Crelion Manor

Well another week is here and this week it just goes to show that there is indeed no rest for the brave. This week we have the party stumble across something a bit odd on their way to the city, Crelion Manor. What lies within its tall well preserved walls and what secrets does it contain?

Crelion Manor


Wooded Road

The road was long and as night was quickly approaching the party of adventures quickly were finding that they were running out of options for safety. Thick clouds were forming overhead and the gusts of winds were increasing by the minute. The road had swerved into a small forest a few miles back and gradually an uneasy feeling had grown within them as the they began to doubt the traveller’s advice.

‘There’s an inn along this road, a few miles down the road. If you make haste you should be able to get there before the weather hits’ the man had said. The party had thought it odd since there was not a cloud in the sky, but the man had been right as quickly the wind had picked up and the clouds had rolled in. Then, as if on queue a sign appeared staked next to a tree. “Crelion Manor – Inn and Lodgings” they sign said with an elegant writing that spoke of pride and elegance. Up ahead the dark silhouette of a building suddenly flared into life as a glowing light appeared in several windows. The unease grew and the snapping of twigs sounded from somewhere behind them but when they whirled around there was nothing in the growing shadows as night encroached.

Making a dash for the light spewing from the windows the sound of heavy frantic footsteps could be heard nearby, but still no sign of pursuer. Passing the open gates the pounding of earth suddenly vanished and the creaking of a sign hanging from the front porch heralded the appearance of the Crelion Manor.

Crelion Manor

The building was three stories high and big enough to house a few dozen people at most. There was a small stable to the right of the entrance and the warm glow of lanterns and candles beckoned them onwards, the sense of unease dwindling as they walked into the light of the lanterns.

The door swung open slowly but forcefully and a large, heavyset man with a mighty moustache looked down at the party. As he stood there he didn’t say a single word and stared them down, grunting in response to the parties questions he strode into the building leaving the door open.

Entering after the man the inside was cosy, warm and inviting. A sense of warmth was present in the building and unlike the man who now sat behind a desk with a large ledger they felt welcome. ‘Hello travellers! Welcome Guests!’ a shrill and excited voice sang out from behind them as a thin woman stood in the doorway to a sitting room that housed a roaring fire. ‘Don’t just stand there. Welcome! Close the door dear if you will – you’ll let the cold in.’ she said as she moved to stand next to the large man.

‘Welcome to Crelion manor’.

Crelion Manor – created in


Now this week leaves a lot to the imagination. Rarely do you find Inns, manors or buildings in creepy woods and something not being wrong with them. But they always promise three things. A roof over your head, protection from the draft and adventure.

The custodians of Crelion Manor are your regular yin and yang couple. One being stoic and quiet, the other cheerful and sociable to the point of being overbearing. This week we look at a smidge of horror and puzzle solving so be prepared to have hints and tips for our party this week. But that doesn’t mean that we wont have combat. I have a few idea’s up my sleeve to throw at the adventurers this week.

Thanks for dropping by tonight for another start of the adventuring week. I am pretty excited this week as we move ever forwards with our one shot adventures. With my planning and format I should be able to create more Zines at the end of the week so let’s look forward to that. Don’t forget tomorrow brings us more NPCs to add to our growing collection so you best return. Also the days after bring us the meat of the adventure, maps, extra content and the encounters… So don’t forget to come back each day this week and as always, don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe