The Experiment

Welcome to the eleventh day of dice-ember where tonight we look at Albazhar’s notes on the experiment. What is the experiment I hear you ask? Well for those with unlimited time, power and wealth like the mad mage Albazhar you can find yourselves in situations where you need help. In this instance Albazhar deems his other work too important to dedicate time to investigate perfecting constructs. So he leaves does what any mage would do. He gets someone else to test it for him.

The Experiment


“After leaving the notebook I have noticed sudden changes in the constructs that the young enchantress is producing. The initial constructs that were created were rudimentary and very basic. The new ones after she had some help are more advanced, more durable and stronger.” Albazhar looked over at the goblin ‘helper’ who was hastily jotting down his dictation with an orange quill. “The observations on the snowman concluded that there is some work to be done, but, they don’t appear to be as hostile or aggressive as they could be. I assume that the Enchantress has deliberately constructed them this way but for what purpose. Power serves to elevate the craft of one mage above others so that others in turn try to elevate themselves. It is the way of the world to progress in this sway and it betters the craft.” he paused with thought as he looked at the other two specimens in his observation dimension.

“The next constructs that the young enchantress has produced are of different ilk. The small, weak ball like ones seem to weak for combat however they are able to reform their constructed substance to better suit the purpose at hand. Able to turn body mass into limbs for binding and grabbing. These could be good as scouts or as guards due to their inconspicuous nature.”

Nearing perfection

Albazhar then moved onto the next construct. “The one on the other hand is a very different specimen. This is built for combat. It’s large limbs, solid ice natural weapons and aggression are akin to many of my own. It find it fascinating the rate this young enchantress hones her craft and improves as she goes. She has absorbed the knowledge that I have produces in front of her at such a rapid rate that I doubt it will be long until she has produced more advanced constructs.”

With a wave of his hand he closed the viewing portal to the pocket dimension which held the snow constructs. He had more research of his own to do and the experiment with this enchantress was going well He was even considering extending an invitation to her to be an apprentice. Or at least someone he can study to see if she could be of use to him.

Thanks for joining me tonight to look a bit further into the notes and observations of Albazhar. This coming week will be another big one for us so don’t forget to come back each day this week. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe