Defence of Heartsfern

Welcome to Thursday Night which we keep for maps and other things that, this week will aid in the Defence of Heartsfern. Tonight’s map is created in Heartsfern where I wanted to have a grander scale than something that is a localised battlemap. So we have a eagle-eye view of the town, the forest to the right (East?) and a general lay of the land.

This will enable the party to plan a defence. Whether its constructing fortifications, moving people into the woods or what ever they think is prudent for this week. So let’s roll into tonight’s content and continue on our adventure!

Defence of Heartsfern


Heartsfern – created in Inkarnate

The town of Heartsfern isn’t much more than a collection of houses localised together, a general store-come inn and a few smaller farming families. As there isn’t a standing guard, hasn’t had need of one for generations, or any form of fortification the thought of being under attack is distressing to say the least. It just so happens that the town has been visited by a group of heroes who may be their salvation.

The trees in the forest could offer resources in a pinch. However the guardians of the woods, the elves, may need to be convinced that their trees are worth sacrifices for the town. There is plenty of hay and stray bales that could work in makeshift defensive structures, as long as fire isn’t involved. The buildings themselves are sturdy and robust but not designed for the defence of Heartsfern.

The general store run by Shelly doesn’t have much but there are some who may know the art of fletching and who could make bows in a pinch. There is also farm tools a plenty.


This week we give the control over how the adventure runs to the player. Do they entreat the elves for safe passage or sanctuary for the villagers until the fight is over? Would requesting supplies and weapons or even aid from the elves be the best course of action? Do they create defensive structures or reinforce what’s already there? Or do they want to try and fight away from the town?

The choice is theirs. In fact with the choice going to them this gives us a variety of diverse reactions we can do for our encounter. I cant wait!

Thanks for joining me tonight to get a glimpse of what’s to come. Don’t forget that tomorrow we look at the encounter that lies ahead for us. These undead revellers and performers will have tricks up their sleeves and even veteran players won’t be expecting it. Don’t forget to make time for your own tabletop this weekend and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe