The Trouble with Birds

Tonight is the end of week write up for the first week of 2023! to mark this occasion I decided, admittedly too late, to produce a zine, The Trouble with Birds. This aims to be the first of a few adventures this year that I want to get into this condensed booklet format so I do hope you enjoy!

The Trouble with Birds


As the party arrived into town the colours of the bunting, poles and decorations spoke of the celebrations that were yet to happen. People were rushing to get their work done quickly as the Cherpa Hen festival was only a day away. Looking at the note clutched in their hands the party was meant to look for Gerald, the halfling. 

This was more trouble than it appeared to be originally as the streets were full of halflings. 

A large group started to cause a ruckus near a fenced in pen nearby and the party were drawn to the conflict. 

“You can’t put that there. That’s for the Hens!” a voice called out. 

“Not that we have any bloody hens at the moment. They have all gone up and took off haven’t they?” a second, intoxicated man said from nearby. ‘What are we going to do huh? What is Gerald going to do ‘bout this?’

‘I have sent for aid. The finest adventurers will be arriving any moment now to relieve..’ the short man stopped as he spied the party. ‘Make way! Make way!’ he called as he pushed through the gathering of halflings and a few humans. ‘You got my advert! Here you go, fine people-adventurers in fact!. All is well!’ he called as he shooed the party into a nearby general store. 

‘I do hope that you can help…’ he muttered to himself as he sat on a nearby stool. The noise from outside seemed to have quietened down by now. ‘Our hens have gone missing’. 

Cherpa – sourced in nightcafe.Studio

PDF adventure – The Trouble with Birds

A lot of time goes into making these Zines and I also elected to re-write some content from the week to make it flow a bit better. So if you do like these please give the adventure a go, It’s free and beginner friendly but meant as a guide to the adventure. These aren’t quite there yet as being beginnder DM friendly as many of the rules and interactions are deliberately left out. This is a starting point for the adventure, the rest is up to you!

Next week we move onto another one shot where I am hoping to explore some more and perhaps even fall into a crypt! So don’t forget to come back next week when you set aside some time aside for your own adventures and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

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