to little pieces.

In this case the parry is our quarry as well give them 60ft head start and the goal is to hide or lose the ape, simple enough right? The cost of failure is that the beast will immediately start combat on their initiative and, this is something that we as dungeon masters need to describe in great detail the power and strength behind this beast, the Party should not want to fight it and we should describe it as a force of nature that no one should ever seek to fight.


Have the beast be initiative 11, mid way but a chance of not being last. Have each party member roll for initiative as normal and then we follow a simple set of rules.

Chase limitations (to be explained)

Firstly our players are only allowed one action and one move. This means that their bonus actions and reactions are not permitted during the chase so we can keep the tempo going forward and to add to that sense of dread of being caught.

Secondly the party members get to ‘dash’ three times plus an additional time for each point in their constitution modifier (a constitution score of 14 means they get to dash 5 times for free during the chase scene!) Each time they dash after that they need to make an endurance check, DC10 Con check where if they fail they gain a level of exhaustion. If they reach Exhaustion 5 then they fall unconscious.


Now, I will add some additional ones this weekend in the final writeup (cant lay all my cards on the table at once) but a chase scene through the streets of a city would have various complications, city guard standing in the way, a cart, barrels, children chasing balls into the middle of the street. At night, in a temple (or out side of it – more on that later) particularly one where you may not know what is between buildings, in them or around them you may find that you run into dead ends or create issues for people following you. An example may be that a character may use a branch, root or vine to climb onto a roof – but the complication in doing so is that the thing they used to climb up breaks and so anyone who was trying to follow them cant follow the same path.

The area

We have a map of the temple grounds but not he buildings, the buildings would be simple (and I don’t really want to go in an design little rooms for them all. Sorry!) so I would have them have one or two rooms where the players can hide – the more people that hide there the easier it will be for the beast to find them – splitting up when hiding in buildings is key. But if they can make it out the gate then there is nothing stopping the party from hiding and running through the woods where there is potentially countless places to hide – and for this I will create one or two more maps this weekend to capture this ability to leave the temple and travel on foot out of there.

If the beast loses the party it will keep looking, but it will give the party between 10 minutes 60 minutes of rest before it comes close to finding them again (roll 1d6 and add a 0 to the result to get the amount of minutes). For every 10 minutes rested in hiding they gain 1 ‘dash’ left and for every 20 minutes rested they can remove 1 level of exhaustion from the chase.

There is one part in the temple where the beast is extremely hesitant to enter or go near – the building without the door (where Shiku’s brothers and sisters were slain) – if the party successfully hide or go in here they automatically count as hiding for 60 minutes. If they are discovered in there then the beast will go in there and attack, but will have disadvantage on all rolls – it will also not use its movement or attacks in any way that will damage the area and will cause half damage in its attacks in its effort to respect the resting place of its human side’s kin.

To hide

If the player is out of sight from the beast at the end of a round they can attempt to roll a stealth check to hide. For us as the DM we would have the beast focused on finding a single person (if they are playing distraction) or if no one has opted to do that heroic move then it would have disadvantage as it tries to track all players (intruders) at once. If all the party members are successfully hidden at the beginning of the round then the chase is over and they get 1d6*10 minutes of rest before the beast comes back to their location for another search.

If they are found again then the chase begins a new – give the beast initiative 1 and the party starts within 30 feet of the beast for terms of spacing. Then go through it again.

Ultimate victory is where the party remains hidden for 3 hours in total (at which point the beast bellows and storms off into the forest / back to the temple if they made it out) or if the beast becomes exhausted (rank 5) in its effort to pursue the party.


In combat it’s a ruthless combatant that will try and knock all party members unconscious, but not kill. Shiku wont let it kill them. If they are all knocked unconscious they are tier 4 exhausted and on 1 HP outside the temple. Pick 1d6 items on each player and they are broken beyond use (magical items included) as they would have suffered enough damage to break during the fight.

If the beast throws a party member pick a random direction (rolling a d8 for North, North east, east, South East and so on) and the PC moves that direction 60ft. That PC can now attempt to begin the chase again and go hide if they choose too. Remember the aim is to get the party members to get out of combat.

If they do beat the beast in combat it will shapeshift into Shiku, mostly naked with modesty hidden (I am a gentleman after all..) and will appear dead – dawns first light will awaken her however and her body wont burn if set alight (part of Shuimu’s gift to her monks).

Thanks for joining me tonight for a look at this weekends encounter. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for a discussion on the importance of being a coward and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Hunters of the alone

Hi all and welcome to this Friday fightnight where this week we look at the beast that lurks in rivers, ponds, lakes and, in this case, a cave under a waterfall.

For those who knew it was a Kappa well done. One of my favourite Japanese folktale creatures with, somewhat disturbing folklore but for the purpose of this adventure I’ll leave those parts out…

The Kappa


The creatures that attacked the party from the waterfall pool are short, between that of a dwarf and a halfling, scaled with webbed feet and hands each ending in three vicious fingers complete with long sharped curved claws. Each of them have a bony ridge on top of their heads that created a bowl with water that, by some magical or mystical nature, never spills unless an external force forces the water to spill.

A large ridged shell covers its back and, for some, a bit of their chest. Despite being humanoid almost no body hair grows for both males and females and generally its just enough hair to surround their head bowl. They have enlarged nostrils that flow into a bony growth like beak surrounded their teeth filled mouth and their eyes seem to bulge lightly from their tiny-constantly scowling eye sockets.

The Kappa will fight for food quite viciously but they are also smart enough to know the value in their own lives and are more than likely to flee if the alternative is their death. In this encounter 2-3 Kappa’s should be attacking the party – by now I would believe we would have level 6 characters in the party so that should make the encounter easier. Once one Kappa falls the next wounded most wounded Kappa will retreat and swim back under the waterfall, the next Kappa will do the same but will try and bring down the party member who struck its fellow Kappa down.

Inside the waterfall cave everything is dimly lit, so the Kappa are considered to be lightly obscured. The Kappa female is twice the size of the normal Kappa and so her HP should be doubled. It will be her any any wounded Kappa that managed to escape +3d6 hp healed back to their wounded HP score if they had water left in their head bowls.

Well thanks for joining me tonight to look at the Kappa. ‘Translating’ from DnD 3.0(ish?) rule sets into 5e is hard and not an exact science at all times but I tried to keep the essence of the Kappa there. Don’t forget to come back this weekend for more D&D content and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

The afflicted

Hi all and welcome to Friday also known as Fightnight!, this week the stat blocks don’t really matter as much as the mechanics behind the encounter(s). We find our group on board the Dancing Drake and sailing towards a port town that will see them travelling further and deeper into Ryokughan.

But what if the threat came from some other place not the of this world, not of the Material plane. This week we touch the tip of that.

Shadowy Assaults


Those touched by the stones known as the Slivers of Shadow find themselves cursed to be ignored and unrecognised until they go through with their end of the bargain – or they can pass the stone onto someone more strongly willed at which point they are released of the curse.

Now I will save the reason why for later this month but those who find themselves on the precipice of being unable to remove the stone because there are none who can recognise or see them will find themselves quickly pulled between two planes, the Material plane where their body resides and the Shadowplane, Shadowfell, where the entity known as “The Shadow” holds onto their essence, their spirit/soul and this instability of planar existence.

For mechanics I want to keep it simple – A successful Charisma Saving throw vs Stealth check OR Insight vs Stealth will reveal the creature to the one who made the check.

Until the creature attacks they are treated as being invisible and being under the silence spell. All attacks against them are made as disadvantage until they are revealed (Faery fire doesn’t work here as its not a sight based clouding of senses) and when they attack they make their attack with advantage.

Now the nature of the creature doesn’t matter, human, crew member, Jade point refugee – but I wouldn’t have them too strong as it already has the party at a big disadvantage. I would have several people, maybe 6 encounters where the last one is two of the touched attacking at once – at all instances they will ignore the party and go straight for Liz – or through the party to get to Liz as the case may be.

Thanks for joining me tonight – it was another short one tonight but I still wanted to get something out to you all while I am still recovering. Don’t forget to come back this weekend for more content on both Saturday and Sunday and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Inevitable boarding

Hi all and welcome to Friday, also known as Fight-night! Tonight I wanted to had a small random encounter for whilst the party is still in the marshlands – aboard the ship or on foot.

So sit back, enjoy, and let’s get into it.

Ethereal malcontents


As the mist wafted across the waters surface the the onlookers assumed nothing was different to the previous nights where the same phenomena happened. That is until movement from within the mists foretold the appearance of humanoid faces gliding atop shadow and air which writhed towards sentient life like a leech does blood.

Now, being someone similar to the Shadow we would use them as such except that they are a lot weaker than a shadow. Ambushing, stealth and infiltration before wearing there targets down before draining them of life.

For a party of 4 level 5 characters we would probably look at around 8 of these – enough that one per turn per player will go down but they will still be able to give that sense of dread and danger to the player to let them know that they are in danger.

Well after the last few nights being larger than I had intended tonight is a bit smaller than I had intended but I also didn’t want to overload what we had for this month as its quite busy. Don’t forget to come and see the final product at the end of the week and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe