The Giant of Taloncrest

Tonight and I have created another zine out of this weeks adventure, The Giant of Taloncrest. This adventure can be used system agnostic as we explore other RPGs out there other than D&D. So please adjust to what ever creatures you are using in your adventure! However as always Kobold fight club can be used to quickly balance an encounter for Dungeons and Dragons and Tetra-cube currently provides the stat-blocks for creatures in this adventure.

So I hope you enjoy this weeks adventure, The Giant of Taloncrest. If you like this format please let me know and I hope you enjoy.

The Giant of Taloncrest


Taloncrest Mountains – Created in

After a long time on the road the party are relieved to not be travelling for another week. The City of Wurbek lays south west of the Taloncrest mountains, home to some of the oldest monuments this side of the great divide. However no human, elf or dwarf has ever seen their ancestors’ craftsmanship as they are fiercely guarded by the warrior-tribe of Aarakocra that guard the peaks from all threats. 

This uneasy peace with Taloncrest and the southern villages only exists as, embarrassingly, there is no finer warrior in the southlands as the Aarakocra. With them guarding the mountains and their passes the cities and towns live in peace.

However, the Aarakocra seem to be laxing in their watch as some of the towns south of the mountain range have come under attack of goblinkin and a rumours of a monstrous shadow amongst them, bellowing our war cries and stoking the fires of war spread through the cities population. 

The City of Wurbek

The City of Wurbek – Created in

A mercantile capital of the southlands, heavily fortified and defended, it is seen as a neutral citadel and beacon for humanity. However the acceptance of all races is only skin deep and there broils a hate of uncommon races here. Elves, Dwarves and even Halflings are barely tolerated let alone Gnomes, half-breeds and even more miscellaneous races may find it hard to come across good, honest and fair trade in the city known as Wurbek.

Taloncrest Cavern

Taloncrest Cavern – Created in

The Taloncrest mountains shares its name with Aarakocra city that’s been built into its rocky formation. A large series of wide caves and extremely well lit caverns house the Avian race who call these mountains home. Each entrance serves as a way deeper into the city and is guarded by ferocious beasts and warriors. 

A large deposit of crystal lies at the centre of each cavern, hoisted into the ceiling and fixed there so that when the sun hits the mountain a complex series of mirrors of fine polished metals reflects the light into the many crystal lit caverns. The crystal itself isn’t rare but its size and craftsmanship is something of wonder.

PDF adventure – The Giant of Taloncrest

I think that will have to be it for tonight. But I hope that the next time you can get a party together to run this adventure that you enjoy it. However if you do use it I hope you can let me know how it goes!

As with every weekend, next week I will be bringing another adventure to the table and this week we are back to Soulbound! I hope you don’t miss a thing so come back daily. This is so you can experience the creation of this adventure as it evolves and shapes out. And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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