Fateful Discovery

Good evening and welcome to our second weekend update which looks at the enchantress who is responsible for the creations and trouble in Snowtown. Tonight is the 10th day of dice-ember and we look at a fateful discovery which changes everything and sets the plans truly in motion for our enchantress. So sit back, grab a nice hot coffee and let’s roll on with it!

Fateful Discovery


I don’t have much time. When looking at the goods that Penn has brought in from the larger cities I noticed something out of the ordinary. A tome, well a notebook to be exact but the cover had glyphs and runes etched into it. For a few copper coins I managed to convince Penn that it wasn’t anything special and took it back to my hut. The notebook is filled with diagrams, sigils and wards that perfect and constructs. This book must belong to the most powerful enchanter to ever live!

After decoding the warding glyph I was able to get into the book itself and see if for what it really is. My twig constructs now will be stronger and I can prove to the townspeople that my creations can be useful. It also has instructions on how to shape and construct golems. This is something that I will have to look into later but for now I need to find some material that is plentiful, easy to work with and can be durable. If these are meant to help the villagers move vegetables, building supplies and even animals.

As I was reading this and staring at the Gritch mountains I had a thought. Snow. It’s malleable, its readily available and it can be both strong and able to form a variety of shapes.

Tomorrow I will go into town and see if they will listen to me now. Surely with this knowledge and the benefit it can bring to the townsfolk they wont reject me again.

Thanks for joining me tonight. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for our mad wizards notes on all thigs magical or odd and, as always don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe