The Ostentatious Aarakocra

Welcome to another night at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop where tonight we being our adventure with the arrival of The Ostentatious Aarakocra. These fine feathered friends have a deal for those willing to put their life on the line and from the looks of it have the money to back it up. But will the prejudice of man allow for open trade and this type of mercenary work for this elusive species? Well we better sit back, grab a coffee and roll on with the adventure of tonight.

The Ostentatious Aarakocra


As the party look around the lively streets and brightly coloured fabrics of the market stalls they enjoy the first break they have had in a while. Not having to adventure or fight off goblins, ghouls or gnolls is a relief and the food here beats anything they could cook while on the road. But like all good things the moment of peace comes to an end.

A commotion is coming from a few streets down saw townsfolk moving away and guardsmen moving towards it. Mention of “wings” and phrases like “did you see all that gold” could be heard from people passing by. The party moved towards the commotion and came across the central fountain. A large noticeboard stood next to the fountain adorned with adverts for work, rewards for missing people or pets and items and other such trivialities. But today it had something very different being nailed into the wooden board. A tall Aarakocra, an avian humanoid race was putting up a large advert for work next to the others. Carefully and meticulously the figure hammered it in. Ensuring that the advert was placed in a space by itself so that it wouldn’t overlap someone’s else’s request.

The Dignitary

The guardsmen watched in peace from a distance whilst some of the townsfolk nearby yelled offense from the side-lines. However none dared approach as a huge eagle stood next to the Aarakocra and its men. After a moment the humanoid turned around to reveal a series of golden chains and thread was holding up golden plates and jewels. The Townsfolk went silent for a moment as the regal looking birdman looked around the gathering.

‘I am Sashik,’ it said in a males voice with a very chirp heavy tones. ‘I come with a formal offer of work with ample reward. Those who complete this task for me will be made wealthy enough to not need to work for several years.’ he stopped as he looked around the gathering. ‘As a show of good faith, each and everyone who agrees to provide assistance will receive twenty gold pieces after they arrive at our village. A chest of gold will be provide for the ones who can complete the task.’

The request

An uproar of approval and amazement came from the crowd. Even some of the guards started to move forward with the promise of a year worth of their salary on offer. ‘What do we need to do?’ a voice spoke from the crowd, a shred looking man.

‘We need your assistance to kill a giant…’ the Aarakocra dignitary declared. The crowd was plunged into silence. In fact several of them stepped back as if they had been slapped across their face. ‘In fact, we need heroes to fight with us against a giant and its men’ it added.


Fighting a giant and it’s servants is no easy feat but the promise of gold is significant. This week my aim is to find out which party members are lured into quests by gold. However it is not just about the motivation but to also initiate something I am fond of, mission boards.

Many RPGs, anime’s and games have this concept of Mission boards. Going to a board, selecting a mission according to your rank and completing it for a reward. However they can go either way. If used poorly they detract from the main story and we can find our party getting stuck in that “side quest” loop. But if used well we get a happy middle ground were we have just enough little adventures to aid in breaking up downtime. How we use these adventures is up to us and can enrich or upset the adventures we give our Party.

Thanks for joining me tonight. Having come from giant animals to bandits and undead, to a cursed manor and lately a dragon I wanted to kick it up a bit. So don’t forget to come and join me again this week as we continue to expand our adventure. Tomorrow is NPC night and I am going to have a bit of trouble creating or finding Aarakocra portraits but I will try! And as we begin a new week, the second last week of Feb, don’t forget we have more non-D&D content coming soon. And lastly, as always, don’t forget to let me know your thoughts on this weeks adventure and don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe