The Giant King

Welcome to another Wednesday and tonight I am introducing you to The Giant King. Not officially a king but the difference between a rightful ruler and one that is not is those who follow you. Now without giving much more away let’s sit down, grab a coffee and roll on with tonight’s adventure.

The Giant King


As the Aarakocra prince brought back the heroes that had agreed to come help his people another power as rising. In the rocky hills below Taloncrest there was a tribe of bugbears and goblins. Not unusual for them to flock to suck remote areas but at the base of Taloncrest it was a dangerous place for any who were sensible. The Aarakocra were fierce warriors and magicians and to confront them or invade their lands meant death.

However, there was one amongst their horde, an outcast who feared nothing or no one. This being called himself the King under the crest and with his direction this giant had rallied the bugbears to raid the hatcheries of the Aarakocra. With their young being captured the Aarakocra were powerless to stop the giant and his followers as they ravaged the land, spreading chaos and destruction. Prince Sashik had flown out to remedy this.

The Giant and his followers hadn’t constructed a mighty fort. With the threat of the Aarakocra kept in check none dare to go against the will of the king. Instead they had several large tents, a pit for fighting and cages for prisoners lined with humans and the hatched chicks of the Aarakocra.


When we said the King feared nothing we omitted a single detail. The King however did fear the wrath of his own people. Scorned as a young warrior and humiliated in a trial by combat he had been exiled. Alone in the world he had vowed for revenge. Upon uttering his quest for revenge a hag appeared and showed him a glimmer of a vision, his future.
The vision showed the hatching season for Aarakocra, their defences and a way in for the cunning to snatch a crown. All the King needed to do to cement his crown is wait for a golden moon and the hag would reappear, claim her price and he would rule.

The golden moon was close, approaching too fast for the wannabe King. He needed to retrieve the eggs now but the Aarakocra were on high alert now. A final push while their people lay trapped in cages would see the eggs, and his crown become his.


A rescue mission or frontal assault. A variation of the “fetch” quest this adventure will see our party pushed to make the tough decisions of all out combat or cunning to retrieve victory. The Giant King will bellow out demands at points where the party can determine whether the king is bluffing or not. Then using information gathered or gained they can make a plan.

Thanks for coming tonight and spending your evening with me. Tomorrow night we look at the maps, hopefully I can do some justice of Taloncrest and I get to create another camp. Exciting! So don’t forget to come back tomorrow night for more D&D Content. This weekend I will be attending a DM round-table event where I can share my experience with other DMs, new and old. Being able to share this passion of mine with others and to also get insight from other Masters of the craft I think will be extremely rewarding. Who knows, maybe they will become readers like yourself.

So look out for something different this Saturday night and lastly, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe