Return to the Crusade

Tonight we have a special edition of the month where I continue to create our Soulbound campaign and tonight we see the binding attempt to return to the crusade. Now a refresher, the Dawnbringer crusade is what the cities of order and the free people in conjunction with the Stormcast eternals hope will see new cities created. With the forces of order pushing back against the forces of chaos the people of the realms have a chance to reclaim what once was theirs. But enough wasting time, let’s sit down, grab a coffee and roll into another night at the tabletop.

Return to the Crusade


As the sun rose the binding looked across the landscape around them. The warclan would send additional scouts to investigate their missing members, and they didn’t like the idea of staying here another night. Not with those spectres, the Nighthaunt, haunting this area. With Brung’s ship no longer viable they had to find another way back and unless one of them had a hidden talent for summoning beasts to ferry them across the land they would have to travel under what little cover there was amongst the rocky outcrops and sparse trees.

Despite the distance they made good distance towards the direction of the crusade. They hoped that The Keeper made it back to the crusade with the Amberbone despite being attacked on his flight from the research outpost. But more than that they hoped that the Orruks were distracted with the gathering of the crusade in the distance. Well distracted enough that they wouldn’t notice a party of four travelling by foot.

Gathering clouds

Despite the distance the party could tell where the Crusade was, and it was on the move. A large plume of dust and smoke was drifting from towards the centre, off to the right. But there was something more that increased the pace of those on foot. A large thunderous cloud was gathering above the dust and smoke – Sigmar was preparing to send down his Stormcast Eternals to defend the Crusade, or launch an attack. If they wanted to fight off against the Orruks they may need the help of the binding. With a renewed urgency to their pace they doubled their march with Kathe darting ahead on her wings to scout the area ahead of them.

Brung longed for his craft, but with the damage done to it the day and night before it had to be left behind. Besides with the Orruk sharpshooters and, if what they had seen take down the griffon, artillery build to take out large beasts were near by they were potentially better off on foot. Despite this being only the second time they had been tested the binding was somehow holding together. They seemed to be doing well and working together as a team, the presence of each other constantly within themselves probably had something to do with this. The worries of the Keeper and Lord Brighthammer were for naught.


I am super excited to continue on with more Soulbound. With the promise of local interest in the system springing up I will be looking more into this RPG in the coming weeks. Now this current adventure see’s the party moving back across the land, on foot with danger all around as they traverse through potential enemy territory. I have a plan for this however and an opportunity to explore another destruction race before the adventure is out.

However there are plenty of opportunities for additional encounters. I hope to weave some chaos and potentially more undead into this encounter this week but we will have to wait for that. With the Orruks creating havoc and the party on an extreme flank I will orchestrate a moment where the party can aid in the success of a large battle. This is something that typically you may not find and I think it will be rewarding for the party. But I will need to see how I can maneuverer the party to such a state so that’s for a future me to worry about.

Thanks for exploring Soulbound

Thanks for joining me tonight for an expansion to Januaries Soulbound adventure. If Soulbound isn’t your cup of tea don’t fear for I will be bringing more D&D content back in the near future. In fact, I would tweak this adventure for D&D by changing the content from a Dawnbringer crusade to a large migration of refugees. I would have the party as mercenaries defending the procession from bandits and marauders. A neat and familiar scene for some of us.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow where I expand this Soulbound adventure some more as we return to the crusade. So before I go I want to wish you the rerolls you need to succeed and hope that you return to continue with adventure with me,
The Brazen Wolfe