Research Outpost

Tonight we expand our game with a map that looks to capture parts of the Research outpost. Whether the party is flying in their Kharadron ship or waiting at night for the right moment to dash for it there will be blood spilt here. So sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll on with tonight’s map overview.

Research Outpost


The outpost itself is set in a grassy yet sandy part of Ghur. Surrounded by tall hills the normally rough and primal landscape of the realm of beasts is broken up by valleys where grass grows. However these plains make of excellent grazing grounds for herbivore herds. And, for the predators that prey on these creatures.

This however also led to the first discovering of a Amberbone deposit – the realmstone of Ghur and the reason that the Stormcast eternals guard and protect the people of Ghur in researching the stone. Perhaps Sigmar is trying to find a way to stabilise his anvil of apotheosis or find a way to combat the threat of Kragnos.

Research Outpost – Map

Created in Inkarnate

The Zones

The immediate area around the central tent is the primary zone, zone one. The distance between the central tent and the cliffy-hills in any direction is the second, third and fourth zone (in any order and then the bottom, top left and top right parts of the map and beyond can have a line drawn from the hill to the to either the tent of cloth covered boxes is an additional zone each. This gives range, requirements for movement and versatility in how we run our encounters.


A bit of a shorter one tonight as there isn’t much more to update. Come back tomorrow for our encounter of the week and a further glimpse into the Soulbound adventure. As we move onwards with the adventure I am creating don’t hesitate to send through questions or comments. I would love to discuss the adventure as it can be the best way to drive discovery and creation of the world. Don’t forget to re-roll those dice and come back soon,
The Brazen Wolfe