Encounters in the Frozen Wilds

Tonight I wanted to share some stat blocks that can be used for encounters in the frozen wilds. When looking at wildlife encounters in naturally cold places you can expect bears, wolves, big cats and the like to be hunters. It will be no different in D&D and especially the wilds near and around Snowtown. As much of a threat the Enchantress and her snowman army is there will always be the chance of natural predators stalking our party. Tonight we can look at that a bit more.

Encounters in the Frozen Wilds



The ambush predators, such as big cats, are likely our first encounter. Leopards, tigers and even sabre tooth tigers can all provide a moment of panic for our party. These cats generally hunt alone (unlike lions) and will attack the party from ambush. This makes them fun little random encounters for the wilds.

Pack hunters

The next category is easy, pack hunters. Primarily wolves will be our focus here but there are a plethora of wolf types (and subtypes) in D&D. One or two or a dozen just make sure that its about half what the party’s max is to just give them a sense of danger without being actually dangerous.

Solo hunters

Solo hunters as also relatively easy. Bears. Brown bears, black bears, polar bears and the dreaded owlbear. These creatures generally have a close knit family unit or hunt solo. They are generally an apex predator and they know it so they wont mingle with other creature and may even hunt the other predators nearby.

These creatures can throw something a bit more towards our party and make the time between travel a bit more enjoyable. Some people find Travel boring but if you throw in a few random encounters where they are the prey and not the hunters it can spice it up a bit.

I think it’s only fitting that my 365th day writing in a row finishes with one of my favourite creatures of all time. The Owlbear. Ever since I discovered them, quite some time ago, I have had a fascination for them and even wanted a ranger character of mine to find a chick and raise it as a companion. Thank’s for joining me again tonight and don’t forget to come back for more content in the coming days. Thanks to those who have joined me recently and those who have been with me for some time. Your support and attention to my creative hobby here has truly made it worth while. Don’t forget to spend a bit of time for your own hobbies this new-year period and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

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