Snow Stalkers

Hello all and welcome to Friday night (fightnight as I like to think of it!). Tonight we have a few small encounters that I want to run as part of the sudden change in weather that we had in last nights part of the adventure.

As last months adventure components didn’t have much in the terms of combat out side of the gaki this week I want to delve into a bit more combat to highlight the oddity at the sudden change in the weather. So this week lets explore creatures that may call the sudden frigid temperatures home and look at how we can include them in our adventure.

Death delivered on white wings


As the wind and snow picked up and the party realised that they were becoming increasingly lost each moment they spent in the snowstorm. The snow and wind distorted noise and the area was blanketed in a dull roar of sound as the weather raged on. Such was the noise from the wind and snow and the bright white of the falling ice that no one noticed the flurry of white wings in the sky nor the whistle of wind through feathers or the cries of alarms as the beasts sank talons into shoulders, armour and bone.

Now not usually a pack hunter but a group of three or four of these for a part of 3-4 level 1 or level 2 players should be sufficient enough to pose a threat without being too overwhelming. Considering the white snow (heavy precipitation) strong wind and environment the owls will approach silently (+4 stealth, party has disadvantage on perception checks for sight and hearing) and with their surprising strength (13) they can carry an impressive 195lbs of weight. Many large birds of prey when they encounter something that is a bit too hard for their talons or beak to crack will carry it high into the air and drop it. This would be the same case for these owls. Grabbing a player and attempting to lift it off the ground (I’d roll it as a grapple attempt in addition to the talon attack) before flying as high as they can with the weight before dropping the creature.

They are wise, and intelligent enough to know to retreat if they take too much damage (dropping below 7hp considering their health pools) and with the ability to do hit and run tactics with flyby if they are unable to grapple and lift off with their prey they would fly off and attempt another swoop shortly.

Ok for the second creature lets write that up.

As the snow and wind died down the party stumbled out of the trees after the owls had ambushed them amongst the branches and canopy of snow and ice covered leaves. The smell of the owls tangy blood mixed with their own and travels along the remaining wind and stained the snow as they walked.

As they walked for some time and stopped for a break finding it difficult to continue walking through the deep snow on the ground the party became acutely aware that they were being followed. As they readied the stomp of heavy footfalls and loud breathing could be heard just as a ogre being led by a brown bear appeared following their tracks.

This one is another simple one, the half-ogre and bear are following their prey and have found them. This would be balanced for a level 2 party but if it was just level 1 party members I would just have the half-ogre appear. The Ogre would release his bear before charging in after it and then it would end up being a pretty straight forward fight.

Well thats all we have, this requires the party to be out in the wilderness or at least away from the town to be effective. The plan here would be the party leaving to go to somewhere nearby (perhaps ruins, a house, The Manor on the hill where Katya lives) and getting mildly lost in a blizzard. The rest is easy. Give the party enough time to have a short rest between the combats and everything should be balanced enough.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for some more content and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

A small change in plans

Welcome to fight night where, not really having much more this week than a mild side quest for the party to go and retrieve something for the priestess (a possible replacement in the form of a budding priestess of Chauntea who is believed to be more powerful) this week is a bit light on in content.

But what this week does bring is the ability to look at something that I believe everyone should experience in their d&d adventures, travel and ‘roadside encounters’. These can take place in a few ways, not all of them are bad, some can be quite good… Some that is. So lets have a look at a handful of potential roadside encounters that could be used on the road to the encampment in the merchant state of Amn.

Roadside Riddles, Ruckus and Roast


The party travel of half a day before the smell of roasting meat greets them from amongst a small copse of trees which has a faint tune rustling from within the trunks and branches. Approaching they find a small halfling with six bags placed in neat circle around a large spit which boasts the largest assortment of roasting meat that the party has seen in quite some time. Upon seeing the party the halfling smiles and begins to change his song to talk about how a lone halfling traveller ran into a party of travellers and invited them to come eat with him around his fire.

DC15 nature or survival check would reveal that something was odd about the cuts of meat – these appear to be too small for large game native to this area and too large for the game that would be there. Characters with high perception (passive or DC14) would notice that the bags strewn around the firepit all look to be well travelled and sized for creatures other than the halfling.
If questioned he replies that he is waiting for his travelling companions to return from a nearby town with supplies before they head off again and that the roast was a feast of good luck and bounty before they head off. An insight check (DC12) would reveal he is lying. Beating by 5 points or more the character would notice a hungry look in the halflings eyes as he looks at the party and become concerned for their wellbeing.

The halfling is actually cannibalistic and lures travellers to his grove where he poisons them with the roast meat (DC12 constitution saving throw or fall unconscious) where upon he leaps upon the unconscious people and starts to stab at them. The halfling has the stats of the spy from the monster manual.

The party have travelled for a number of days down the road after a dense and heavy fog suddenly appeared and it wasn’t the first time that the party had realised they were lost. After backtracking, trying a new direction and other methods when they become frustrated a merry chuckle can be heard from near by. A few moments pass before a small floating humanoid appears who reveals with a joyous squeak of a voice that its name is Barnelby and he has trapped the party in a fog for its own amusement. Threats and attempts at violence only cause the fey-creature to laugh more at the parties growing frustration before he offers them a deal. He will set them free if they can answer a riddle or three! answer two out of three riddles correctly means that they are free!

The riddles here should not be too difficult. The idea here is for a fun encounter rather than something that actually harms the players. I believe the middle riddle should be hardest to set the mood for the party. Best out of three it is so one wrong one and the party is fine. IF the party do lose then the fey creature returns again the following day with the same deal. If the party asks the creature a riddle it is over joyed with delight and will attempt its hardest to answer and if it gets one wrong it will laugh until it falls to the ground. If the answer 2 our of three riddles correctly or they ask a riddle it doesn’t understand then before the party realise that the mist has disappeared and they find themselves in front of their destination with nearly no time lost in the mists. The party will occasionally hear the laugher of the fey creature when the surrounding area is super quiet but it does not appear again.
Example Riddles:

“What lives in the forest but has no skin, no feathers nor brain but many limbs” – A tree/branch.

“I build castles, yet tear down mountains, make some men blind, and other see. What am I?” – Sand.

And in a sing-song voice “I am green as emeralds when placed below the sky. I do not breath any air but I never ask why. If you try and shelter me, I simply shrink and die. The answer to this riddle is simply who am I?” – A plant.

The party have set up camp in a camping grounds not too far from their destination amongst a slew of other caravans, wagons and tents that have a ready supply of guards and mercenaries mingling with music, food and dancing aplenty. During the night and merriment a dwarf storms over from a nearby wagon and sits down angrily next to the party. A moment later two other dwarves come up and an argument breaks out. The first dwarf swears he will never join their band again and that he now swears allegiance to the party!

The party soon realise that the dwarf, Rubael, is extremely clingy, needy and has not felt valued with his previous group of dwarves, his actual brothers. If the party talk to the dwarves brothers Bubael and John… they find out that he is always getting into trouble, he hates authority and frequently has their goods, possessions and sometimes hard earned coin taken by city guards due to the way he acts. They just want their brother to act like a mighty Bronzebeard (their clan name) and stop giving into his angry nature when working amongst humans and the like. They are worried that without their protection that no amount of bribery of gold, goods or possessions will prevent the guards from going easy on the firecracker next time.

The party have to work out what to do – could be an opportunity to have an ally, who may cause more trouble than he is worth, but he is a strong and dependable fighter if the party can see past his jagged razor like edges.

So many things can happen on the road, these are just examples. Looking at the Faerun map every major city is hundreds of miles apart, so days of travel and to break up that slow dredge or low narrative of moving between starting and end point of the adventure with one of these light hearted (or fatal if you don’t see past the cannibalistic halflings ruse) could help make the travelling aspect of D&D more enjoyable for all.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more content, I am preparing for a Warhammer game on Sunday (in person.. I know!) to help a friend and local community member prepare for a tournament so I will try and post that battle report style writeup on Sunday. Tomorrow I hope to have some more content for you but until then, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

The Family home

Welcome to Friday and that normally means Fight Night! here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop. Tonight I have something that I hope will spice up the encounter with the Gaki just that little bit more to make it feel like a true end of adventure encounter, it is also something I haven’t used before in a campaign of adventure but I believe it will become part of my homebrew toolbox moving forwards.

Last we saw Kyoko, Takeo and Hurane being knocked unconscious and thrown down below deck on the Ren families ship – not an ideal situation to be in with a angry and desperate Gaki spirit. Tonight we will investigate that final confrontation between the party, with their blessed silvered weapons as they go to investigate a mysterious note left on Captain Kyoko’s desk stating that the Gaki spirit must be at the Ren families boat. So without any more of a re-cap lets get on with the content for tonight’s encounter setup, also known as fightnight!

The possessed ship


In addition to the normal stat-block that the Gaki has he will be accompanied by the unconcious, yet possessed bodies of his daughter and grand daughter, Hana and Saki. As they approach the party in a shuffling, disjointed manner the party can see a dark mist flickering about them as tears streak down their face and a look of anguish and confusion as one of them, Hana – the grand daughter, breaks the possession for a moment to scream for the party to run, to escape as her grandfather had full control of the ship now and it wasn’t safe. After the warning she would go limp, falling to the floor before slowly standing back up with a the same anguish filled face as her mother as they both stumble towards them.

Both Hana and Saki follow the commoner template below.

Lair Actions

On initiative count 20 (losing initiative ties), the Gaki spirit (Grandfather Ren) takes a lair action to cause one of the following effects; the Gaki can’t use the same effect two rounds in a row:

  • Waves of water that are within 5ft of the edge of the ship crash onto the deck before draining outwards under the railing. Any creature on the deck within 5 feet of the railing (edge of the boat) must succeed on a DC 12 Strength saving throw or be pulled up to 20 feet into the water overboard and knocked prone.
  • A knife, hook, oar, shard of glass, bottle or other object on the ship flies towards each member of the party. Any creature on the deck of the ship must make on a DC 12 Dexterity saving throw, taking 5 (2d4) piercing damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.
  • A wave of dark mist suddenly blows across the deck of the ship centred on the cabin and extending for 30ft on deck before dissipating. Any creature caught in the wave of mist must make a DC12 Constitution saving throw or become poisoned until the start of the creatures next turn as they retch and become overwhelmed with nausea and hunger. A creature that succeeds on their saving throw has advantage on the next constitution saving throw for the same dark mist next time and a subsequent success will grant them immunity to the third time they are affected.

The Gaki will be in the Cabin at the stern of the ship, for reference perhaps check out the ship map in my Ship Life post from November. Hana and Saki are meant really as a morale dilemma for the party. Knocking them out is what is preferred – hence why I have Hana waking up to warn the party to show that 1, they are possessed and 2, they can wake up from it. Their purpose isn’t to damage or attack the party but to try and grapple (likely unsuccessfully) and disarm the silver weapons where possible. Once unconscious, or you know, dead, the party will find Grandfather Ren – Gaki spirit in the cabin wearing his Hiro body and likely holding something valuable that maybe the perceptive party member may recognise from Takeo or Kyoko. Maybe a Short blade with an elegant long handle (wakatashi) that they have seen Kyoko wearing before in almost a ceremonial manner.

This is to trigger the party into knowing that Kyoko may have been here or is somewhere near by. The Gaki would likely be enraged and continue to use lair actions whilst dashing in to attack the party members who fall, slip or otherwise are hindered by the Gaki’s possessed ship lair actions. He would be aware of any remaining silvered weapons and avoid these characters at all cost unless there was no option. Once reduced to 0 HP by a silvered weapon the dark mist would shriek outwards from Hiro and fly into a urn that was the only non desecrated item in this room upon a mantle with a kind, smiling gentleman sitting above it in a painting. When Hiro wakes up (as he will be wounded by not dead – his grandfather wouldn’t let him die now would he) he would rush past the party wanting to check on his family and Kyoko, Takeo and Hurane.

That would conclude tonight’s adventure and the encounter with the Gaki spirit. What do you all think about lair actions? They are meant to be something that really threatens the party, that puts the party in a dangerous situation and can really put the adventure in the favour of the creature that is heavily out numbered. I hope to use these a lot this year as I have some bigger plans in the work for 2022 and am excited to bring them to you all for your enjoyment and hopefully your use in your own campaigns.

Don’t forget to come back this weekend for some, dare I hope for it, Warhammer content as well as the summary and conclusion of this part of the Red Fleet campaign! And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage!
The Brazen Wolfe

Gaki – Hunger Spirit

Hi all and welcome to Fight-night (also known as Friday). Tonight I wanted to reveal the stat-block for the dark mist creature, touch on the tactics to employ with it (as there is no map as it could be encountered in any inn room, bed room, street or tavern floor etc.) as well as introduce Lizbet, the priestess of Chauntea.

So to roll like a weighted dice, let’s get on with the write-up.

Gaki – Hunger Spirit


The Gaki is the spirit of someone who left this world without achieving a great desire and being so driven to achieve this goal they hungered for it even in death. Normally these creatures die without having much to their name, no means to survive or achieve their goal so when they find themselves returned as one of the undead they immediately try and rectify this by, generally, approaching one of their family members and asking them to help the spirit complete it’s dying wish. In doing so they take possession of the body at night as they are fearful of what they will see in themselves come the morning light of the sun.

During the day the possessed creature has no signs that they carry something within them unless the creatures hunger or lust for their desired object is so great that the creature risks exposing themselves to sunlight to get at what they seek. At night however the almost malevolent hunger that fuels these creatures takes form of a great inky black mist that surrounds their host and turns their body of flesh and bones into something incorporeal, mostly. Its arms, hands and mouth are always physical (yet able to turn to mist to achieve its goals) and this gives the creature a nightmarish appearance at night.

The Gaki are so terrified of their own appearance that they avoid Silver, being mirrors, at all costs and unless driven nearly insane by their hunger they will flee at the mere sigh of silver whether it’s coins, weapons, jewellery, dining and cooking utensils or armour.

Although their hungers all differ they all have an affinity for destroying magical items as a way of fuelling themselves and their incorporeal form.

The Gaki, in this adventures instance, is also bound by wards made from liquified silver as the ‘magical wards’ appear as molten silver metal that reflects the very nature of their soul. Not even their hunger will let them pass wards made with this special liquid created by the Red Fleets alchemists and priests. The Gaki this adventure hungers for wealth and promised its family (who it resides within) that it would grant them wealth and success in business if they allow it to help them. However once surrounded by minor magical trinkets, and some not-so-minor, it became overwhelmed by its hunger for wealth and desire to obtain more and was driven into a feeding frenzy to sustain the amount of energy it was using in its pursuit of wealth.

Priestess Elizabeth ‘Lizbet’

The youngest priestess to be granted favour from Chauntea in the town of Daye for quite a number of decades she is seen to be a child of prophecy and as such is granted praise and status not readily given. This year her order and the town came together to celebrate her coming with age and organised a special gift from the visiting merchants known as the Red Fleet to celebrate her blessings and her age.

Despite the praise and gifts granted to her she is level headed, humble and only seeks to aid and teach Chaunteas blessings to those who are seeking it. She is warm, friendly and an excellent judge of character and as such is known to see the true intentions of those who would seek to mislead and trick her. This is aided by some of the magical trinkets that she keeps on her person that seek to keep her from harm and rumours of her power as a priestess has spread to neighbouring villages and towns.

Well that’s it for today. Some of the images for NPCs have started to look more and more similar as I tend to have a “Type” when creating a NPC. But non-the-less I hope you enjoyed to days content and hope I will see you in the following days reading the weekend writeups.

Don’t forget to let me know if you like the content or use it and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Across starlit rooftops

Welcome to a late Friday update where we look at encounters!

Tonight I want to explore something, a mechanic that will make sense after this weekends update.

Thatch, brick and open sky.


I want to entertain the feature of the dungeon master guide again, the chase.

When the chase begins you establish a few things. The distance between the pursued (quarry) and the pursuers, the position of them and the lead pursuer and any immediate hazards or obstacles

The lead pursuer is who ever is closest and may change per round depending on who is closest.

The position will be important for this adventure as we will have vertical distance as well as horizontal distance which affects sight amongst other things.

The actual encounter is simply the discovery of a suspicious person on a roof, a chase and then either questioning them or trying to work out who they were based on some queues given during the chase.

If the chase continues on the rooftops then a dexterity check(dc10) would need to be made per movement action taken, dash or otherwise, if failed then the roof collapses and the creature has their leg stuck (prone) until they can pull themselves free (dc10 strengths check).

Guards will be alerted if the party or their quarry is loud. They may try and intercept the party on the roof of they are discovered. On the roads the party will be encountered with intersections where every round roll a dice.

On a 1 there is an intersection where the path to the left is a dead end after 15 ft and the right continues 15ft to the right then turns forward again (left turn to head in the same direction of their quarry) 2-3 the path continues forward with no blockage and on a 4 the path to the right is blocked after 15ft but the left path is unblocks and after 15 ft the path turns right to follow the quarry.

On the road they may find drunken citizens, thugs/thieves, startled citizens who shriek for the guard when they see the party or a group of guards who try and stop the party.

The idea here is the classic Street chase to find information on a lead to the creature and the missing items.

Well that’s it. A bit of a shorter encounter today but over the weekend I hope to give more information to help play out this section of the adventure.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more content and as always don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe

Something swims this way…

Friday is here and it has brought with it FightNight! Yes the end of the working week is finally here and that brings a collection of stat-blocks or information for us to use in this weeks adventure. Since I am hoping to do a bigger write up this weekend I will keep tonight’s content short and sweet but hopefully full of content, and some information that will make this weeks adventure/ combat inspiring.

This week I went to go to my normal “Tetra-cube ” for my stat block generator and decided that I wanted to mix it up a little bit. So let’s not get dillydally and get caught out in the tide and let’s get on with the writeup!

It’s called a lance


Two new creatures that I haven’t seen before (the Seawolf was an old favourite from Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, when I first started to DM…) for us to enjoy this week.

CR3 Dark Coral Knight
CR1 Seawolf

This week I used a different tool (Gasp!), oh yes I stepped away from Tetra-cube and looked at RPG Workshop. The interface is easy enough to use, a bit hard to see and scroll down the bottom of larger stat blocks and the ability to import an existing statblock as a template/skeleton was sorely missed but it was a lot easier to create what I wanted and, dare I say, not as confusing.

One thing that you may see as above though is that there is no Challenge Rating – That is something that RPG Workshop does not do. But the Knight is CR3 and the Wolf is CR1. The idea here is that the Seawolf knights would be fast skirmishers t hat would dart in with their lances and try and harass the foe but with enough armour (weird how breast plate, a shield and non-pathetic AC is actually really solid.. hmm..) to stick around one turn before urging their mounts away for another charging attack with the lance. If they find themselves mount-less then they would switch to their longsword and try and hold out until reinforcements arrive.

Hail to the king…


We had to bring the king into this, even if the fates deem that he doesn’t join us in the adventure this week I wanted to have him ready to go this week in case we finish with the Arciryas arc this week and move onto something next week.. Just saying.. I mean it’s a possibility.

CR4 King Felris

So the King is not the highest CR monster we have, but I would not catch him away from a mount nor guard or several who are willing to die for him. Where he is really going to be brutal is fighting something one on one where his guard and knights can pin and hold down his foes allies so he can bring his multi attacks and cursed coral blade into play which only makes him stronger.

Depending on the CR of the adventurers you are playing with you could mix (and I will be…) previous weeks content such as the tide warriors, Sea Guard or even a possessed or few to really give the impression that the party is fighting against an army that was on the way to conquering a sea-side city. Waves, many waves of enemies (not the watery ones.. I can’t be punny 100% of the time) is how I would play this out with knights engaging first, then warriors, then the guard and the king.

Giving a set number of rounds that you think your party would need to be able to chunk through the attackers (or defenders.. we will see) and adding a round or two before the next wave begins will give them time to rest, some flexibility if the party take longer or the dice take their sweet time to start rolling normally between one wave and the next.

Also consider that these are not stupid creatures or undead and they would value their life. Once they take some real damage (for me thats around 25% of their hit points remaining) they could likely flee. Warriors and maybe the possessed definitely, the knights perhaps not and the guard definitely not a chance of them fleeing. The king may retreat and order his guard to hold back the party while he swims away (and this may give up the tactics for the final writeup) as in his eyes he is the only one who is capable to rule and save his people.

Well that has got to be all for tonight. Thanks for joining me and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Attack at the old docks…

Fight-night (Friday) is here and that brings with it an encounter designed to test our party. But with this week it has new and improved stat-blocks*! . This Friday I want to slow things down a bit and look at the mechanics behind the fight as I want to spend some time (probably as my weekend writeup) and explore this encounter more as really, it’s the whole crux of the adventure.

This week we find out players being left out in the open as bait for the invaders/ambushers but knowing our party (as we should do as DMs) there isn’t much we can throw at them that will get them in any real danger.

*Well, fixed a few mistakes from last weeks encounters (added amphibious, swim speed and a few other things here and there)

Ghost ship


The idea behind this fight is two-fold, a few tide warriors will try and ambush the party on the docks, perhaps killing a few drunks loitering around the Block and Tackle before ambushing the party. As the Party is being ambushed by the Tide warriors a few row boats will shout out announcing aid, some of these sailors are indeed here to help the party and will help throw the numbers in the favour of the party (around turn 3 or so). Once the tide warriors are dispatched the captain of one of the boats will introduce himself and that he received word to send his crew to come aid the party. As this is happening a few ‘soldiers’ will come running towards them from the city, a keen eye (perception or insight once they start talking) will note that the glances between the newcomers and a few of the sailors who came off the boat.

Those who are aware of this exchange will be spared a surprise round of combat when the possessed sailors attack the back of the group in the middle and the soldiers attack the front (where the players should be at the moment).

The idea here is to have waves of combat. Tide warriors attacking as such:

  • Round 1 – 2 warriors per player
  • Round 2 – 1 warrior added per player
  • Round 3 – 2 warriors per player
  • ~Reinforcements arrive and take on the 2 new warriors per player~
  • ~No further reinforcements~

~Break in combat~

The second wave will be a bit tougher as it involves the possessed who are a lot more resilient.

Round 2

3 possessed per player, that is 6 attacking from the newly joined and 6 from the sailors on that ‘helped’ fight off the Tide Warriors. The idea here is that periods of hard fighting should give the party a challenge, but the sailors here (assume they are Guards with worse AC. Maybe hide or leather and maybe a shield so AC 13 instead of a respectable 16.) should give them some assistance but they need to feel overwhelmed. I wouldn’t bother to roll with the attacks and damages from the sailors as they won’t be able to really damage the possessed so I would describe the possessed each taking down a sailor each per turn – or Roll a d6 and on a 4+ one of the sailors falls to a possessed. On a 3+ they manage to fight back for another turn or so.

The idea behind this is that the party should be the ones to win the battle here – not the NPCs. The NPCs came to their aid so even maybe the blackest of hearted players may stick around to save the sailors and try and fight off the possessed.

That’s it for tonight, come back on the weekend to read the full fight scene (hopefully I can do the ‘action scene’ justice on paper as well as it plays out in my mind.) and wrap up part 2 of this adventure!

Don’t forget, if you use anything from this week I would love to hear about it and the same goes if you have questions, comments and feedback on any of this weeks content – I write it for it to be read so I want to make sure that it is some-what decent!

And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

As swift as an undercurrent…

Fight-night is here and this Friday we are looking at two potential encounters, one at the wizards hut and one by the beach so lets get the sandals out and try and find where we left the beach towel.

As normal the weapons of choice I use for this weeks Stat blocks is the ever impressive Tetra-cube and any balance (although I focused more on what would be an exciting fight than a balanced one this week) was done in Kobold fight club plus.

To a wizards aid


As the party strolled on the patchwork of spongy grass and sand as they walked up a hill towards the collection of houses that belonged to an eclectic mix of individuals who for what ever reason avoided the complexity of life in the city of Arciryas and moved to live next to the waves and the beach named Long Tooth beach.

As the party reached the quest the sound of cawing gulls greeted their ears as salty sea air washed over their slightly sweaty faces (it was quite a steep hill) and they looked down upon the quiet selection of houses. The houses were crafted by boards of wood creating a barrier against the outside, a mixture of thatch and earth grew flowers and mosses to form a living roof that thrived in the moisture ridden sea air. The setting sun behind them gave the rooves and sand an orange glow that made the town look alive despite no visible movement.

“It’s awfully quiet,” Ray quietly mused as he look across the collection of houses, some of which had doors swinging open in the breeze, “I have the feeling we aren’t the only ones who have visited this place”.

Drawing their weapons Mike, Ray and Dusk strode down the hill, the large jagged rock formation ahead and to the left made it obvious why the beach was named ‘Long Tooth beach’.

“I would have imagined that we would have been greeted, or a door slammed at least if it was a hermit colony” Zandar said standing just behind the three warriors in front of him.

Soon enough as they reached the first of the houses the stench of death greeted them. The other houses in the area all had the same grim discovery waiting the adventurers. The inhabitants within each house were found within their bed, sitting at their table or on the floor with a puncture mark in their neck but no visible gush of blood around the point of injury.

As they left the last of the houses they noticed a flash of light at the last house to the north of the colony. Approaching with as much stealth as three men in heavy armor could muster they made their way to the two story cottage at the peak of another grassy crest.

“I told you last night ya blasted creatures! You wont take my spirit!” A voice, evidently frantic and a touch manic called from the house as a blast of fire shot wide into the sand in the direction of the party.

“Hail sir, are you perhaps Petrel?” Mike asked, sheathing his sword as a show of peace “The king has sent us to check in on you and see if you can aid us against the invaders from the seas”

“HA! I knew I wasn’t crazy. But who’s laughing now, not old Pestrel I can tell you that. Sure sure come in come in” The old man shouted as he moved away from a window.

As the party approached a blast of frost shot across the grass in front of them as an arcane rune sprang to life – glowing with arcane power. “Sorry about that! let me clear the way for you” the old man said, bursting from his front door with what looked like a walking cane in his hand. As he moved he waved the cane left and right and different arcane runes buzzed with light before fading, muted but threatening to recover at any moment.

“Come come, come in for tea.” Pestrel said, taking the hand of Mike as he lead the party into the house.

The encounter would happen the night of as the Sea Elves are ambushing people at night to take their spiritual bounty. In this cause I would have 1 Deep pit fighter and a few Tide Warriors that we would have in waves, the tide warriors first, a few waves of 4 or 5, with the next coming every other round before the Deep Pit fighter appears to provide a real challenge

A seaside stroll


As Dusk reached the edge of the cliff to look down upon the beach the old wizard had told the party about his heard sank into his stomach. Either it was a very high tide or something strange was going on.

Pausing for a moment he reached out to the Raven queen, since her return to this plane she had been a constant thorn in his side, but alas at she was not responding to her mental requests for an audience.

A rhythmic thumping could be heard upon the breeze and the dum, dum, dum of the thumping out there in the bay seemed to match the waves that were now crashing at the base of the small cliff that he was standing on.

“There is a dark magic taking place” Zandar spoke, his approach almost silent in the sand and tight knit spongy grass, “This tide is not natural, to control this much water you would need a high vantage point amongst it in order to maintain a strong connection.” Naturally his hand stretched out to the jutting rock that looked like a giants snakes tooth jutting from the waves.

As Mike and Ray Secured the area the party prepared for their journey across the tide to the rock pillar amongst the waves.

Luckily it wasn’t that deep – only about 3 feet deep, for now, but a few hours longer at the rate the water was rising and the houses on the other side of the cliff would be washed away let alone what the plan was from the sea dwelling elves.

As the party made their way into the water, the tide threatened to pull them under, but a rope kept them bound to each other so they would know if something was to go wrong.

Long thin fins skimmed the waters surface making a straight line towards the party. Before they realised that the predators were upon them a large shark jumped from from the water and snapped the rope that bound the party together in half. A glimpse is all the time that they party had before the rough skinned predator delved beneath the water again.

“Did that shark have a harness on it…” Zandar asked, his hands sparking with lightning as he prepared to fight.

“Don’!, we will all fry if you use your lightning magic Zandar, this is one fight where electricity wont be our friend…”

As the party moved into a tight packed circle Raynor shouted out as the sand under his foot suddenly moved, a large rough hided ray suddenly appearing under his feet. As is swam off a large barbed stinger shot forward towards his chest, his large shield defecting the blow with a clink. Several other plumes of sand appeared under water signalling that more of the rays had risen from the sand as more sharks began to circle the party.

Eventually making it out of the surf they began the hard climb up the rocks, having discovered a natural ledge about 15 feet from the surface of the waters surface. Climbing the sharp rocks caused their hands to be cut and bruised. The Dwarf Dusk made short work of the climb, his enchanted gloves and boots making short work of the treacherous terrain.

As the party rested for a moment and let the water spill out of their armour, pockets and bags Dusk returned having found an entrance to what appeared to be a series of tunnels.

This is where we leave it – another surprise for the weekend.

Needless to say after all this fighting the final battle should be a hard and rough slog through the winding passaged within the Long Tooth. I hope you enjoyed the glimpse of the encounters and the few stat blocks that I created for this adventure.

As always thanks for spending your time here reading this blog, I get no small amount of joy knowing people continuously come back to read the content I create and I hope that you like what is produced each week.

Don’t forget to come back this weekend for a weekend musing, a weekly writeup and hopefully(!) a warhammer game write up as I have a tournament in mid December to prepare for so need some practice under my belt. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Around the campfire…

Fight night is here and we have the return of a previous encounter (favourite of mine, not of my players) and a new one that we haven’t seen before (or probably anyone for that matter).

With the final addition to this week’s adventure tonight, this weekend is shaping up to have another great adventure for our players to play. So sit-down, relax, have a coffee or another type of brew and enjoy.

As always my tools of choice this week are Kobold Fight Club and the awesome Tetra-cube. Please go check them out to make your gaming sessions that bit easier to balance and run!

Oh and in case you are wondering I am not sponsored by the products/tools I use – I just want to share the tools I find work well for me as a GM/DM and spread the good word of products I enjoy.

Moths to a flame.


Baxter slumped down against the mud wall of the alcove he had found by following a dried riverbed utterly exhausted, the fire he had lit crackled as it consumed the kindling and began to take hold of the bigger pieces of wood that had been placed within its reach. Cuts and scrapes adorned his arms, his reward for an exhausting hour of digging in the dried riverbed for some water for the surprisingly swift horse he had stolen. The horse was currently grazing a few dozen paces away or so as the sun slowly crept towards the horizon ending a day of riding along flat dry planes of grass that held little sustenance. Those adventurers that came with the horses were a scary lot, something about them set him off ease. He had seen adventurers before, some in Sebluff, The others in the tavern seemed familiar but in the sense of how all people who choose that life seem to have the same characteristics and same sad story of why they became an adventurer in the first place.

He had escaped though, gotten away from it and on the morning he would head towards Lothgar, having found a map in the saddlebags of the stolen mare he was confident he would be able to make it back to the bustling city, hand over the cursed crystal and be on his way to a better life. Then they’ll see, all those doubters, everyone who had thought of him as nothing but trash or a waste of time and space.

His eyelids began to flutter, the shade growing a bit more as the sun set and the flames flickered higher, biting into the dry wood. He would show them all.

A whinny of a horse woke him, his dreams erratic and jolting as had been the norm since he had taken that crystal whilst the little man slept. Looking about the horse was standing not far from him and the fire, appearing to be sleeping or at least resting. He smiled, he had always been fond of horses, they reminded him of Sarah back in Sebluff. Standing up and stretching he put a bit more wood on the fire as it had crept down to being embers now, noting that he was almost out of wood he grabbed a strip of cloth and doused it in some hard liquor he had found, also in the saddlebags of the mare nestled amongst some incredibly bad poetry that he used as kindling for the fire, and made himself a torch, of sorts at least.

Walking around the outskirts of the little camp he had setup he began the search for more wood, and potential something to eat. He believed he had seen several large furry cactuses when he first approached this little alcove, the creek bed bit deep here, and had once obviously been a lot larger as it had carved out the alcove he had set up his camp in.

Finding some wood he brought it back to the fire and stacked it higher, sending sparks high into the night sky. With no cloud cover and just the light from the moons above and his makeshift torch he walked towards the direction of where he saw the cactuses before – not noticing that the animal life that were loud a few moments ago were now silent.

Approaching one of the large cactuses he saw he walked around the child-sized plant looking for any fruit. Unable to find any he brought out a knife from his belt and stabbed deep into the plant.

Immediately he was thrown backwards as the cactus he stabbed lashed outwards just as his knife pierced the skin of the desert plant. Eight large branches from the cactus thrashed outwards as the plant started to unfold, the large bulbous abdomen connected to the now apparent eight limbs as a large desert spider skittered away from the light and the source of its pain, letting out a high pitched trill the spider skittered around, shielding its glittering eyes as it crashed into several more of the same bulbous not-quite-cacti which triggered a chain reaction of spiders awakened and began to skitter at the edge of the light.

Running back to the camp as quickly as he could he didn’t dare look back to see the eleven spiders thundering after him, only pushed backwards briefly by the light of the torch. As he neared the campfire the addition of extra dry wood had caused it to grow in and it shed a bright light for quite some distance.

The spiders skittered at the edge of the light, occasionally daring to edge forward towards the campfire before skittering back when a flaming chunk of wood was waved at them enthusiastically by their potential prey.

In the distance, doubled lidded eyelids blinked as the hunters eyed their prey with great interested. It wasn’t often that their quarry would be so blatant in revealing their presence. It would be a good hunt tonight, looking towards the other members of his hunting pack he snarled as they slunk forward on padded toes.

It would be shortly after this point that the party would notice the light and go to find it. Finding one of two options

  1. 11 (1d4 of them wounded having suffered 2 damage from Baxter) wolf spiders, rushing in and out of the light from the campfire.
  2. 7 lizardmen (2 would be hiding in ambush for the part, 2 would be cleaning up their kill of the wolf spiders and 3 would have cornered Baxter threatening him with spear or bow).

The fight or diplomacy encounter would occur around the embers, perhaps the lizardmen consider this part of the creek bed a sacred spot and will be happy with Baxter to just leave, or maybe they like the taste of humanoids.

Well that’s it for Friday night, another short night with a versatile leadup to combat that could be provided to the party to set the scene or simply there to stir that creative spark in the DMs mind to set the scene and tell the players what they want them to see.

As always don’t forget to let me know if you use these adventures in your own campaigns, they are designed to be simple, short but engaging and versatile so that they could be tweaked to fit into any scenario or setting.

Don’t forget to join me for this weekend for a weekend musing and a writeup of this weeks adventure, and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Masks by moonlight…

Fight night is here and what a day it has been. We lost power here (most of the city actually) from about 4am until 4:30pm, which means that my work day was really out of whack and the amount of time that I can spend on writing up todays Friday-night writeup is.. limited to say the least. But let’s not let that distract me any more and lets get the dice rolling.

As normal Kobold Plus Fight club and Tetra-cube is my weapon choice – I will eventually get around to looking for stat-block generators (using either home-brew or publicly available content so the Wizards don’t bring down their judgement) but maybe this weekend I will write up a bit about the other products they offer.

Ambush at the platform

As the introduction to the village, in first person version (tangent – let me know how that was!), as the party approach the pulley operated platform they are to be ambushed by a bunch of goblins.

As a cop-out I will say that the writeup from yesterday describes them adequately enough but lets talk about mechanics.

According to kobold fight club we can have 1 CR 2 and 5 CR1/4 creatures before this gets a bit too strong for our party of adventurers. Speaking of which, for this I am assuming our group is level 4. Or we could mix it up and just have a horde (12-13) of goblins (keeping to my hard encounter mantra) or if we want something to just break the narrative of travelling through marshland let’s do 8 Goblins – just on the entry-point side of Medium.

Forgotten Gods, Lost Guardians


“I wish Sid was still with us,” Ray said as he stepped into another hole of muck and filth, “he would’ve had us through this bog in moments, not hours”.

“Yeah, pity about what happened to him in the ghoul nest. Hope that bloody tome was worth it” mused Dusk, holding his beard above his head so it wouldn’t drag in the muck.

Mike and Zander beckoned the other, dare I say heavier, party members over to a set of tracks.

“These aren’t orcs.. I have tracked orcs before – these are human, or were human. It seems to drag its right leg. Maybe undead?” Zander explained to the others, noting a set of tracks in the mud heading towards some stone ruins about 300ft from where they are.

At the mention of Undead, Mike stood straight – gripped his swords hilt and strode off.

“Mike! My lady hasn’t mentioned anything dead this way. It’s not goi..” Dusk began, half hopping to get his enchanted boots out of the mud.

“IF there are dead in this bog they will burn.” Mike squeezed through his teeth. His allies sighed, still not used to his righteous vendetta against the dead.

As the party stepped onto the first solid stone of the day they sighed a breath of relief, Zander taking a moment and a wisp of magic to clean the parties garments from the filth of the bog.

Ray closed his eyes and channeled his divine might outwards – searching for those who would stand against his march. “I sense something old and dark, but not dead. Perhaps fiendish in nature” he began, pointing over the edge of a hole in the stone paving – where the tacky-muck footprints led.

“HELP!” a voice called from down the hole. “I think I broke my ankle when I fell. The statues, they wont stop staring!” A woman’s voice seemed to reverberate from the stone chamber.

Without a moment to waste the party moved to the edge of the hole and jumped, Zander reaching out and touching his allies he shot off a blast of air towards the ground – slowing their fall to something manageable.

Landing with a small impact, less than what it would have been if not for Zander, the party quickly sought the owner of a the voice.

A lantern, low on oil by the looks of it, burned not 10ft from where the hole led and a young woman lay there, part of her dress wrapped around her leg.

“One moment lass,” Dusk said, bringing forward his shield which proudly sported the symbol of the Raven queen, “will have you up in a moment” he said as divine magics washed over her broken limb.

Sighing Mike sheathed his sword and walked around the room. “Interesting, these statues. They look like they could leap right off the wall. Dusk you must see this stone work, its similar to some of the carvings we saw in the temple of Malar” Mike said turning around and looking back to the party, his musing taking him 30 or so feet from his allies.

“Mike!” Ray called, rust covered vines seemingly springing from his wrist to wrap around Mike – biting into his flesh and wrenching him towards his allies. Half the distance he had walk covered in a mere moment. The stone where he was standing seemed to explode as a shield sized hammer head pulverised the stone work where Mike was standing.

“Thanks for the help Ray,” Mike said, his hands glowing causing the multiple lacerations to close on his torso, the magical blade of Vex that Ray wielded still an amazing weapon and tool. “Zander, light them up will you” Mike said as he brought out his great sword, the guard of it magically shifting to represent two outstretched wings as Mike pulsed energy through the hilt as lightning crackled through the room. The harsh blue-white light of the magic revealing several large animated statues with various weapons striding towards the party. Lightning seemingly bouncing off their enchanted stone forms.

“Well they aren’t undead, but they will soon join their creator” Mike stated, cracking his neck to the side as he felt the magic in his three other allies surging.

Animated amour, easy enough to balance out with this party. One suit per party member of 4th level should make it a challenging fight, the darkness of the room, the helpless woman they have encountered as well as the magical resistance (whether imagined by the party or tacked onto the stat-block) will make it a fun fight.

Not all green things in trees are leaves


As the party retire from the tavern for the night, having secured accommodation with one of the villagers after helping them out of one of the forgotten jungle temples and saving them from the guardians of the ruins, Mike, the human paladin, adjusts his armour and great sword strung between his shoulder blades; never quite feeling safe without the enchanted blade and battle tested plate.

“Well, I can safely say that was not rabbit,” barked the Dwarf, Dusk, a Cleric of the raven queen and reliable ally, “but it went well with the ale, pity she didn’t have any of those mushrooms that make your tongue go numb though.” the dwarf mused as he ferreted for his pipe, finding it next to his axe that even now thirsted for battle.

“Sir Dusk, I don’t believe that partaking in those contraband substances is fitting of the noble heroes such as us” said Zandar, a man of powerful magics who could literally summon a storm in a teacup. “Besides that was definitely rabbit”.

“Rabbit or not, we have a busy day ahead of us. If it wasn’t for saving lady Esmereld we would have found the hideout of these green-skins that are causing a ruckus in this town and persuaded them to leave” Said Ray, a paladin who believed that total conquest was the only way to truly find peace.

“I agree,” Mike declared, stifling a yawn, “Let us go rest, I am sure that we are all short on magical reserve after that battle with the animated guardians of that temple. Let us not dishonor Lady Esmereld with our tardiness to take up her kind and generous offer” he stuttered the last part, a blush covering his cheeks.

Dusk, his head tilted to the side slightly, his lips moving and eyes staring at vacant space slowly raised his hand and pointed across the rope bridges that allowed travel from one side of the town to the other.

“My lady says that the search is over, that the quarry we seek stalk us now with death and menace coating their blades. Pity I didn’t get any of that mushroom. It would have made this fight a bit fairer.” Dusk said shrugging his axe from his shoulder, the head seeming to burn with a menace that would fill a lesser being with dread.

“Your patron seems to have taken a stronger interest in our activities since we freed her from her prison, Dusk. Can she give us more advanced warning in the future. I would have insisted we have a more substantial rest before fighting again” Zandar stated stormily, electricity arcing across his outstretched fingers and a sudden breeze ruffled his hair.

As the Orcs slunk from the trunks of the tree, the light from the crescent moon above making their ivory coloured masks seem to glow amongst the gloom.

For a moment the orcs sized up the party, their movement semi-erratic as they seemed to bounce from foot to foot waiting for some arbitrary sign to be given that announced a fight.

“Well, let’s get this sorted so we can get to bed then.” Mike said, gripping the hilt of his sword, Sky Chariot, as Raynor called upon his Patron and his blade – Vines made of rust spreading from his longsword to bridge the gap between the two parties and commence the bloodshed.

I hope my party won’t mind me using their characters as inspiration for the write up (names changed as it didn’t feel right to use their characters names without forewarning). But let’s break it down. Our encounter balance book says that we can have up to 7 Orcs for this size and level party, but feel free to adjust. Given the location any ranged attacker will have an advantage as the bridges are narrow and you could easily block movement of one or another of the forces by just sitting in the middle of a bridge. So if your party has a lot of ranged capability (like mine….) then throwing another 1-3 Orcs wont matter..

The bog drowned dead


After the last Orc had fallen and the party had finally been able to make it to Esmereld’s house the party had no trouble almost instantly falling asleep.

Through scattered dreams from Zander, fitful nightmares riddled with undead from Mike and the vision ridden thoughts (as if Dusk could sleep with the raven queen invading his thoughts constantly) Ray was the only one to really get any form of sleep. So when the town guard knocked on their door and Esmereld ran around waking the party they had barely managed to get any sleep. But instantly they could all feel the dead were nearby, and en masse.

Led to a few weight balanced ropes and platforms of wood they were advised that several of the guard were already fighting off a large zombie horde, and rumors’ of a dark wizard hidden in the mists were coming through from the guardsmen that made it back to the town – but they were missing a unit of men and women who went into the mists.

The party each went to one of the strange rope contraptions before leaping down – feet on the wooden beams and the rope zipping them all the way down to the ground, all except Zander who had a thing with flare, who jumped through an opening – the guardsmen gasping and rushing to watch him fall only to see a spark of magic cross his body moments before he hit the ground, summoning a gust of wind to gentle place him on the ground. The party, boots on ground found themselves surrounded by the dead, zombies were in states of breaking apart, their magic spent, and several more were walking at the base of the trees – pulling and clawing at the wood, as if trying to bring the town down from the roots. Given enough time and not opposition they would be successful. Drawing weapons and magic the party strode forward, separating heads from the dead as they defended the trees. Mike, stopping for a moment to let his divine senses stretch outwards found a particularly foul energy as the party defeated the last of the zombies assaulting the trees.

“This way, I think I found the dark magics. I think its some form of lesser necromancer. Remember that Ghoul king we fought. Cake walk compared to this thing.” Mike wheezed, swinging his massive enchanted blade around still gave him a workout.

“Aye, my lady also confirms that’s what is waiting for us, and she wants us to kill it. For once I agree with the raven bitch” Dusk muttered darkly, spitting on the last zombie to feel his axe. He did not have a good relationship with his deity.

“Well, lets get to it then” Ray said, lifting his shield higher and flicking some dark ichor of Vexing thorns, ready to send the rusting blade through some more undead.

“Should I just blast them with magic? If we know where they are we don’t even need to get into the mists” Zander said – already charging up a spell.

“No, there may be injured guardsmen in there. Their safety is just as important as the death of the dead and their master.” Ray said. Mike and Dusk nodding their agreements.

“Fine – well let’s see if I can’t shift this mist then” Zander whispered – his breath now directed to muttering the incantation to a spell to blow the mist away.

A shorter one, got to leave some surprises for the weekend now don’t I.

As for stats the below can do – but if you want a more imposing fight I would consider really pumping up the necromancers abilities. Something like the Goblin-Bosses reaction (where a zombie can take the attack for him as a ‘willing’ living shield would make the fight something to remember.

Well that’s all I have for tonight. Thanks for joining me for fight night and if you are enjoying this current style and write-up do let me know. 

Don’t forget to join me for this weekend’s final write-up. Not sure if it will be in the same story format as that may take me a week and turn into a novella but I will make sure to do something to make it a good read.

And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe