Grass Roots

Hello and welcome to another night at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop where we start at our grass roots. This year we are going back to looking at one-shot style adventures each week as opposed to a single long-term campaign like last year. As much fun as it was to explore Ryokughan and follow a single story the whole year I did miss the freedom to have a single new adventure each week. So this week starts a new adventure, like all the future weeks, and we start on the shores of a lake.

Grass Roots


The Town of Cherpa

Created in Artbreeder

The Town of Cherpa was famous for a few things but its lake was probably the most primary reason for its fame. The large lake to the north of the village provides all that the city requires. Fresh water, food and a mode of transporting away from the dangerous roads. But what makes this lake most famous is the unique bird that nests on its shore line, the Cherpa hen.

The Cherpa Hen

The cherpa hen is a large bird that is big enough to carry a moderately weighted human in its webbed feed. It has a small secondary pair of wings growing from just above and behind its primary wings which make it not only a strong flier but a strong diver. The people of Cherpa, named after these great birds, bond from the chicks from a young age and train them to fly and fish with them. The large size of these birds means that they can reach the bottom of the deep lake to feed on the lake grass roots which is where the second most valuable commodity of Cherpa lies. The iron-shelled fish.

However, it’s the time of the year where a great competition is held for the Cherpa handlers where their partners are tested to retrieve these shellfish. But there is a small problem.

The Cherpa have disappeared from the roosts and the village lies quiet except for the calls of their handlers trying to find their partners.

The call for aid has gone out to help find these beloved birds and to save the festival. The reward is substantial but time is running out. Are there any heroes that will answer the call?


This week I want to start with grass roots and see where it goes from here. I always find that the early levels of any RPG can be the most rewarding and tend to start new adventures are low levels. But don’t worry we will remediate this lack of experience quickly.

Thanks for visiting me for the first adventure of the new year. Don’t forget to come back this week as we expand upon the town of Cherpa and its urgent problem and, don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe