Allies and Opponents of the Gibbering Woods

Wednesday has come around once more and this week we get a further glimpse of more Allies and Opponents of the Gibbering Woods. This week is more than just the humanoids involved there is also a fair risk of beasts being unleashed as nature fights back!. So sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s adventure!

Allies and Opponents of the Gibbering Woods


Complications, Twists and Opportunities

The complications that can go wrong in a heist are long and varied. Betrayal, competing parties or the heist object itself can all pose a threat or risk. Things happening on the fly which make the carefully laid out plan need a rapid twist or shift to something new.

  1. It’s just business. One of the supporters and business partners of Sasha is the one who hired the poachers. The party identify him at the camp when they go to investigate and he makes the poachers aware that she was organising the eggs to be liberated.
  2. There are more than just eggs in that tent. Poachers poach things and it goes without saying that they may have either hunting companions or have captured dangerous creatures. If they were to get out inside the poachers compound it would spell disaster for everyone.
  3. Denizens of the woods. The woods are home to a variety of creatures. Basilisks, owlbears, dire wolves, giant snakes and other creatures call its dank undergrowth home. The egg could be from any one of these creatures (maybe not wolves cause.. you know.. biology) and these creatures may also be near the poachers compound. It’s risky business.
  4. The Woods fight back. The trees themselves are what give the gibbering woods its name. These trees house plants that are extremely fast growing and predatory. Many skeletons have been found tangled up in vines with the remnants of clothes, items and pox-marked weapons laying near by. The woods themselves are dangerous.
  5. It’s hatching season… enough should be said on this twist…


Now, some of these may just be something random that happen, others may be definite. But the idea behind heists is to plan for as many different things and to have something for any scenario so that when the party improvise, you can too. You want the party to have a mixture of social and skill checks, roleplay and combat in order to get the full value from a heist. The above is a good sprinkling of a few items that will flesh out the adventure. In fact I believe it will grant us the opportunity to do something more with our adventure this week.

Thanks for visiting and reading tonight. However, tonight we also have something else special happening – so stay tuned for another post! But don’t forget to come back tomorrow as with heists, what I have found, is that the maps take ages. So I look forward to seeing what I can create for the adventure tomorrow. Don’t forget that with this weekend quickly approaching to set aside some time for your own tabletop. And while you’re at it, maybe go back and watch the (albeit cringe worthy) old D&D movies in addition to the new one that’s out. I will never forget Damodar or Snails and they still inspire NPCs until this very day. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe