The Raised Behemoth

Welcome to another fight-night Friday and tonight we look at the the hyped up sensation that is the Raised behemoth. This week is again, apologies for two weeks in a row, undead! I can hear your cleric players rejoicing but I can assure you that this one is no walk in the Jurassic park. Not one bit… Bite… no bit was correct. Ok enough terrible puns. Soo… let’s sit down, grab a coffee and get on with the adventure at hand.

The Raised Behemoth


A sacred ritual, backfired.

The bodies of the cultists littered the floor. Most of them ripped to shreds as the necromantic energy still pulsed from the dais and massive altar. The ones that they saw shambling around the room looked to be the ones that got off better. Body parts littered the room, something had made a mess of those who had failed the ritual. If they wanted to stop the magic from the ritual from progressing they had better stop it and fast, but there were the zombies to deal with first. Then and only then this ritual that creates “The Raised Behemoth” as the city guard’s prisoner at the start of the descent would be stopped.

Zombie – sourced from tetra-cube.

The Raised Behemoth – Allosaurus Skeleton

The scraping of something large and hard resonated down the ancient stone hallway in the darkened crypt. The unnatural presence that washed over the party from the beyond the smashed crypt door, within the dark gloom almost made the bodies from the cultists in the previous room almost pleasant. As something rushed forward the reflexes of the party took over and they dived behind one of the supporting pillars. A mass of magically imbued bones crashed into the space they were a heartbeat before and the undead mass screeched across the stone floor until it hit and collided with the dais.

Paper and splinters of wood rained down but the creature stood on two powerful back legs as bony forearms helped right it. A huge lizard, monstrous in appearance with the flesh long rotten away. Hardened bones, fossils they had heard them called once, created this giant creature. A terrible, dreadful king of all lizards.

Allosaurs Skeleton – Created in Tetra-cube.


Oh boy, this will be fun. The whole theme for this week was the story my delightful daughter dreamt up for me. A city next to a great dinosaur graveyard where when the magic moon shine the dinosaurs come back to life and eat everyone. I swear she is a sweet angel – but the creative apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

The Allosaurus is a beefed up one, the largest skeleton they had found, the strongest magic imbues it in a temple that was dedicated to it. This creature is not something for the faint of heart and its the first major boss that I have whipped up this year. It also gives me an excuse to brew up something relatively from scratch and throw a bunch of legendary actions onto a skeleton!

Thanks for joining me tonight as we prepare to wrap up this journey. Tomorrow I will get the final zine PDF out as I will also be going to take some of my adventures to the local D&D group to assist new DMs. Don’t forget to come back for that tomorrow and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe