The Egg Extraction

Welcome to the week leading up to, well for me, the viewing of the new D&D movie and in spirit of this I have declared it heist week! This week we are looking at a tricky one, the Egg Extraction, another heist that I will produce this week for the weekend. So in order for me to get to the rendezvous on time we better roll into tonight’s adventure!

The Egg Extraction


Bandit Camp near the Gibbering woods – created in

The Setting – Poachers Hideout inside the Gibbering Woods

The party have been approached due to their ability to deliver. To put it frankly by the client, there are no others who come close to their renown and skill. However this may be a tactic to get the party to do something highly dangerous with the wrong crowd of people. Their Patron, a business woman who is trying to outlaw poaching in a nearby forest has gotten word that a local poaching and smuggling ring has a new batch of merchandise for sale. She doesn’t know what it is exactly but knows that there are eggs, large eggs that appear to have been stolen from the Gibbering woods.

The Target – The Egg Extraction

As with all things that are dangerous the eggs are rumoured to be heavily guarded, extremely valuable. Their patron believes that its eggs for a wild beast who calls the woods home and based on the rumoured size of them. Likely very dangerous. The job is to retrieve the eggs and bring take them to the woods. She has organised some druids of the forest to take carriage of them to ensure that they are taken home before the parent, or parents decide to seek revenge.

The Path – Scouts hand drawn Map

The party are provided a map and sketched floorplan of the hideout. They also have some information on the movement of guards, the buildings and where key locations are located. But the poachers began to suspect something and the scout wasn’t able to look inside the main tent. There is something unnerving about it but it should be a walk in the park for experienced liberators of unjustly taken goods.

The People – The Crimson Collar

The Crimson Collar are a famous group who have caused trouble for decades. They are also one of the groups that are responsible for the local king and council in outlawing poachers in the Gibbering Woods. They are a mixture of hunters, adventurers and outlaws who have called this group home. In the eyes of the patron, they should be brought to justice in the eyes of the law. But if some happen to fall while investigating their activities and retrieving the eggs so be it.

The Consequences and Twists

The Gibbering woods used to be a dark place filled with roaming bandits and outcasts. The sounds from the forest at night used to send people mad and those who lived within or near it reported a manic gibbering sound from the trees. However it was later found out to be some sort of owl that made these sounds.

After the woods were protected by the crown and the businesses in the local city it became a more pleasant place to be around. However, there is still extreme danger within its dark trunks and green canopy. Caution is advised as with the Egg Extraction for a potentially dangerous parent anything can happen. The Party should be prepared for anything.


I am excited to keep this format going and with the release of the D&D movie this week I am more so. I am slightly disappointed that I didn’t get the other heist out before this. But time restrictions and a busy weekend means that this week we get a staggered double-event for heists!

I get to use one of my favourite creatures for this weeks adventure. One of the lil’ cute critters that really cemented my adoration for the game and one that I wanted my fighter to tame to have as an ally all those years ago. I find the heist format plays nicely with the normal adventure format I do.

The format

A plot, a collection of the normal information I would consider for Mondays.

The people involved, a quest giver or patron. A rival group or target to have something retrieved from. Or even someone who needs to be heisted from a difficult situation.

A twist or set of consequences for the heist. Captured simply for the the Monday night snapshot but expanded upon more on Wednesday.

A map, or maps, that I generally provide on Thursday. This one I find harder to do in heist format as you need specific maps and locations. Multiple entry and exit points, multiple paths and normally secret entries or exits that the party hasn’t considered yet. This makes Thursday nights a bit harder to juggle.

And Friday.. Traps, creatures, encounters. If things go wrong fisticuffs can be the next best solution. In fact, An all out brawl can be a great distraction as well.

Thanks for visiting and getting introduced with this weeks heist adventure. As this is heist week I hope that by Saturday I will have two adventures ready for the weekend for some local events. But don’t forget to come back each day to watch the heist grow and get some insight into why I have certain parts. This is a new format for me and I think I will bring it back every so often. So don’t forge to visit tomorrow and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe