Defenders at the docks

It’s Thursday and that means map day! This week we look at a single map that we explored a bit yesterday in our twist write-up but today writing up the map so it can be used without the twist being implemented.

So without much more discussion let’s roll into it.

Trouble at the docks


Credits or Rocky Harbour Battlemap go to creator Neutral Party.

Heading back to Arciryas after saving the wizard, Petrel, and stopping the sea elves from flooding the northern beaches with a powerful ritual they run into a familiar face on the road.
Rafnir, who looks a bit worse for wear having suffered a few wounds, is slowly and finally walking back along the same road.
“It’s good to see you, Rafnir!” Ray called as the party accompanied by a grouchy old wizard jogged to catch up with him.
Spinning around, Rafnir raised a sword and eyed the party with overt hostility.

“Don’t move, not even a muscle.” He warned, muttering the arcane syllables that made his tusk feel like it was a chunk of coal. The party complied, worry spreading on their faces as they paladins prepared to draw their blades.
” Boys, always with the swords. He is casting divination magic not something to burn, smash, cut or boil you alive. Relax” Zander said calmly as he fiddled with a button on his cloak.
A moment passed and the spell was cast, sighing with relief Rafnir sat on the side of the road and rolled his wounded shoulder.
“Sorry lads, had a tough few days and nights. Not sure who to trust and I am out of spells to make sure I know who I am dealing with.” Rafnir grumbled, his discomfort apparent.
“Let me tend to your wounds laddie, then you can tell us what happened to you” Dusk said, moving forward preparing to heal the half-orc.

After Rafnir had explained the possessed soldiers, then the ambush from the sea elves that night, and then some possessed farmers who attacked him without hesitation or warning the party were left bewildered.
“So these elves, they attempt to somehow separate you from your soul and then inhabit your body?” Mike practically spat, he was not a fan of cultists.

“That’s what my theory is” Rafnir replied, drinking from a flask as they rounded the last bend before the city Arciryas would be before them. “No solid proof other than what I saw”

As the party arrives back in Arciryas they are greeted by a mass of guards and soldiers. It didn’t take long for the party to be shown to Blake. Having Petrel and Rafnir with them helped speed things along when the soldiers knew who they were talking to.
As they met with Blake, and pleasantries between the three Arciryasians took place the party was invited to walk the docks.

“So what you believe to have happened is our own Navy, and some of the soldiers in the city are already under this elven spell.” Blake recounted the conversation in hushed but hurried voices on their way to the old docks. “I can’t stress this enough how poorly timed this is. Our navy should be docking at dusk with some of the captains already having arrived earlier.”

As the party steps onto the wet stone pavers Mike slipped on one of the soaked squares of stone. A few chuckles could be heard from the buildings to the left and right of the party as Mike was helped up to his feet.

Four piers jutted defiantly into the sea ahead of the party and similar buildings to the ones to their left and right formed little clusters of shops and storage buildings for those who worked the boats thst were moored at the piers.

Stepping forward, as Blake ran through plans with Rafnir and, somewhat, Petrel, the party looked around. To their right at the end of the docks lay an old decrepit warehouse. Closer to them was a fish monger carving up a large ray, much like the ones they had fought in the tides of Long Tooth Beach.

A few alleys crossed between buildings as they watched men and women carrying crates the to buildings via the reasonably narrow walkways. In the distance on the waves large sails could be spotted meandering on the seas surface as many large ships head towards the dock.

To their left a few more buildings appeared to be left to disrepair with some drunk sailors and fishermen loitering in their shattered door frames. Looking to the right the source of the drunk fishermen and sailors could be seen. The Block and Tackle. A tavern situated nearly on the water that specialised in hard liquor and meals made from, unsurprisingly fish.

After returning from looking around the dock Blake and Rafnir looked upon the party with unusual interest.

“Tell me gentlemen, do you go fishing?” Blake asked looking at them calculating.

“Not really, why?” Mike asked

“Well to catch a shark you need bait.” Mused Rafnir “and what better bait than four strangers alone on by the docks at night…”

Well that’s it for tonight. If you are like me and thought the map used above is awesome go check out Neutral Party on Reddit and the content they create.

Thanks for joining me tonight, don’t forget to come back tomorrow to look at encounters to fill our adventure with excitement.

And, as always don’t forget to roll with advantage,

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