Snowcraft Guardian

The sixteenth day of dice-ember sees the Snowcraft Guardian come to life and ambush our party in the quarry. This creature, err, construct is something that the young enchantress created as a way of defending her lair from those who would wish her harm. But the are by far not her strongest creation.

Snowcraft Guardian


The snowcraft guardian is compressed snow that looks vaguely humanoid in shape, if you squint a fair bit. Large biceps and forearms have been formed and shards of ice form claws or club-like slabs where the hands would be. These creatures are an ambush predator and will move only once their pray have passed them. Attacking from behind to knock unconscious or rend in two with their eviscerating claws.

Created in tetra-cube


Two or three per member should be more than enough as its meant to be a low level adventure. But balancing them according to party size would be fine. Having these and a few animated snowmen or animated snowballs could lower the overall difficulty but keep the encounter at a multi-combatant encounter.

I’d position these near the cliffs, the cart and where the water falls into the mining pit in the centre of the quarry. Moving swiftly as a group to the nearest party member, noiselessly as possible, then attacking without warning. These are not exactly strong enough to down a party member outright (except for maybe a mage) but they are durable and will put up a fight.

That’s about all for tonight!. These creatures are guardians of the cave and won’t let anyone other than their creator into it. But they aren’t smart or very aware of their own mortality so they wont flee to save themselves or avoid fighting near cliffs and such which could cause perilous to them. But don’t forget to come back this weekend for more content where we explore more journal entries and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe