The People of Pine Ridge

Welcome to NPC Tuesday and tonight we are looking at The People of Pine Ridge. Yesterday we were introduced to the young hunter Rashel, the village Elder Penelope and a prestigious farmer Reginald. Tonight we will get a bit more of a glance at our NPCs for the weeks adventure flesh out this adventure a bit more. So sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll on with the adventure.

The People of Pine Ridge


Elder Penelope

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Penelope has spent most of her life in the village and has earnt a great deal of respect amongst her people. Her father, and his father before him were local heroes. Slayer of beasts, defenders of the village from bandits and monsters and in her youth she aspired to be the same.

But as she got older she was unable to participate in great hunts, or even mild ones and she became content to lead the village. She cares a great deal for everyone within the oaken gates and will put their safety above anything else.


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Coming to Pine Ridge as a young man he quickly spent his timing mining the hills for its wealth. After a few lucky breaks in a row he quickly became the wealthiest man in Pine Ridge. However, instead of taking the wealth elsewhere he bought land, built houses and brought more people to the small village to man his farms.

He is still the wealthiest man in Pine Ridge but he works with the people here, and Elder Penelope, to ensure that Pine Ridge is looked after. He currently has most of his fortune resting on the success of the farms and was planning on funding a mine to bring more people to live in the little Village. If this rumoured dragon continues to eat his animals then he wont be able to put Pine Ridge on the map.

The Hunter Rashel

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Rashel travelled to Pine ridge with her mentor, Lake, who taught her how to track creatures and how to survive in the wilds. A natural with a bow she quickly manged to cement herself in with the people of Pine Ridge.

Not long after her, and her mentors arrival a strange sighting of a beast appeared when she was out on a hunt. Lake, her mentor, decided to investigate alone and he stumbled upon a lair of a ferocious beast. Despite being experienced Lake didn’t survive the encounter and managed to make it back to the village.

Rashel returned home with fresh game for the village half a day later. But instead of being greeted with cheering and happy villagers she was greeted by mourners.

Ever since she has kept a watchful eye over the village in case the beast that killed her mentor returns.


Tonight we have three different people to look at. Reginald is wealthy but supports the town. Supposedly from the goodness of his heart but there may be more than meets the eye. Penelope may be ruthless when it comes to protecting her village but she knows a fight she cant hope to win. Despite the sacrifice of the villages funds her pride as a hunter will likely be the biggest cost when she asks for help from the adventurers.

Thanks for joining me tonight as we looked at the people of Pine Ridge. Tomorrow we get to look at this adventure from a different view point and oh I am excited. So don’t forge to come back tomorrow night for the next part of the adventure. Thanks to everyone who comes back back daily and, as always, don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
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