Fright night…

Ok a bit of a spookier series of encounters today for our Fight night!

Friday has come and nearly gone and short of some issues around posting yeterday it seems like everything is back on track! So lets have a look at a couple original statblocks (and some not so original ones) and fill out our adventure to come!

As always Kobold Fight club and Tetra-cube are my tools of choise for these stat blocks and encounter balancing.

Shrine of sorrow


As the party approach the altar in the middle of the stone pillars they know they are being watched – but not just from where yet. The elven maidens sneer at them from the four pillars around them as they approach the dais and without much of a sound spectral forms of maidens drift upwards from the stone pillars, three spectres clad in simple robes and one, opposite them dressed in an ornate, although spectral, dress that would have been ordaned with jewels if a living creature was wearing it. Before the party can react a soul rending shriek bursts forth from the leader sending their senses into shock. Watching helplessly as the ghostly maidens drift down towards them the party try and scream out as each of the ghosts draw a spectral ritual knife that they know will hurt just as much as if it was real.

The shrine banshee and shadows (shrine hand maidens) would come from the statues when the party approach the shrine, where the priestess lays unconcious or paralyzed.

1 shrine banshee and 3 shrine hand maidens would be a deadly encounter for a party of 4 level 4s. To make it challenging but not deadly for 4 level 3s. Reduce the dc to 11 and replace the ‘totally not shadows’ shrine hand maidens with the same number of skeletons.

Mildover, the town of webs


As the party separate the last set of legs from the giant wolf spiders that have seem to overrun the town of Mildover one of the party member hear a distant clicking-vibrating noise which sends a shiver down their spine. Looking for the source of the noise they see a shadow of something on a web, most likely a trick of the light. More clicking continues as the party mend wounds and retrieve arrows and this time the search is not in vain and they notice a monstrously large monstrosity is clinging to the side of the wall just as a arrow made from web pierces their shoulder blade knocking them to the ground taking their breath away.

The webspinner abomination is an ambusher. It will wait until the wolf spiders have fought its prey, and died for it before launching attacks at the party when they are tired and not expecting its bow. In my mind the Webspinner abomination is like a Drider and an ettercaps torso replace it’s drow half. Two additional secondary smaller arms pull web from outs mouth to form arrows and manipulate it to entrap its prey.

For encounter size have a few encounters of 2-3 wolf spiders before immediately chaining a the last encounter in with the webspinner abomination. This should keep it balanced as it does have legendary actions, but should keep it difficult without being over powering (considering I had a paladin almost 1 shot this thing with smite..)

Thats no Rock..


Several large boulders lay within the field, all of them seem to be the cause of the damage to the crops. But there is no evidence to how they came to rest where they are now, or how they ended up in the field in the first place. As the party move about them, the moonlight casting shadows across the ground from the vastness of these boulders a globdule of slime drips down onto one of the party members shoulder – looking up two large bulbous eyes sprout forth on stalks from a large meaty nech that seems to be coming from outside of the shell. The snail looks down upon it’s meal as more slime (drool) drips down on the party.

I would play with the snails always in hiding until they sense something living near by. I would have them be more alert at night time (and villages would report terrifying noises that cause them to lock the doors at night) but that is because i am a fan of night time encounters.

Regardless if our party of 4 is level 3 or level 4 we would look to have no more than 2 of these snails per encounter – but a few of them could be scattered amongst the field or the forest..

Well thats it for today – thanks for joining and I hope you enjoyed the new creatures brought into the light and can find a use for them in your next adventure.

Stay tuned for this weekend where I pick one of the adventures to flesh out and post online!

As always don’t forget to roll with advantage!
The Brazen Wolfe