Ahhh.. Rats..

Happy fightnight all! With Friday comes something I have been excited to reveal – some stat blocks created in Tetra-cube.com with assistance from Kobold fight club to make sure I didn’t have things too difficult for the players. We are here to challenge them, not kill them.

As with the adventure below – if you want to be able to describe these monstrosities I would recommend looking at the inspiration for this week’s adventure, Warhammer and in particular my favourite faction, the Skaven. Everyone’s favourite, insane, egotistical and fundamentally broken race of ratmen.

For this week lets assume that we have a party of 4 level 2 PCs. Since are are into our 3rd week surely they have had a level by now 😉

Proud parents and their Brood

03FrRS1 + 03FrRLB1

A combo that many dread. A ratling brooder is never alone, you generally encounter 2 or 3 of them and they generally have a swarm of rats that they have raised since infancy. And trained to kill on the smell of their favourite fermented food.

The Ratling Brooders will always try and open with a salvo of their fermented Goo, at which point the Rat swarms burst forth from the baskets their keepers carry on their backs or sides and race towards whatever is covered in their favourite treat, eating it and the still living thing underneath.

Ravenous Rat Swarm
Ratling Brooder

To reach our ideal “Challenge rating” we want to have 4 Ratling brooders and 2 Ravenous Rat Swarms. this is a medium encounter (but lets not forget that rats are never alone). The encounter idea here is that the good would come out and then the rat swarm would use it’s movement to run at the target hit by the goo and immediately begin to eat it.

Ratling Warrior Caste

03FrRLSk + 03FrRLWa + 03FrRLSl

During the initial encounter with the Ratling humanoids there should be a few ratling Skulkers leading the pack, investigating and positioning themselves to ambush the party. The Ratling slaves then rush in, prodded and provoked into fits of madness that see them rush headfirst into the enemies whilst the slightly better equipped ratling warriors move in behind the slaves to hopefully see their enemies easy pickings once worn out from the initial waves.

Ratling Skulker 03FrRLSk
Ratling Warrior 03FrRLWa
Ratling Slave 03FrRlSl

When looking at balancing out the above, you want the waves of Ratlings to feel very overwhelming. It’s a horrific sight really for any player. A bunch of dark dwelling small-human sized rats rushing at the party with sharp rusty weapons and even sharper teeth.

We want this to feel tough so let’s go with 2 Ratling skulkers that aim to attack from the flanks once the party are engaged in melee (targeting the ones at the back of course), 4 Ratling warriors and 6 Ratling slaves that will run as fast as they can to get to the party, followed closely behind by the warriors.

Leader Caste


The Black furred ratlings, or those blessed with the ability to chitter the very weave from their crooked and bent teeth are the highest of the caste, these rats are generally heavily guarded by several guards (Ratling Warriors) and possess no small amount of magical abilities.

Ratling Black fur

The final fight, probably somewhere deep underground in one of the chambers that are there, the Ratling Black Fur should be a hard encounter. For this purpose we have it guarded by 2 ratling warriors and 6 ratling slaves (who act as its body guard, and will throw themselves at the enemy one by one to give their magical master time to weave it’s evil spells.

Thanks for joining me for another day – hope these few stat block and encounter size directions hope to jump start that creative spark we all have so that you can have a great adventure this weekend.

Don’t forget that with any Dnd 5e stat block or monster, with a fresh new name, a brand new description these ratling (Rat men / Skaven) could be slugmen or roach-men. With some very simple tweaking and a bit of creative flair it’s very easy to create your own content in DnD.

Please have a good weekend and join me for the full adventure hook this weekend!

And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage!
The Brazen Wolfe