Haunting of the Inn

Welcome to Wednesday night’s update to our weekly adventure. Tonight we reveal what’s happening in Crelion Manor where we look at the haunting of the inn.

But why is the party of adventures the only people who stay in the inn and, why does Tom glare at them constantly? Let’s read on tonight and during the week more will be revealed!

Haunting of the Inn


The rain continued well into the night and while the party sat by the warm roaring fire they wondered when the storm would let up. The manor seemed to be equipped for just about all their needs and when ever they asked Jane about something of interest she would be able to provide some advice or tool to assist. There was enough space for the adventurers to stay in a single room or in several and the beds were comfortable, much more so than the open road at least.

As the night continued onwards the party members retired for the night and eventually the manor was silent except for the howling wind and battering rain. One by one they drifted off to sleep and one by one they suffered a nightmare that when they woke they felt more exhausted than they had in the morning. When they complained about their sleep they began to realise that they all suffered the same nightmare. The same creatures had attacked them in their dreams and where they suffered wounds they hurt the next morning but without physical harm. The innkeeper Tom stood at the doorway to were they talking and, with a hint of sorrow to his frown filled face nodded towards the door once more.


As the party moved to the front door of Crelion Manor Tom looked both sad and gleeful at their choice to depart. After the haunting night they could not be blamed after all. The days sun barely pushed its away through the stormy louds above and the rain and wind made it difficult to walk. But they continued outwards and beyond.

‘See you real soon, take care!’ Jane called as she leant against her quiet husband at the front door. As the wind whipped at the capes Jane had provided them for fear of their health. It wasn’t long until the rustling of footsteps could be heard behind them but as with last time nothing could be seen. As the further they got from the manor the more frantic they became, desperate to reach the party. As they continued faster away from the hounding footsteps a crack was the last sound they heard as a branch from a tree fell down and hit them.

Soon they woke, the images and sounds of pursuit still haunting their waking thoughts. Sore but comfortable and warm, the sounds and smells of food cooking brought them back to the present. ‘Hello dears. Oh you’re lucky we found you when we did. Tom brought you back after you ran into the woods in the middle of the storm. Don’t you worry you are safe here with us.’ Jane said as she came in with plates filled with delicious smelling food. Cured meats, eggs and bread piled up high.

The book

As they looked at the food Tom appeared in the doorway and shook his head, sadness appeared in his eyes as he frowned at them and clutched his guest book tighter. But… was that a purposeful look at the book. Jane turned around at that moment. ‘Tom… Oh yes that’s right. They still need to sign the book with the duration of their stay, come in dear and give it to them. Make sure the ribbon is on the right page – we want to make sure the guest book is in good order now.’ Jane said with a broad smile as she walked out of the room.

Tom brought in the book with an inkwell as well and slipped the quill into the back of the book before handing it to them. As the party grabbed the heavy, large leather bound book he stared at them and then the book as he adjusted the feather in the last page. Tom then stood and left them to the book and the food.

As the party opened the guest book to the ribbon they noticed that there were hundreds of names in the ledger and each of them had a season and day of listed down in there. Turning to the last page, where the quill was jammed into the book they noticed a different list. Twelve names were on the page where eleven names ran down the page with a gap at the fifth line, each with a number next to their name. There was a blood smeared fingerprint on the page and the last name was separate and at the bottom of the page.

Thomas Dottery – 0


Alright the time to start the puzzle has begun! This week we have a list that is the key to working out the puzzle and a few horrifying encounters planned. Every night the party sleeps they are wracked with nightmares of being attacked, alone by some unknown creature. When they wake they feel more exhausted than before they went to bed and what’s more, each other member of the party has had the same dream. If they try and leave they get so far before they are attacked or otherwise injured and knocked out When they wake the yare back in the Crelion Manor with Tom standing nearby looking at them with sadness and frustration.

I designed this week to try and move away from the traditional format of my adventures being fetch or stop and look at a Learning one. Learn what the message on the last page is and then you can be free. That’s it.

Thanks for coming tonight and sharing this with me. As tomorrow is Maps and bonus content I hope to have the letter and a few maps organised as dream scapes are the maps of the week. So don’t forget to come back for them and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

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