Pine Ridge

Tonight heralds one of my favourite early game encounter that can be scaled up to any level. This weeks adventure centred around Pine Ridge; a small farming community, looks to serve as that adventure that ups the ante. So without giving any more away for this week let’s grab a coffee, sit down and roll on with the adventure.

Pine Ridge


The trip through the hills and mountains upwards towards the large expanse of land at the top of the rise. This land was extremely fertile and it was evident by vast amount of vegetation growing in any suitable soil. The party had however ran into several obstacles on the way up. Hunting snares, pit traps and the like were frequent on the path or just off it. The oddest of them all were traps that released beasts that attacked them on sight. Without a cause or evidence of who caused them they were written off as the pranks of youths the party continued their trek to the town of Pine Ridge who was reportedly in need of heroes.

As they pushed past the last few crests of the mountain range they were ascending they stumbled into the large, oaken gates of Pine Ridge. A few moments of talking to the guards they were let through with nothing less than cheering. In fact the guards proclaimed that they were the adventurers sent to them to aid them. This only increased the volume of noise and frequency of well wishes. However, moving their way through the streets they saw that things were grim. Several wagons had belongings piled up high and several draft horses or mules were attached already or nearby. In fact as they were led towards a large central house the sense of worry increased with each step. Something was not right in Pine Ridge.

The Job

Entering the house they were greeted by a elderly man, woman and a young woman who was dressed like a hunter or scout. They walked through the halls of the house and noticed many of the paintings in the house had images of heroes or hunters who had slain a great beast. There was even one of a dragon hunter mounted at the top of the stairway they ascended. Moving into a small room they were sat down to a small lunch of hot meats and fresh bread.

‘Sadly this is all I can offer you’ the woman said who sat opposite them, the elderly man stood to her left. ‘We have a problem you see. All the game is disappearing and sometimes our livestock goes too.’ she said softly nodding to a servant who closed a door.

‘It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just the animals. It’s not that frequent that I lose my beasts.’ the standing man said. ‘But I lost one of the farms I maintain just last night. Burned to the ground and the people and animals lost or taken.’ he continued. ‘I have had Rashel look into it trying to track what happened. What she found is troubling.’

The young hunter nodded and leaned onto the table. ‘I think we have dragons…’ she breathed out slowly. ‘One or two, young ones at best. But its the only thing that could burn down the houses and that would take and eat that much meat.’ she continued. ‘But I also found something else that confirmed my suspicions.’ she said as she reached into a pouch on her hip. After a moment she produced a long, scaled digit that ended in a sharp claw.

More than just pests

‘A kobold. In fact I believe we have a den of them. My master told me that kobolds gather in great number under the rulership of a Dragon. They worship them like gods. I have no doubt in my mind that there is a dragon somewhere in this mountain.’ she finished as she held out the finger to the party.

‘That’s where you come in. I am the one that placed the request for aid. I hope that you are fit for the task and up to finding out what’s happening in Pine Ridge. For all our sakes I hope its just a few kobolds but we can’t be sure yet.’ the elderly lady said as she sipped on some tea. ‘I hope you will accept our request for aid, we may not have much to offer as a feast but these mountains are full of gold and we have ample to share.’

Tonight I wanted to bring my favourite early encounter to light and bring with it the promise of something more. A dragon is a great encounter to have that really sets the tone for the campaign. We also have the prospect of a kobold nest and I find them one of the most fun low level encounters to be had. However, despite being fun they are quite dangerous and this weeks adventure is going to be a testament to that. So don’t forget to come back daily to keep up with what I am writing here. I hope that you find this encounter as much fun as I believe it will be. Don’t forget to let me know how you go with the adventure and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe