Though the Streets and the planes

Welcome to another Thursday night where we travel though the Streets and the planes. With a magical dice that transports people to another plane there is one place I have always wanted to visit. So sit back, meditate and join me this week as we get hurled through the astral plane!

Though the Streets and the planes


Where the battles, chases or discoveries happen are controlled by us, the DMs. But no matter how we look at it the theatre of the mind is still the most iconic way of running Dungeons and Dragon adventures. But I find that even with years of experience the inspiration to describe a city, chase or otherwise can be a bit difficult. So I try and include images that can provoke inspiration for describing the scene.

City streets – created in nightcafe.

Astral Plane – the climb

Now a chase through the astral plane, or even hide and seek would be a bit nuts. But what this does give is a way to explore the rules for astral travel, albeit slightly restricted. The threat of infinite falling may create some tense moments but as long as the rules are explain it should be safe… enough.

The astral climb – created in Inkarnate

Thanks for joining me tonight for the map for this weeks game of hide and seek. Tomorrow we will look into some of the threats, again I believe bandits and thugs may be involved as well as… some more exotic encounters. So keep an eye out for that tomorrow. Don’t forget to keep aside some time for your tabletop this weekend and if that includes joining me here I am pleased to welcome you back.

Don’t forget to come back this weekend for the end of week writeup and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe