Ambush at dusk

Tonight we expand our adventure forward by looking at the two trigger points for this weeks Soulbound adventure. This weeks pivot starts with an ambush at dusk and devolves into a frantic race and struggle to survive. Intrigued? Well sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s writeup.

Ambush at dusk


The party sailed low in the small airship, a modified grundstock gunhauler, as it head towards the edge in the direction Lord Brighthammer had sent them. The light of Hysh was high in the sky when they saw ruined research outpost that they had been flying towards. Setting down near a relatively intact tent, that wasn’t completely riddled with bolt or arrow holes and large gashes they threw a large length of cloth over the kharadron vessel to keep it from being discovered easily, as metal tends to attract the wrong typoe of attention in these lands.

Searching the outpost they didn’t find the remnants of the people posted here, nor the guard that was meant to stand watch but evidence of them being here was everywhere. The binding found a few vials of Aqua Ghyranis which they stockpiled for later and eventually found a barricaded door.

Forcing their way in they found what looked like the remains of the scouting team, cut to ribbons in the cruellest of ways. But what was more shocking was that they had all their belongings and supplies still on them.


The beating of large wings drew them to take a defensive position inside the doorway but a familiar, yet surprising and unwelcome, voice called out through the camp. The Dawn Keeper had flown here on his two headed griffon and was looking for the party. When he saw them the amber mage’s face lit up with glee as he raced to greet them.

“Boy am I happy to see you. And I see you have found the scouts. I do apologise but time is short. Lord Brighthammer has sent me here to retrieve the Amberbone as quickly as possible. The Orruks are massing and we have no time to waste. Sigmar is bringing down his stormcast but we fear it may be too little. We need the amberbone to guarantee our success and my griffon is blessed with Ghurian magic. It will get the amberbone quickly.” he said as he looked around for the amberbone.

Not taking no for an answer the ruler of the Dawnbringer crusade grabbed the amberbone and clambered onto his griffon, barking out gutteral words that made the hair on the back of the bindings neck stand on edge. The griffon shrieked with primal energy as it took to the sky and flew off at great speeds towards the centre.

Ambush at dusk

Watching the mage go the glint of steel flashed from a nearby peak and a bolt of metal and wood slammed into the griffons side. A mass of feathers and meat fell to the ground and the Keeper with it. However within a few seconds the form of the falling battlemage shifted as he took on a primal shape as wings sprouted from his back and he darted low and into the setting sun.

I was evident that there was something on a nearby hill that had its great weapons trained on the skies. The binding could risk take off and hope that the setting sun protect them or wait a few hours until the light from Hysh had vanished. But there was no telling what lay in wait in the hills or what had killed the scouts within the outpost. Regardless of the choice the binding was in for a tough decision and potentially many tough days to come ahead.


Thank you for joining me tonight as we continue on with our Soulbound adventure. Tonight I wanted to capture the essence of the adventure, discovery, tough decisions and overall danger. I have added elements of risk into each action or outcome this week and I want the players to feel that. The world of warhammer, and by extension soulbound, is a cruel and unforgiving space and there are more sad stories than happy ones. It’s now upto the power of the binding, and their choices, if this ends up being a happer one or a sad one.

So to end the night I wish to say thanks for joining me for another day but there is more to come. Tomorrow night I look at maps and the extra things that make it just so right. Friday and the weekend we have our encounters and, hopefully our writeup for this adventure. So to aid you in this week, I wish to grant you a bonus to all save rolls. Perhaps that extra chance to shrug off something aiming for a weak spot will come in handy for you, perhaps not. But having it is nice regardless,
The Brazen Wolfe