Dark Forest & Darker Crypts

Welcome back to Brazen Wolfe tabletop where tonight I spend a fair bit of time creating the adventure maps for Dark Forest & Darker Crypts. This week we look at a forest setting, I know cliché for me but I just love them soo much! But to make it up to you I have created a Crypt map as well. So don’t go away, sit down and have a coffee while we look at tonight’s maps.

Dark Forest & Darker Crypts


Dark Forest

Shaded and wooded areas provide great places for ambush by bandits and animals alike. A dense wood with flickering shafts of lights from the canopy of trees above make this map rather interesting.

The Dark Woods – Created in Inkarnate

Darker Crypts

Complete with a secret room, a few walls that can easily be broken through, chests for all your loot purposes and bones of the dead! This map took a while to try and get the shading on the tiles to where I was happy with them. Even now I think there are some rooms for improvement but I like the dark gritty nature of it that promises that it once was more. Evidence of many previous cave ins and a hidden altar (the top of the map) that pays homage to my first DM’s plot twist of an adventure complete this room.

Dark Forest’s Crypt – Created in Inkarnate

Well that’s all that I have time for tonight. As always feel free to use these maps in your own adventure, click the links to inkarnate and if you have an account you can remix the images! If you are playing along at home let me know how you go but make sure to come back tomorrow for some traps, secrets and the encounter! With the weekend fast approaching make sure you don’t forget to plan some tabletop time and don’t forget to roll with advantage while you are at it,
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