Map, map whos got the map…

Well it looks like my upload of this failed yesterday. So today you are getting two uploads!

Thursday here and probably something that touches the most time consuming part of the role, map creation. Now if you are like me and can describe a room or setting so that people know exactly what lays before them then maps may not be used all the time. But there is nothing like pulling back a curtain, turning on that second webcam or removing the fog of war from a map with your players tokens or miniatures ready to go. The look of awe and excitement is something I still can’t get enough of and what drives me to draw, create and craft terrain and maps for my adventures. As reusable and modular a possible – I’m not a masochist.

So for this week I will have two maps from online phenomenal artists that are just about right for what I envision for the primary encounter, the rest of the journey is up to you the DM/GM and I will update tomorrow with a third map I will create and upload tomorrow (pc isn’t happy with me today…)

The mining village, Mildover


Image credit to be Miska from Miakasmaps, Please check them out!

Between to mountains the town of Mildover lies in ruins. Recent rain storms have left the only way into the mountainous town flooded with the bridge collapsing long ago. The town lies quiet in ruins, vacant except for the webs. Spiders of all shapes and sizes can be found crawling throughout this valley and the rains only have seemed to being them out more, their long pale threads of silk blanketing the trees on the approach to the town.

A shrine to the dark


Credit goes to artist Fantasikdod, can be found at on Tumblr here fantasikdod

Deep in the banshee woods lies an ancient elven shrine and at its centre an altar to the gods. Although not as travelled as it used to be the shrine and the surrounding woods are bursting with life during the day, but at night nothing that breathes dare to prance or prowl amongst the moonlight as a different god is worshipped in the dark.

Between pillars elven maidens can be seen to be carved into the stonework and at day they seem peaceful and even jovial. At night one might swear that the pillars sneer and watch those who cross their gaze, a predatory aura of dread washing those who seek solace from the horrors that stalk the woods



So to do this map justice I will need my computer and a few hours. I ran this a hybrid of tabletop and theatre of the mind but the setting is such.

Before the party is a well travelled road through the woods. A sign up at the crest of the slight incline reads “Welcome to Starfall; Population 42”. Greeting the party as they reach the top of the incline is a break from the forest they have travelled through for the past two days and the beginning of open fields. Ahead is a small collection of homes and buildings that give Starfall a rustic homely vibe. The open fields continue as far as the eye can see to the right of the dirt road and past the houses a d straight ahead the tall buildings and smoke of a larger town or city can be seen. To the right of the road lays a hastily constructed barrier, rocks and beams of lumber primarily which seems to separate the fields and houses from what used to be fields and a house. Large patches of corn and wheat crops lay decimated so that no stalk of plant can be visible above the ground. Large stones lay at the end or amongst these barren patches and one even is nestled in what remains of a farmhouse. Past this ruined field (300 feet) a living barricade of ancient trees rise from the ground to stand defiantly against civilisation.

Thats it for today, sadly I seemed to have a fe computer issues and this failed to post yesterday, apologies everyone!

Using and creating maps add a certain element to our adventures and can really add something extra for our players. So don’t forget to have a look out there for maps to use, support the artist’s you use maps from or have a go at making your own maps!

As always don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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