The Gullible and the Gambler

So here we are at another Tuesday where we are introduced to the gullible and the gambler in more detail. Tonight we meet Simon and Raff, the two protagonists or antagonists depending on how you see them. But the party will learn something very important this week that those who they work for may not always be trustable. So with that in mind let’s grab a coffee, buckle up and roll into the adventure!

The Gullible and the Gambler


Who do we have with us tonight? I wanted to focus on the who with tonight’s addition to the adventure and we have two very similar NPCs tonight. One on the beginning of their journey and one, I feel, who has been through it all.

Now this week we will have our party approached by one NPC to help them with the other one. Tomorrow night we will reveal who is who so let’s see how we go setting up tonight’s background information for the NPCs.

Simon Herds

Simon Herds- Created in Artbreeder

Born to an average household Simon had to learn the hard way that life doesn’t always go the way we want it to. By the age of nine he had support his ill mother to get the medicine to cure the sickness that claimed his father during the previous winter. However because of his age and upbringing he didn’t have the required skills, strength or stamina that was required for many of the jobs locally. So he did what he had to do in order to get by.

Small games of chance to win enough coin to buy food and put some aside for the medicine. When his luck came good when he was approached by a local businessman. The man learnt about Simons mother and his upbringing and offered to source the medicine. Simon jumped at the prospect and quickly came under their employ to earn enough to get the medicine. However Simons luck ran out when the business man was murdered in broad daylight, the money taken from the shop and Simon left to hide out in a crate of hazardous, defective merchandise that he was getting ready to turn over to the harpers guild.

The turn

But the funny thing with luck is, you always have it, it doesn’t always go in favour but sometimes it does. This is just the luck of the roll. One of the items that was to be turned over to the harpers was a curiosity. It was meant to be a lucky charm of sorts. An item that fed off someone’s fate, someone’s pool of luck and tipped it in the favour towards balance. In the hand of most people it meant that they packed a hooded cloak on a day it would rain. But for those who were already naturally lucky it brought their rampart luck into check.

So when Simon accidently fumbled when he was climbing out of the crate and rolled the lucky charm, his rampart bad luck caused the artefact, a dice, to cause a magical phenomenon. The thugs that had murdered his boss for a few coin appeared in the door way and his boss greeted them.

Quickly thinking he grabbed the knife he used to pry into boxes and crates and rushed into the front room, throwing the blade the exact moment they lashed out at his boss. Now he was a notorious poor shot. But with the lucky charm the thrown, mostly blunt blade connected with the outstretched hand, forcing the weapon the man was preparing to swing to fly from his hand. The thrown dull blade then lodged itself in the mans neck whilst his own weapon spun out of control and killed his partner. An impossibly lucky throw.

Luck ebbs and flows

But the charm was not done yet. To cement the balance of luck both assailants fell into the street where a guard, who knew these two to be assassins for a gang leader, saw them. Not only did the guard award the merchant with the bounty on the men, but Simon’s boss lived.

Joyous with the outcome of the day Simon ran home, medicine in hand. But, luck has a funny way of balancing out. His mother had passed during the time he was working for the merchant.

Raff Tamale

Raff Tamale – Created in Artbreeder

No amount of money, power or material possessions would satisfy Raff. A self made man he runs several businesses within the city. But the normally calm man has a jealous streak that is beyond famous. To make matters worse is his hunger for more. If there is something that he wants, or something someone else has that he wants he will do all within his power to balance out the hand he has been dealt.

Bribing, buying, blackmailing or worse. Nothing is off the table with Raff and he is famous for being a ruthless business man and for getting what he wants. But, he wasn’t always like this. After a difficult upbringing on the streets he owned a general store and eventually married and settled down. But, his wife wasn’t content with the lifestyle that he was able to provide and had an affair with a rival business man. Raff swore that he wouldn’t let someone else take anything of his again and built an empire to prove it.


Tonight is all about perspective and trust. Who the party believe, who is deemed to be gullible and who is a gambler, who will they end up assisting. I think these are things that we can gleam tonight but I also hold a small twist for tomorrow.

I believe that making both the NPCs in an adventure like this relatable or in some way admirable can make decisions that were clear hard for the party. There shouldn’t be someone who is wrong or someone who is right this week. I have made it as such so the party will need to make a call, and only after meeting them both will they find out who is who. I am looking forward to it!

Thanks for joining me tonight. I am liking how the adventure and palm technique is playing out so far. It aligns to how I normally organise and structure my adventures so its just fleshing it out this week. I hope to see you tomorrow night as we expand upon this weeks adventure.

Tomorrow I will introduce the twist, our NPCs engaging with the PCs. So I look forward to you joining me for that. Don’t forget that the eater break is approaching soon. Treat this as a time to sit down, spend time with friends and family and maybe share your tabletop with them. So don’t forget to pencil in some time for you and your tabletop this holiday period. And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe