Sashik of Taloncrest

Welcome to NPC Tuesday and tonight we get a glimpse at Sashik of Taloncrest. Try as I may I was unable to blend creatures or pictures together to get an Aarakocra. And since the whole idea of these nights is to produce content that I ‘own’ the creative rites to I didn’t want to grab someone else’s work. So tonight we will have to make do with the model creator from Hero forge!

Sashik of Taloncrest


Sashik is the first in line for the crown in Taloncrest. More civilised than other Aarakocra in the mountains nearby he has approached the city of Wurbek to look for adventurers and warriors who can assist. Despite his lack of crown he still is entrusted with the wealth of his people and they are excellent craftsmen and a proud people.

With the current turmoil of his people a great time of change is upon them. A once quiet people are now pushed to war as a Giant and his army of goblinkin attack and steal the chicks from his peoples nests. The only answer he has to protect his people is to do something his ancestors forbade, reach out to the humans and grounded folk for help.

Sashik – Conceptualised in Hero-forge

Thanks for joining me tonight as we looked at Sashik. Not quite the same level of detail as I like to create on these nights I still wanted to give a bit of effort into creating something. So Hero forge is a great way to get things almost just right and to a point where the concept of the character is there. But what unfortunately I won’t be able to use that in this weekends Zine so I will endeavour to find something else.

So don’t forget to come back this week as we expand our adventure. This weeks sees our party travel to war, or diplomacy – something we will explore more tomorrow. So don’t forget to visit to find out and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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