Cult of the Lizard…?

Welcome to another start to an exciting week of adventure and this week we encounter a weird group of people who call themselves the cult of the lizard…? This week was actually inspired by my daughter that gave me a “once upon a time…” story and asked me to write about it. So this week I will bring you the story with the cult of the lizard…? So let’s sit down, grab a coffee and roll onto tonight’s adventure.

Cult of the Lizard…?


Shirkwall temple plaza – created in

The town of Shirkwall was a town of progress. Known for its schools, colleges and people of science and learning it was the pinnacle of technology and discoveries. Situated upon the granite cliffs high above the churning bay below it was also one of the oldest cities in the land. In fact one of the reasons it was so famous was the ancient ruins that it built around and on top of – of which none were more impressive than a large, smooth, four sided obelisk.

When the party arrived there was a large gathering of people at the steps of one of the temples, this one to Lathander. Now a gathering on temple steps, especially to the morning lord wasn’t something that uncommon as to invoke curiosity but this was different. A large gathering of men and women from many races were gathered on the steps in green robes and were preaching at the gathering mass.

“Repent now for the time of false idols is over. The gods have left us, they have shunned us for we are the city of progress and discovery. Repent now for the time of the lizard is here. The great scaled one, the behemoth in the dark beckons for your sin to be swallowed whole. Long have you mocked the reptiles of this land, many even deem them nothing more than a poor-man’s food source. But fear my words children of iron. Children of steel and science. The days of blasphemy are at an end and the reign of the lizard will commence!” A tall, thin woman shouted at the growing crowd below her.

Bad for business

“Ah, get her off the steps! This Cult of the lizard..? It’s a joke.” someone heckled from the crowd. “Move on, your drying up business faster than a dwarf dries up tankards at Larry’s Tavern!” another called out, to the laughter of many in the crowd.

“Mark my words heathens. The time is right. The great lizard will consume you all for your sin!” another, this one an elf, called from the steps.

On the street corner near where the party was standing a few guards stood at the ready in case the preaching took a darker turn. “These nuts at it again. I swear we had one a few years back that spouted this nonsense now they have quite the following” one guard said, a captain by her attire.

“They don’t cause any trouble, they just say their piece, say a prayer and then leave. They don’t break our laws” the one on her right. “I guess we’re just here to make sure no one gets hurt again captain?” he asked.

“That’s right. And they aren’t the type to hurt people in any way… Their movement is a pacifist one. In fact it’s probably the most peaceful religion out there apart from the whole end of the world and death by giant lizard.” the captain spoke with a mild chuckle. “Looks like it’s about over.” she added.


An interesting start to the adventure this week. Obviously this is just the start and it should get the cogs turning. In fact I already know what each night of this week will entail, map and all. Hopefully my daughter will be pleased with what I make of her little paragraph story.

Inspiration comes from all sources and this week the.. sorry.. the cult of the Lizard…? is the actualisation of a paragraph. Now for those who have been around the block a few times may know there are a few creatures that may fit the bill for this week and trust me. This one will be a surprise for us all.

So don’t forget to come back each day this week. I hope you enjoy what I, we, have in store for you this week. And finally, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

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