The Wolfing Hour

This Wednesday brings upon us the most holy time for the Tribe of the Wolf, the Wolfing Hour. It may come to no surprise for some of the more astute readers but there are a few hints to this weeks theme already there. But what we have in store is a bit different. But that’s something we will explore tonight. So you better sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s adventure!

The Wolfing Hour


The party was confused. The prisoner’s from Wolf Ridge weren’t fighting against the guards. They weren’t pleading for mercy or threatening violence to their captors. In fact they were sitting near-motionless and were in different stances of prayer and worship.

“something’s not right,” one or the other mercenaries hired to assist the town and party began. “It’s like Luke said. It’s a sacred week and they won’t do nothin’ to us. But like, it’s not natural. What’s special about this week anyway?” He asked as he bit into a hunk of bread and cheese.

“Well whatever it is the Captains got a plan for them. He wants the lot of them hauled outside, unshackled and put on display in a wooden cage. ‘Barbaric treatment for a barbaric tribe’ he had said.” A nearby guard said. “It doesn’t sit well with me.” He added looking at the peaceful tribes people in front of them. “They seem content to sit here, chained up in the cells. These don’t look like the people that would attack our farms and steal our animals.”

The request

It wasn’t long until the party had another group come and relieve them from watching the peaceful prisoners. But when they left the guards barracks they were greeted by Casey, the Governor. “Hello, might I trouble you for a drink and an extension of the job? That is unless you’re content to stand around bored and guard those that don’t need to be guarded.” he said with a smile.

After following the Governor to his office he uncorked a small bottle of spirits and offered a drink to the party. After those who wanted some had a glass of the strong alcohol he looked out his window and towards the barracks. “Despite me trusting Luke in his judgement and ability to cast judgement, something doesn’t feel right.” he began, swirling his glass around. “These aren’t the people that we have had trouble with. Sure I recognise a few and they are the same people but, their fight and viciousness has gone. I have heard that they spend their time in prayer to their deities. They even thanked one of the guards for locking them up and asked for their chains to be tightened.” he sighed, placing the glass on the windowsill as he rubbed his temples.

Change of heart

“I need you to go back to the village, just you. A small group to understand what this sacred week is about, work out why they are like this. Luke told me they were vicious savages with no culture who would raid our farms monthly and slaughter our animals for the fun of it. But those aren’t the people I see in front of me. Luke has a plan to prove to the people that the capture of these tribesmen is the right thing. He wants to put them on display and let the people see them enraged.” Casey looked back at the party, wiping a tear away.

“I can’t let him do that to these people. They appear to be innocent, peaceful men and women. Will you please consider a quick journey to the village and to speak with their elders, or find out what’s going on some other way. Please?”

As the party left Berkshire they noticed the guards dragging the tribespeople to large cages in the centre of the town. Luke was standing there watching. “No please, take us back inside. Bind us. Don’t put us in the cages!” an older man cried out, visibly distressed. “You can’t do this. Please think of your people. They don’t deserve this.” Luke just frowned.

“I knew you were bad news. This religious, calm act was just that was it? An Act? Luke practically spat at them. “A day in the cages will teach you humility.”

Sacred Day

The party neared the village, less than a day’s travel away, they noticed a plume of smoke from the central pyre. Approaching the village they found all the tribespeople sitting down, chanting and bound to large logs around the column of smoke. As the Party approached the older halfling appeared from a tent with lengths of metal chains as she approached a large log at the centre of the gathering. As if by magic she turned and stared directly into the eyes of the party. “You shouldn’t have come. It’s not safe. Not today, our most sacred of days.” she said. “In fact, this week isn’t great with the full moon approaching. What brings you here? Has the people of Berkshire seen sense and reason and released the tribespeople?” she asked as she started to mark the remaining tribespeople with symbols of the moon on their face.

When she noticed the party looking at the chains and ropes she sighed. “We don’t know when our sacred day may come. Some of us can feel it, the elders of the tribe. We are cursed people who live and die by the moon cycle. Our strength wanes as the moon grows in its own strength and its power controls us. But, there is another time where the strength of our deities is too much. That’s today. If you want to save the people of Berkshire, you must leave now. Leave before the wolf comes and claims his people.”


So the concept is simple. Self imposed exiles, a recluse tribe of lycanthropes. Yup, werewolves. However, they are not the murderous kind and wish to live in harmony with nature and try and control their disease. However the young or new joiners of the tribe can not control their urges during a full moon… Or a Luna eclipse…

Thanks for joining me tonight. This week promises a lot of combat, high amounts of danger and even a game of cat and mouse, err, well wolf and human. So make sure you come back daily to follow along. And, lastly, don’t forget that as the weekend approaches to make some time for your own tabletop. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe