The People of Cherpa

Hello and welcome to Tuesday night where we look at the people of Cherpa and become a bit more acquainted with them. This week we look at two halflings and the children they watch out for in this town as they try and keep the traditions afloat. So sit back, have a coffee and let’s roll on with it.

The People of Cherpa


In Cherpa there is no real hierarchy or leader system in Cherpa nor is their regular guard. Everyone in the town is expected to be a member of the militia and called upon when in need. The people of Cherpa are generally known for being cheerful and happy and the halflings are the primary race in the town.

Gerald Plumton

Gerald Plumton; created in Artbreeder

Short, strong and friendly are all words that would describe Gerald Plumton, one of the oldest halflings in Cherpa. Despite his age he is an extremely social and active member in the community and is charged with running the fairs and events for the people of Cherpa. Gerald is the one that is actively seeking help and offering a reward for anyone who can assist the town in finding the cherpa hens.

Doris Tender

Doris Tender; created in Artbreeder

The halfling Doris Tender is the long time friend, sometimes more, of Gerald. Doris has been a successful handler of her cherpa hen partners for many years and is the only townsfolk to have more than one bird bonded with her. She owns the local general store that provides equipment and goods to travellers but is known for her charitable nature.

Casey and Corey Murlay

Casey Murlay; created in Artbreeder
Corey Murlay; created in Artbreeder

Casey is the older sister of Corey Murlay. They both moved here when their father went to war and mother became a chambermaid for a nobleman’s daughter in the city. They lived with their uncle for some time before he got sick and passed away but the townsfolk, particularly Doris and Gerald have looked after them like they were family.

Prone to bouts of cheekiness and trickery these children are as fun loving as the halflings they have spent most of their lives with.

Tonight we met some of the people of Cherpa. Tomorrow we will expand on the issue at hand, the missing birds, and look for answers. Don’t forget to come back for the rest of the week as we expand and create this adventure and lastly, don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
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