The heart of Heartsfern

Welcome to another NPC night here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop and tonight we are being introduced to a few people that make up the heart of Heartsfern. While last week we focused on Cerberus Cole this week we are looking at two people that normally tend the fields and the folk of the town. The heart of Heartsfern is more the community, the people than a place and this weeks adventure is about them and their fight. So let’s grab a coffee, sit down, get comfy and roll into tonight’s adventure!

The heart of Heartsfern


Now the beating heart of any small town isn’t a place or even a thing, it the people that call it home. The Town of Heartsfern is small and so the people within the fenced fields are close, more family than neighbours. However more than most there are a few who are staples of the town. These people, the heart of Heartsfern are tenacious, kind and resilient folk. The farmer, Trent and store owner, Shelly are two such people.

Trent Barrowrought

Trent Barrowrought – created in Artbreeder

Trent’s earliest memories are working the farm with his pa and their trusty barrow. This soon became the norm as he moved here to live with his grandparent when he was a teenager. This was to avoid him being conscripted as his grandfather was getting older and needed help in the farm.

His grandpa lived for a few dozen more years before the reins of the old trusty farm-beast and the keys to the farm became his. Having spent most of his adult life on the farm he has helped many folk, his Pa always encouraging him to help his neighbours. This soon gave him a sense of belonging to the community and when he was suddenly, but not surprisingly found by himself in the old house the community banded around him.

He owes a lot to the people here, Shelly most of all for she was his childhood friend. In fact she was his only friend for a good number of years and despite it never growing into something more they are still very close. As he has made a name for himself for being reliable and helpful many of the town rely on him to help tend their own land. In return they share with him what he needs. But he never wants for more and believes that being in this community is enough reward.

Shelly Underbranch

Shelly Underbranch – created in Artbreeder

Born and bred in Heartsfern her parents and their parents before them were the beating heart of Heartsfern. The small town is all she has even known except for when Trent visited. He would bring with him tales of cities, distant lands and people that she would dream about visiting. But she lost her parents quite early and with her grandparents stepping in to help run the general store she quickly fell into step.

Running the general store at the age of sixteen was difficult. But she always could rely on Trent to sort out have her back if she needed help. The two of them quickly became the centre of the town. Trent helping with the farms and Shelly helping with everything else that he couldn’t do.

This didn’t change when she met Buck, her now husband, and after a lengthy courtship they wed. Trent was both the best man of Shelly and Buck and the three of them formed a close bond.


Setting the scene for this weeks encounter is important. In fact a close knit community is what this weeks adventure is about. Shelly and Trent, with the unmet buck, will form the trifecta of plot hooks, twist and and the ones to drive the encounter towards the end.

So with the heart of Heartsfern exposed I want to thank you for dropping by. This last week has been the busiest that hte blog has been for some while and I owe that to you all. I can’t thank you enough.

However, the this doesn’t mean that we are stopping or slowing down. So don’t forget to visit each day this week to follow along with the journey and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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