Sudden Visitor

Tonight we find ourselves approaching the last week of Dice-ember. Tonight we look towards our young enchantress trying to deal with sudden visitor and what it may mean for her.

Sudden Visitor


As she walked around her little house in Snowtown the enchantress studied the notebook she had begun to learn advanced enchanting with. There was something she was missing. The constructs she had made were volatile and were prone to falling apart and the magic unravelling as quickly as she had weaved it. The twigs for a skeleton and compressed snow made for strong and durable bodies however the advanced magic she was trying to wield was causing the issue.

A cup on the table wobbled and fell over which caused her to jump. Startled she placed a hand on a small knife she held under her robes, normally used for enchanting, and looked around the small room that was her kitchen and workshop. The front door was slightly ajar which she was sure she had closed before. The cold frigid wind blustered in which threatened to extinguish her candles so, not seeing anything immediately she closed the door, barred it and went to go re-ignite some candles that had spluttered out.

‘Before you freak out can you put down the knife please?’ a small voice asked from near her table. She whirled around and drew her knife looking for the source of the voice. ‘I have a message – I have a message!’ the voice shrieked, a high nasally voice that made her immediately think it was a Goblin.

Looking over the table she spied a goblin that was dressed in a humble blue robe, with no weapons. ‘What do you want Goblin and spit it out’ she hissed at the goblin. She began to mutter a spell under her breath to increase her defences.

‘My master hopes you like his book but wants to ask what you are using as a core?’ the Goblin asked nervously as it moved towards the wall.

‘The core?’ the enchantress asked perplexed. A moment later and it occurred to her. More advanced constructs have a core that stores residual or reserve magical energy. This helps to stabilise the construct and make it more reliable. Ignoring the goblin she rummaged through her workbench before finding a lump of coal. Something that she hadn’t needed that day to start her fire but something that could retain magical energy.

This is the thing. As long as she buried it deep enough in the construct the snow and wood should be able to keep it safe and it should stabilise her creations.

The goblin smiled and quietly slipped out a window before being abruptly summoned back to its masters dimension.

Another night of Dice-ember down and another part of the overall story coming together. Just one more week left and by this time next weekend the adventure will be over!. So don’t forget to come back each day this coming week, and tomorrow, to stay up to date on the adventure. And, as always don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe