What lies above and below

Thursday has come, and gone for me by time I am getting around to typing this up. This week we look at the map of the keep which was sketched on paper then hand crafted on Inkscape.

Inkscape is a useful tool for creating a bunch of artwork and it’s free. Check it out.

Sparrows Rest Keep

Just a single map this week.

Had a bit of fun messing around in Inkscape. It’s free software for creating images. By some simple tweaks you can get it in isometric grid mode which is what I played around this week with. It’s by no means the best but with practice and some dedicated time the outcome could be a staple in your GM toolbelt.

The idea here is that the trap door (right of the map) is hard to find. It should be revealed when the encounter happens and the party find the thugs or humanoids coming out from hiding.

A worn ladder lead down to a small 5ft room where stairs descend into the darkness beyond. With a door to the left that leads to a small room that may have been an office.

The rooms below ground (with exception to the secret room and passages) all look like they would have had storage for food or the like. Now its pretty barren.. or not.. a decision to make when using the map.

The secret room is the one that leads to the stairs that go down to the altar room. This shouldn’t be hard to spot as the keeps been in ruins for years and the creatures that inhabit it now likely could have found it.

The altar is 5ft x 5ft and appeared to have a deity on it at one point. Its ruined remains litter the room.

The very right (south) rooms look to be cells, and something has burrowed into the very back one which leads into the warrens to the east (bottom left) of the map

The warren passage ways are big enough for people to crawl through single file. Should create some tense situations but nothing too frightening.

Files for download 🙂

I’ll see if I can upload a better copy of the image since the grid also didn’t upload. Otherwise It’ll be there for this weekend’s adventure so look for it then.

Update: – added the Isometric grid version, and some files to download if you choose to use them for your own adventure!

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