Cult of the Forgotten

Tonight and I have created another zine for this weeks adventure, the Cult of the Forgotten. This adventure can be used system agnostic as we explore other RPGs out there other than D&D. So please adjust to what ever creatures you are using in your adventure! However as always Kobold fight club can be used to quickly balance an encounter for Dungeons and Dragons and Tetra-cube currently provides the stat-blocks for creatures in this adventure.

So I hope you enjoy this weeks adventure, the Cult of the Forgotten. If you like this format please let me know and I hope you enjoy.

Cult of the Forgotten


Shirkwall- Created in

The warm sun and coastal breezes from the bay refreshed the party as they gazed at the city. The city of Shirkwall was a conundrum. Known as a city of progress and for its great universities and colleges it was contrasted by the ties to the old. Ancient ruins decorated the edges of the city and people of many religions swarmed around the multiple temples. While amongst the religious crowd and the peddlers that celebrated the city’s rich history lay people preaching discovery of truth and facts.

Science and the study of the world was cementing its influence in the city of progress. However while these studious folks preached their ideals another power was growing. New religious groups had begun to pop up and none more prolific than the Cult of the Lizard. Although peaceful they were seen as a fanatical religion that proclaimed the end of days was fast approaching.

The city of Shirkwall is a mystery that awaits the discovery of an age.

Shirkwall Market

Shirkwall Market- created in

The city of Shirkwall has just about everything that one could imagine. Colleges of lore and study, markets filled with exotic and common wares and items. Many temples dedicated to deities and gods to not discriminate against those with faith as well as many houses for both commoners and upper class families.

However as the city expanded more of its history, the ruins of a lost civilization got gobbled up and more of the relics, statues and items found amongst the ruins ended up on market street. With the city expanding from a compact core, centralised by an immense obelisk, the different parts and cultures of the city mesh and mix amongst themselves to create a sort of organised chaos. Overwhelming to those not used to civilization or even the city itself. 

Taverns of Shirkwall

The greasy hog – from my Tavern collection created in

A collection of tavern images…

The Risen Behemoth

The Risen Behemoth; Allosaurus Skeleton – created in

PDF adventure – Cult of the Forgotten

Thanks for joining me tonight for another Zine. Next time you get a party together consider running this adventure and I hope that you enjoy it.

I hope you don’t miss a thing so come back daily in the coming week. This is so you can experience the creation of the next adventure as it evolves and shapes out. And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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