Laelóng – Multi staged Encounter

Welcome to a Friday Fight-night! where tonight we look at the Laelóng in our Multi staged Encounter. Tonight the Stat block is made in tetra-cube as my preferred stat-block creating tool. However I am trying something a bit different tonight as I try and work out an easy way to balance custom creatures. So while I try and work out the maths, let’s see how it works out.

Kunagi Ranges Encounter


The Laelóng is a large bird like wyvern which in rare cases, when they grow to a old age, develop the ability to summon and control ice. The sages in the lands believe it is a boon given to them by their dragon cousins out of pity but there is some debate on the origins of their powers. Some newer scholars believe that their powers come from The Shadow who gifted the control over ice to the Laelóng as payment for fighting against the ancestral dragons of men. What ever the reason and cause of their powers they retained their vanity of their cousins, and their strength.

Generally social in nature when young their disposition changes dramatically when they reach maturity and old age. Becoming distant, antisocial and paranoid they hide away and only re-join their large flocks to mate – which is more violent than romantic.

Laelóng - Multi staged Encounter stat block for D&D 5e
Created in Tetra-Cube

The Laelóng is a terrifying opponent, preferring to attack from the air rather than join its prey on the ground. The first encounter where its fighting with Ester clutched in its claws it wont be able to use its legendary actions, One of its claw attacks and will fight as if its everfrost claws are broken.

The second phase it will make one claw attack and attempt to push (prone) a target then fly away.

The third phase it fights uninhibited and will use its breath weapon when possible. Focusing on hitting as many targets without provoking attacks of opportunity as possible. When this is impossible the Laelóng will heal its claws or move and launch its breath weapon.

Thanks for joining me tonight for more Brazen Wolfe Tabletop for the final weeks content. Don’t forget that this weekend is the monthly finale and that means one big adventure write-up. So make sure you come back for that and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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