Attack at the old docks…

Fight-night (Friday) is here and that brings with it an encounter designed to test our party. But with this week it has new and improved stat-blocks*! . This Friday I want to slow things down a bit and look at the mechanics behind the fight as I want to spend some time (probably as my weekend writeup) and explore this encounter more as really, it’s the whole crux of the adventure.

This week we find out players being left out in the open as bait for the invaders/ambushers but knowing our party (as we should do as DMs) there isn’t much we can throw at them that will get them in any real danger.

*Well, fixed a few mistakes from last weeks encounters (added amphibious, swim speed and a few other things here and there)

Ghost ship


The idea behind this fight is two-fold, a few tide warriors will try and ambush the party on the docks, perhaps killing a few drunks loitering around the Block and Tackle before ambushing the party. As the Party is being ambushed by the Tide warriors a few row boats will shout out announcing aid, some of these sailors are indeed here to help the party and will help throw the numbers in the favour of the party (around turn 3 or so). Once the tide warriors are dispatched the captain of one of the boats will introduce himself and that he received word to send his crew to come aid the party. As this is happening a few ‘soldiers’ will come running towards them from the city, a keen eye (perception or insight once they start talking) will note that the glances between the newcomers and a few of the sailors who came off the boat.

Those who are aware of this exchange will be spared a surprise round of combat when the possessed sailors attack the back of the group in the middle and the soldiers attack the front (where the players should be at the moment).

The idea here is to have waves of combat. Tide warriors attacking as such:

  • Round 1 – 2 warriors per player
  • Round 2 – 1 warrior added per player
  • Round 3 – 2 warriors per player
  • ~Reinforcements arrive and take on the 2 new warriors per player~
  • ~No further reinforcements~

~Break in combat~

The second wave will be a bit tougher as it involves the possessed who are a lot more resilient.

Round 2

3 possessed per player, that is 6 attacking from the newly joined and 6 from the sailors on that ‘helped’ fight off the Tide Warriors. The idea here is that periods of hard fighting should give the party a challenge, but the sailors here (assume they are Guards with worse AC. Maybe hide or leather and maybe a shield so AC 13 instead of a respectable 16.) should give them some assistance but they need to feel overwhelmed. I wouldn’t bother to roll with the attacks and damages from the sailors as they won’t be able to really damage the possessed so I would describe the possessed each taking down a sailor each per turn – or Roll a d6 and on a 4+ one of the sailors falls to a possessed. On a 3+ they manage to fight back for another turn or so.

The idea behind this is that the party should be the ones to win the battle here – not the NPCs. The NPCs came to their aid so even maybe the blackest of hearted players may stick around to save the sailors and try and fight off the possessed.

That’s it for tonight, come back on the weekend to read the full fight scene (hopefully I can do the ‘action scene’ justice on paper as well as it plays out in my mind.) and wrap up part 2 of this adventure!

Don’t forget, if you use anything from this week I would love to hear about it and the same goes if you have questions, comments and feedback on any of this weeks content – I write it for it to be read so I want to make sure that it is some-what decent!

And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

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