Urban Ambush

Welcome to Fight night where this week we are looking at a good old fashion urban Ambush. This week saw Mugrave making a more aggressive move by unleashing her pets upon the party. It also saw some dark dealings being negotiated and a darker pacts being made.

Urban Ambush


Made with Tetra-Cube

The new and improved Kobold-fight club is beautiful. The improvements made on the UI and the ability to generate encounters is phenomenal and I can say that it made balancing this encounter easy. For this encounter 4 of these creatures is what we are targeting. Attacking in pairs at a minimum and trying to use their grapple to an advantage is what the general play would be before going in for the bite attacks on those restrained.

The idea behind this fight is that they will flee when the fight looks rough and re-ambush the party in the streets. Using the height of rooftops to their advantage and pouncing down upon their prey. These creatures aren’t meant to be pushovers and they aren’t dumb hunters. They know when to retreat and will retreat as a pack rather than individuals.


Inspiration comes from, duh, the displacer beast but I also would add certain fey like inspirations. Only 4 legs, 2 tentacles that are sensory primarily (hence the blind sight) but a row of frills around the back of their skull that gives the look of a Dilophosaurus. Relatively fine hair is sporadic and in tufts whilst a thick scaly hide sits under their skin.

This with their muted colour, silent approach make them perfect urban ambush creatures.

Closing thoughts

The fight should feel hard, frantic and desperate but when the first of the large feline like creatures is significantly wounded (more than half) then the pack will flee.

If the party give chase, I hope they do, then they will find that the Night prowlers will use their injured pack-mate as bait and ambush the party when they close in for the kill. They are not silly kitties.

Thanks for joining me tonight to look at Night prowlers and how they can make awesome urban ambush encounters. Don’t forget that tomorrow is another creative evening so drop in for that, and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe