Sorcery and Scum

Welcome to Friday night where tonight we look at some sorcery and scum. Sarline and Seth have been dancing this deadly game of theirs for a while now, and as the party get involved the table will turn for one of them. Tonight we look at what that looks like but flexibility is key for the DM running this adventure. So sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s adventure.

Sorcery and Scum



First off tonight we are looking at the main spectacle – The identification of the Feline Filcher through either attending a party as guards, if they set a trap for her or something else that we believe will work. The rule here is what ever the party want to do it needs to be within jogging distance of a street, be open (not an obvious trap) and be cool.

Sarline is a low level sorcerer with the ability to cast some minor illusions and a once-off ability to turn into a cat for an hour when things go really pear shaped. She will primarily move as fast as she can to get out of line of sight and then cast minor illusion to make a door way look like a solid wall, block off a narrow alleyway or the like. She doesn’t have offensive magic and at worst can cast Charm person once per day.

With the plan she can either get the item or not, but the moment she detects the party she will run off and attempt to hide. The party is meant to find her though, so it cant be too difficult. When the party find her she reveals the reason of her thievery is Seth and his kidnapping of children.

Sarline – Created in Tetra-cube.


Now the simple answer here is that the party don’t believe Sarline and take her into the guards. But, we can’t have that. As soon as Sarline is coerced into revealing Seth’s behind it he appears from behind the party (nearby) “Well, well, well. We can’t have these vicious rumours getting our now can we boys? Best ensure that these sticky-beaks are quietened” he says menacingly.

Seth will be joined by a number of thugs to make it a fun and challenging fight. If Seth by himself is enough for the party (level 1 party) then he has one accomplice

(Bandit) and the others engage Sarline.

Sarline attempts to flee and hide from the fight, if she does escape she runs to free the kids before returning.

Seth is a powerful adversary so the party best be prepared.

Seth – Created in Tetra-cube.

Thanks for joining me tonight as we get a closer look at Seth and Sarline. Don’t forget to come back this weekend for additional content as I have a few things planned. Don’t forget to let me know how you find running these adventures if you weave them into your tabletop routine and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe