The Dottery’s

Welcome to Tuesday night where we look at the NPCs that are joining us this week for our adventure. Tonight we turn our gaze and introductions to the Dottery’s who reside within the Crelion Estate. Despite being an odd pair they appear to have kept the inn in working order and welcome the party openly. Well Jane does at least. There is a warmth that feels almost unnatural that comes from the house. But it’s soothing and the sense of unease from the woods has gone.

But why is the party of adventures the only people who stay in the inn and, why does Tom glare at them constantly. Let’s read on tonight and during the week more will be revealed!

The Pennywhistle Company


The keepers of Crelion Manor

The Dottery’s run the Crelion manor inn and are an odd pair. Jane is warm, welcoming and motherly while Tom rarely says anything at all and always stares at people as if he wished they were elsewhere. Together though they have appear to have maintained the manor to a high standard and the beds are certainly comfortable. Despite being situated near the woods that appear to be haunted, or worse the manor appears to be unaffected.

Jane can be found walking around the manor lighting lanterns and cleaning the house almost methodically while Tom never strays too far from the front door and a little desk where he keeps an ever watchful eye on the log book in front of him.

Tom Dottery

Created in Artbreeder

Tom is well built and tall. The signs of his age is slowly appearing in his beard and hair but his eyes have lost none of their youth. During the party’s interactions with him they don’t believe they have heard him say a single word to him or Jane who hovers around him and talks enough for both of them.

Despite being quiet, and his face set in a constant stare of disapproval he is quick to help the adventurers when they need it. Just as quick as he leaps into action to assist he goes back to being quiet with a frown fixed upon his face.

The party have caught him nodding towards an old guest book at his table and when his wife isn’t around he appears to gesture silently towards the door as if asking the party to leave.

Jane Dottery

Created in Artbreeder

Jane is a small and frail looking woman with eyes that look almost to large for her face. The opposite of her husband, Tom, she is exuberant and always happy to talk. She is quick on her feet and has a bad habit of sneaking up on people due to how quietly she moves.

Despite her diminutive frame it is obvious to any who witness her that she rules the manor on a daily basis. She is quick to insist that the guests reach out for any little issue but organises Tom to rectify any issues.

Despite her warm and caring nature she shies away from physical touch and blames a illness she caught when she was younger for a fragile constitution that is quick to bruise and bleed from the smallest of touches.


I came up with Jane and Tom to be opposites for a reason and it’s all to do with the Manor. And nothing is as it seems at Crelion Manor which I will expand upon this week. The interactions between the two hosts will need to be monitored closely this week as we move around the manor. And while waiting the storm to die down I will throw in some additional information to keep the part busy. But that’s for me to expand upon tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping in tonight and looking at the two NPCs for this week. There is a third that may be introduced later this week (or the end of week adventure) but that’s for another time. As always don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more updates to this weeks adventure. Tomorrow we cover the thickening of the plot so don’t forget take notes as this week is a bit of a mystery to unravel and, as always, don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe