The Patron and the Poachers

Another Tuesday has come around and that means I am welcoming you to another set of NPCs, including the Patron and the Poachers. We are introduced by the business lady, come noblewoman who is hiring the party to do the good deed at the Gibbering woods as well as her adversary. The Leader of the Crimson Collar, Tarbin is no pushover and his men are some of the meanest poachers around. But before I get too deep into the details of tonight we best roll on with the adventure!

The Patron and the Poachers


Now Sasha, her motivations and overall personality are fit for the adventure. However if Tarbin isn’t to your liking any NPC can do there as long as they can fit the bill. There is always a twist with my adventures and this week is no different. In fact I have a few other NPC portrait throwbacks for potential allies and adversaries. The aim of all NPCs I produce is that they can fit into other campaigns and other adventures. To produce reusable content is part of my goal for this blog after all.

Sasha Flerr

Sasha Flerr – Created in Artbreeder.

Now the patron of the party this week is a cunning businesswoman who has worked her way up from nearly nothing. Sasha is a driven businesswoman who is passionate about protecting the people of her city as well as the environment. She has worked for many years to get to where she is today and she is expected to be made a noblewoman in the coming weeks. That is if she gets the support of the crown and council.

Despite her drive to cement her legacy she has also formed a bond with the druids and shepherds of the Gibbering woods. Once living nearby to them she understands the danger and wonder that the woods can produce. She grew up with several experiences working with the patrons and the poachers. All of who had worked the woods for personal gain. Yet, despite some of her wealth being generated from it, she wants its protected.

Tarbin Longshot Amarog

Tarbin Longshot Amarog – Created in Artbreeder.

Now Tarbin has been a hunter for most of his life and most of that was in the Gibbering woods. Hunting and trapping animals isn’t the only thing he has aimed his longbow at and he is known to also pick up bounty hunting as well. Although not an evil person he dislikes what the law is doing to his business and that of his men’s livelihood. So when someone approached him offering him a job that would pay him twice as much as what he could earn in a year he couldn’t refuse.

Henchmen and acquaintances

Thanks for joining me tonight as we looked at the patrons and the poachers for this weeks heist adventure. I hope that you will continue to join me for the rest of the week as I expand the adventure further. And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe