Arbiter Zeds Final Call

Welcome to an exciting start to another week of adventure, and in particular I invite you to bear witness to Arbiter Zeds Final Call. This week takes inspiration from a book I read when I was very young that drove the inspiration of many adventures after. This was further expanded once I started to use music as thought and adventure invoking material and a little some called “The Black Parade” was released.

Well to find out more you’ll just have to read tonight’s update. So let’s sit down, grab a coffee and roll onto tonight’s adventure.

Arbiter Zeds Final Call


Arbiter Zed’s Herald – Created in

The afternoon had been productive and despite the unseasonable rain shower they had managed to bring in the crops before they were ruined. Drying off as best as he could he cleared the table and moved to make a start on dinner. A hearty soup with some dried boar and vegetables from the farm. What was missing was some grains from one of the neighbours.

The town of Heartsfern was relatively secluded at the edge of a forest. A tribe of elves guarded the forest and were fiercely protective of its plants and animals. This made gathering wood for the farm or new buildings difficult but also meant that they were guarded from bandits or worse from the forest. A neutral relationship that seemed to suit them both had formed and the elves even came to barter on occasion.

Making the decision Trent stood, stretched and scooped up a few silver pieces to take to get the last ingredients for the soup. Leaving the warmth of his single roomed house he walked down the short road that connected all the buildings in Heartsfern. The buildings were predominantly wooden with the inn and general store having stone walls, but everywhere there were smoking chimneys. As the evening chill began to set in he hurried to reach the general store and walked in.

The herald approaches

“Ah Trent. I was about to shut shop. I’ve been meaning to thank you for the boar meat you gave me the other week. It was a lovely addition to the family’s meal.” Shelly said as she beamed at him.

“Think nothing of it Shell. You’ve looked after me many times before so I wanted to repay your kindness.” he said with a warm smile. “I hope I am not intruding too late, I am making a soup and realised that I was wanting barley in it. Do you have any from Baz?” he asked as he approached the counter.

“I have a small bag left for a few copper,” she replied thinking. “If it’s just for one meal though I can give you enough for the meal for one Copper piece?” she offered.

“That would be perfect.” Trent agreed as she fished out a copper from amongst his coin. But as the exchange was made a haunting voice rattled through the street.

“Come one, come all to the tale of Arbiter Zed.” The voice began to thrum as Trent and Shelly left the store and looked at a figure walking down the road. It stumbled but hummed as if trying to remember the tune. After a moment though the humming turned into the man singing a tune.

“Although his boots are worn, and his arms are gone some may call him Dead. Yet he sends me here, to sing and cheer while you make your… bread!” the figure said after a moment’s pause. “So listen well and listen true as he arrives when the moon turns blue. He brings his band, he brings his crew to make his performance true.” The man was now stumbling into the middle of a ring of townsfolk, some having grabbed farming implements or some old weapons.

The Promise

The singing man bowed down low, his ragged clothes stretched over a heaving chest as it stopped walking. The humming began once again before turning into another cackling sing-song. “For if you like his play, you can stay to live your peaceful life. But if like his wife, you hate this band…” the man heaved deeper before standing up taller. His rotten skeleton form revealed itself as the sun set behind it and the moonlight revealed his features. “Then you can join his carnival of the damned!” The man roared with laughter, shocking those around him when the body started to break, shatter and fall to the ground in great sloughs. Even when the herald of Arbiter Zed lay a broken heep of bone, worn fabric and dried flesh the townsfolk still swore they heard the laughter.

A heartbeat or two passed before the town was in an uproar of chaos. A bag of barley lay in the ground, tonight’s dinner now ruined by the grim portents of next week’s blue moon.


I absolutely love, love! the idea of a black parade. The idea of a carnival of the damned travelling across the mortal plane spreading chaos and fear just gets the creative spark roaring to life. This week is about preparation, a carefully executed plan and testing the parties understanding of both magic, them selves and the paranormal. Arbiter Zeds Final call hints at the outcome of his performances. If people truly like his gruesome act them they live, else he takes them to fill out the ranks of his band as it is his final call after all.

Another week begins and this week is another exciting one. Magic, undeath and the potential for truly terrible puns and rhymes. No doubt a fun one is brewing this week that puts the emphasis on the parties ability to prepare. In fact without the party I am fairly certain that the town of Heartsfern will disappear. So don’t forget to come back this week for more content as we expand this weeks adventure. And don’t forget to set some time aside for your own tabletop this week, its important to continue to push through your hobby. And finally, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe