Beneath Dark Woods

Welcome and good evening as this week we begin our stroll beneath dark woods. This week we are on our level 2 adventure and glorious one-shot which takes place in a rumoured haunted woods. Why are we there this week? Well you’d best grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy tonight’s write-up!

Beneath Dark Woods


The Dark Forest

As the party travel along a road they come across an unsettling sight. A Caravan lays on its axle with two of its wheels broken, shattered beyond repair. A large rotund man sits on an overturned chest and sobs hysterically whilst dabbing at his red cheeks with a pocket handkerchief.

As the party draw closer a second figure walks into view from around the side of the wagon, a strong looking female half-elf. “That’s enough Ruthor. Sitting and sobbing like an infant wont get the caravan mended more quickly nor will it hasten the return of Stephan.” the woman snapped at the man. It was evident that despite her frustration there was a deep affection between the two.

“But Eve. Our Daughter. She is out there chasing those fiends!” the man said as he flourished towards the Dark Woods to the side of the road. “I worry what they will do to her. She is only sixteen!”

“I worry more what Beau will do to them.” the woman replied as she retrieved a box filled with tools. “Now go get me… a dozen sturdy looking branches. About as thick as my arm. I’m going to try and mend these spokes” the lady called Eve said as she looked to the broken wheels.

“She gets this brashness from your side” Ruthor muttered in a huff as he stood and walked to the forest.

“And she gets her unchecked emotions from you dear.” Eve rebutted which causes Ruthor to stomp faster away.

At that moment movement caught the eye of the party and the two travellers. A wounded, tired looking man stumbled forward from the thick trees and fell to the ground. “Stephan!” Ruthor called as he ran to the gruff looking mans side.

The Dark Forest – created in Artbreeder

Dark Ruins

“Master Ruthor. I.. I was unable to retrieve Beau. She chased those bandits into the woods and into some old building in a clearing. I tried to follow but a few of their buddies were waiting for me. I managed to escape and defeat them but they wounded me in the process. Sir. That building, it gave me the willies. There’s something evil there. I fear what they will do to Beau, what she will do to them and what that place will do to them all. We need to seek aid from the city. We don’t have the man power to go in there looking for trouble.” Stephan said between sharp breaths, clutching a wound on his side.

“The nearest city is a days ride from here. I hope she can wait and the city can spare aid..” Eve said as she moved towards the downed man with some bandages. As she started applying the gauss and cloth to the wounds, a cut from a sword, she looked towards the party. “I don’t suppose you lot are any good at exploring and fighting huh?” she asked as she poured a clear liquid on Stephans wound. “Ruthor, can you fetch some food and water for Stephan.. He will need it if he is to recover quickly.” she asked as both man and woman looked concerned at their downed friend.

“We can pay well, well… We could have. The bandits took what we have… If you retrieve our daughter you can have what ever other loot and goods you find with those filthy bandits.” Eve added with a thought. What say you? are you able to help us locate our daughter beneath dark woods?


The age old “Fetch” quest. Retrieving the daughter should be an easy task, emphasis on the should. Old buildings in forests always lead to fun encounters. A lot of variety and versatility can be found in such places. This makes them great places for adventures as we can utilise a lot of skill checks, creatures, hazards and the works this week.

With no time like the now to venture into the woods I want to say thanks for joining me tonight. Don’t forget that tonight is just the beginning of the weeks adventure and we have a lot in store this week. So don’t forget to come back each day this week and as always, don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe