The Cults Crypt

Welcome to another Thursday Night which we keep for maps and other things that build up the adventure. This week will bear witness to the Cults Crypt and look a bit more into the informants from last night. Tonight’s map is situated beneath the new city in a long forgotten crypt. Long forgotten but not undiscovered. But I wont spoil the surprise for you on this one. So let’s roll into tonight’s content and continue on our adventure!

The Cults Crypt


Shirkwall Crypt

Descending into the crypt – Hidden beneath the city the crypts housed a statue to the great behemoths that used to stalk the lands. From there the cult grew and soon they created a large altar and worshipped the beasts. This obsession turned the peaceful prophets into maddened cultists, obsessed with the return of the giant creatures. But as the city unearthed more and more of the ancient ruins, bones of the behemoths were found.

This gave credence to the cult’s prophecy and they started to look into dark magic, necromancy, convinced that they could bring them back and restore the city to the natural order. A few of the order stay and guard the crypt and so the need to have beds and a mess hall was required. The leader of the cult has a study that enables him to study the ancient texts and spells needed for their great ritual.

But, they are toying with things they don’t fully understand and with necromancy, there is always a price.

Shirkwall Crypt- created in Inkarnate

The Informant

The party followed the directions to the Greasy Hog with low expectations. However they were disappointed to actually find a reputable dining establishment with a good name and good food. Entering they quickly saw a young lady at the bar being served by an older gentleman.

“Welcome, welcome. The Greasy Hog is one of Shirkwall’s finest dining establishments. If you’re not here for the food then surely you’re after some of the potent magic relics that Shirkwall has to offer. We have a small room out back if that’s of your interest” the man said with a grin.

“Oi, those relics are nothing but our history. We should be keeping them and putting them in a museum.” A girl at the bar said, a large goblet of wine in her hand, most of it on the table or herself.

“I think you’ve had enough to drink lass. I’ve already told you that if you’re going to cause trouble then you’re not welcome here.” the man chastised her. With that she went back to eating roasted meat and sipping her wine.

“We just need directions. To the Red Tulip…” One of the party said as they approached the bar.


“Ah. Well you can’t miss it. It may be closed now but if you have business with the proprietors of that place there is a key, a hidden one. But they may not take kindly to you using it. When you look to where the sun rises, you can see where the key is hidden above the buildings. It should be at the base somewhere but I am not quite sure.”

“Wait. The only thing that’s that way is the old Obelisk. The Tulip is on the other side of town.” The girl spoke up after a moment but caught herself. “Anyway. Thanks for the meal Rit’, it was as good as ever…” she said before standing and leaving.

“You best hurry if you want to reach the place you are searching. I heard they are closing shop.. tonight..” Ritley responded giving them a knowing look. “Your employer has already paid me, so just make sure that you keep your end of the bargain as I have now mine.”


Trying to keep it still slightly ambiguous, but I probably don’t need to as its beginning to be pretty obvious. Tomorrow night will reveal a bit more and then this weekend, maybe Saturday, I will have the full adventure published again with all the little bits and secrets.

Thanks for joining me tonight to look at the Cults crypt, its map and the informant. Tomorrow we look at the stat blocks for, you probably guessed it, some undead nasties. So it will be an exciting adventure this week. Don’t forget to make time for your own tabletop this weekend and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe