Night life of Drileah

Welcome to Thursday Night where tonight we are looking at the Night life of Drileah! Instead of relying on a map for this weeks adventure I want to kick it back old school and explore the theatre of the mind. So instead of a map some descriptive passages about some of the places the party may find themselves. So sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s adventure.

Night life of Drileah


The city of Drileah is a bustling mixture of bright lights, vibrant colours and bubbling music. But there is a darker side as well as the gleam from all that wealth and exuberance creates darkness within the streets.

This is where we meet the party and also the antagonists of the party. Amongst the distortion of light and shadow, colour and drag and loud and silence.

The night life

The rich and opulent of the city of Drileah need to find ways to flaunt their wealth to any and all who will listen. Traders, cooks and those with a eye for business know how to make the most out of any situation and that they do. After the sun begins to set the shops undertake a transformation. Bakeries start to serve warm wine, cured meats and cheese along with their breads. General stores start to usher in maids and servants as they swarm to fuel the festivities that lay before them.

The less reputable trades come out to offer their illicit or tantalising wares and services where the wealthy and bored are quickly separated from their gold. Makeshift taverns appear in the streets and drinking, laughing and dancing becomes the norm as the dusk departs and candles, lanterns and occasionally magic appears in the streets.

Behind closed doors

As the maids and servants return to their employers residence the true parties begin. Nothing screams wealth as having your own party and those wealthy enough to afford servants and help display their wealth with endless food and drink. Night after night a new family opens their doors and the wealthy and reputable are welcomed in to join in the festivities in an endless parade of wealth and excess.

At such places, these estates and houses of luxury display their wealth for all to see, or occasionally they hide their most prized possessions in secret rooms.

The Darkened Alleyways

With all this light, noise and extravagance the presence of such exuberance will bring those from the dark to the surface. Criminals, cut throats and thugs patrol the shadowy alleyways, hiding from the authorities that patrol the well lit streets. Those not lucky enough to be blessed with wealth know enough to not go into the alleys at night. The maids, servants and revellers do not go near any of the darkened alleys for the rumours of assassins and robbers are rife.

Even the guards avoid the dark as many a time they have had their patrols ambushed which only feeds the criminals with high quality weapons in which they use on the innocent population.

Thanks for joining me tonight to get a bit of inspiration in what is to come. Don’t forget that tomorrow night we look at the encounters of this week. In fact we have a chase, a investigation-stake out and a good old fashion brawl. However despite the promise of combat don’t forget to come back this weekend also. We have more to go through and I am excited to write this adventure up. So before I leave you for the night. Don’t forget to set some time aside for your tabletop this weekend. In fact why wait for the weekend and put some time aside during the week. Adventure waits for no one and we have to seize the moment. Don’t forget to visit again this week and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe