Influence enough for all

Welcome to another NPC night here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop and tonight we are potentially touching on something thats a problem in the real world as well. Tonight we look at if we have Influence enough for all and what that means for the little town of Shirkwall. So without giving away anything for tonight I will have to stop here. In fact let’s grab a coffee, sit down, get ready to roll into tonight’s adventure!

Influence enough for all


Now despite the cult of the lizard taking up residence at the base of lathanders steps this doesn’t mean that they are welcome. There are some people who want to see it removed from the progressive city of Shirkwall. However the people of this fine city know that its not logic, reason, magic or even science that holds power, it’s influence. It’s no surprise that many of the upper-class citizens of Shirkwall have connections in high places, or themselves are one. It also shouldn’t be a surprise that many religions, or in this case a cult, have very influential people within their ranks.

Tonight we meet three people. One cultist, one neutral party and someone vehemently against the cult of the lizards propaganda. Who’s who will be for another night soon.

Lady Jessica Vorr

Lady Jessica Vorr – created in Artbreeder

Jessica was born into nobility, well pseudo nobility. Her mother and father had both been explorers of the older parts of the city and had uncovered some of the secrets of the society that lived here before. Her father had proven that they had been murderers obsessed with human sacrifice and driven mad with bloodlust. This had fuelled his argument and proposal to build over, rip down and replace the old forsaken ruins with new, modern buildings in the name of progress. While her father built a case to rip down the old, her mother had uncovered evidence of strange creatures that had lived with these forgotten people in harmony. A society that lived amongst giant beasts and acted as their servants and pets, not the other way around. She promoted the collection, study and cultivation of history of the city.

The two different viewpoints had put a strain on their relationship and this causes a bit of a disjointed upbringing for Jessica. However after some time they settled back down and doted on their daughter who had merged with high society perfectly and was the focus of a lot of attention. A beacon of influence for those who looked at the potential of science, study and cultural debate.

Ritley Tane

Ritley Tane – created in Artbreeder

Now some say that Ritley is a bit of an extremist. At the age of twenty he had managed to become the sole provider of sacred artefacts from the culture lost to time. He proclaimed that the relics that he had obtained from the ruins of the city had granted him blessings. In fact longer life, better eyesight, a stronger drive for, well what most men hope for was just the tip of the list. Business was booming and any time another shop started to sell similar relics or talismans they were quickly absorbed into his growing empire.

Now this makes him a cunning businessman but when the city started to remove the past, destroy or build over the ruins. Well this was bad for business. He became a frequent debater on the importance of the past, that progression at the cost of the loss of history was for the benefit of the rich, not the poor. As his debates grew so did his influence with the common folk of the town. In fact this is attributed to the growth of the public debates and spreading of proper gander from several temple steps. As common folk, and those who didn’t have a means to influence the masses, gained confidence so did business grow for Ritley. Everyone wanted charms, relics and totems that bolstered ones confidence and believability. Almost everyone that is.

Elise – Captain of the Guard

Elise – Captain of the Guard – created in Artbreeder

From a young age Elise knew she wanted to be a guard. In the service to the city she loved and grew up in she felt at peace with her position. She earned her name by guarding the debate steps and stopping riots, assassinations and other plots to silence the right to free speech that the city had built up. After a few short years of proving her ingenuity, reflexes and her instincts she was put in charge of the district’s watch and was named captain.

However after a few years she got used to it. The job had no more surprises for her and she wanted to go where there was something to unravel, mysteries to solve. Her previous captain had moved to take on murders and robberies in the high districts and often boasted about his endeavours. However without something to cement her name in fame it would be unlikely that she would ever get to that position. She would need to either get lucky or orchestrate her own rise to fame and power.


Three different people tonight. Someone born into influence, someone who cunningly twisted their way into it and a third who worked hard to gain the limited influence they have, but with a hunger for more. This week each player will take part in the over all adventure in a different way. Tomorrow night we meet a few more people and look at what is really taking place in Shirkwall.

Thanks to all my regular readers, my new readers and everyone else. The amount of feedback I am receiving from these weekly adventures is truly encouraging and I have you all to thank for that. So stay tuned for more adventures this week! However, just because I know I am on the right track doesn’t make me want to be stagnant. I will constantly look to see how I can twist and shake up the formula.

I want to make Brazen Wolfe Tabletop the best it can be so be on the lookout for little changes. Don’t forget to visit each day this week to follow along with the journey and as always. And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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