Hidden Graves

Tonight the focus is on the Twists and Turns that happen in the adventure which expands and changes the journey ahead. Tonight we uncover the hidden graves that lie beneath the ruins. So sit back, grab a coffee lets roll on with tonight’s, albeit shorter, content.

Hidden Graves


She had to give chase to the bandits that had threatened her parents life and stolen the goods they were transporting for a baron. She felt compelled to chase them through the broken walls, dodging arrows like Stephan had taught her and she had them within her sights now. As they turned and saw her they moved to a defensible circle in the middle of the room that they had found. As they huddled together she stalked forward like a predatory creature. Batting arrows as they flew at her the panic began to set into the bandits in front of her.

Then there was a crack. First subtle which caused the bandits to falter and look around worriedly. After a heart beat more they raised their weapons again and took a step forward towards her. Suddenly the ground beneath them gave way and the bandits disappeared in a cloud of dust.

Stepping up to the edge of the caved in floor a crypt was revealed down below. The broken bodies of the bandits were surrounded by the shattered remnants of her parents goods, crates and chests.

Tonight we looked at the expansion of this weeks adventure as we move deeper beneath the dark forest. The catacombs beneath the crypts gives us an interesting proposition. The creatures that generally live in crypts give us extra diversity of combat. But also traps. This week promises to be a fun so don’t forget to come back each day to follow along. And before I leave for another night don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe