A business proposal

So for this weeks Wednesday we look to expand on our What and begin the Why. Now for the adventure this week we need to make a business proposal and have the party believe it. Ah yes as some of you may have realised this week is a bit of a tricky one. This week we have the party being hired by one of the NPCs to work against the other. But will the party go through with it or will they realise in time its a set up? Only one way to find out I guess. So you better sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s adventure!

A business proposal


Why the party sat down in the Risky Mare again was a strange mystery. It was a familiar tavern with a different feel to the others of the same namesake. The looked at the man opposite them who smiled and stood to shake their hands. “Thanks for responding to my request, unfortunately this city doesn’t have many people of your calibre. Now I wont take up much of your time. Time is money and the longer we wait the further the thief may get away.” The man opposite them rubbed his hands and looked around as if checking for spies.

“About a week ago I was robbed at this very table. A coin purse of some meagre coinage, maybe fifty gold pieces in total was taken. However the thief also made off with a precious trinket of mine.” he paused as a tankard of ale was placed in front of him. “Now the thief must have been using a disguise. They appeared like a boy, not much older than ten winters. However they most certainly were not as they appeared.” he began, pausing to drink the thick ale.

The ploy

“When some of my men approached him the boy used some strange magic and slew one of my men. The body disappearing under a bolt of lightning. Now the guards won’t get involved. They laughed at me when I reported to murder and theft. What will I tell Will’s wife if I don’t find his murderer and work out some way to make amends for this situation.”

The party looked at the large dragonborn who was standing near by. An imposing figure by any meaning of the word. “I see you have noticed Gyx. Gyx is the one who was with Will when the thief murdered him using a cursed artefact. This artefact is the precious trinket of mine. You see I was on the way to deliver it to the harpers, they have a presence in this city, to ensure it was taken care of. But it like my gold was taken.” He continued with the supportive nod from Gyx.

“Are you able to assist me before the thief murders again? He does not know the power of what he wields. I need to get it to the Harpers so they can take care of it.” The man said with a convincing smile of concern. “I should introduce myself proper, I am Raff, Raff Tamale.” Raff said as he waited for their response.


Now we know what’s going on here as the spinners of this story. But I don’t believe that the parties will suspect something outright. However if they do then it will make for a very quick adventure but of a different kind. If the party follow up on a few leads they may unravel some of the story. The presence of the harpers is almost always secret or prone to being rumours. However the guards never being informed by Raff would give the deception away quickly. I hope that with a few key, pivotal moments I will see the party lead in the right direction.

Thanks for joining me tonight for another night of content. I hope you will join me again this week as we continue to expand our adventure onwards. But, again, don’t forget to set aside some time for your own tabletop. So as I welcome you to continue visiting this week I also wish you the best Easter holiday break. Don’t forget to spend time on the table, with family or friends and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe